5E Melee Hexblade Sorcerer with Eldritch Smite advice
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    Melee Hexblade Sorcerer with Eldritch Smite advice

    I have checked a few places already is there already advice or a build for a melee Hexblade who would use Eldritch Smite on enemies in the same manner as the Paladin Sorcerer?
    I know this particular build would be weaker because they get no heavy armor proficiency but otherwise looks just as powerful as the Paladin/Sorcerer.

    I assume this would be a half-elf Warlock 5/Sorcerer 15? Is there a guide I might have missed?

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    Eldritch Smite is limited to Warlock spell slots only, it can not make use of Sorcerer slots. This is int he description of Eldritch Smite. This is unlike Divine Smite which can was had errata to allow use of any spell slots.

    So multiclassing to feed slots to ES won't work, unlike a Paladin.
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    I missed this, thanks.

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