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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCosmicKid View Post
    Ooh, you got me! I completely forgot about the Celestial patron! There is absolutely nothing in the text of that subclass to suggest anything painful or creepy about it which I might use to support my point...

    "Being connected to such power can cause changes to your behavior and beliefs. You might find yourself driven to annihilate the undead, to defeat fiends, and to protect the innocent. At times, your heart might also be filled with a longing for the celestial realm of your patron, and a desire to wander that paradise for the rest of your days."

    ...oh, never mind.
    I mean it kind of sounds like every party I have ever adventured with...wait... are we all Celestial Patron Warlocks!!! Now I have the perfect excuse to multi-class any non-warlock character at any time!!! Die evil zombies!!! ...errr… again!!!

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    I can help!
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