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    New Sorcadin Suggestions

    I am starting a new campaign and want to make a Sorcadin (Paladin/Sorcerer) to be a tank in it. -

    I am 45 yrs. old and have played 2e - 5e so I have a bit of experience in D&D. Our DM has given us two books to create our characters. Player's Handbook and one other book of our choice. I am thinking I will use Xanthar's Guide to Everything Deluxe as my "other" book.

    I am thinking of playing a Dragonborn race. I am thinking of doing the Oath of Conquest for the Paladin as well as the Draconic Bloodline for my Sorcerous Origin. This would give me advantage against two different elements.

    Any help would be nice!

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    Hi Mike! Welcome to ENworld, have some XP.

    You mention you have 5e experience so I don't need to tell you that mutliclassed characters, if not built correctly, can lag behind other characters. Especially if they delay (or miss) ASIs and the "level 5 power bump". But at higher levels they can really come together. It would be really helpful to a know a level range you expect the campaign to go.

    Also, are you using point buy, standard array or rolled ability scores? As a Sorcadin you want specifically to use as a tank you'll need (at least) three good ability scores - if you rolled and have those so we can focus on feats that's useful, otherwise we'll want to focus on ASIs.

    Oath of Conquest has some decent spells for a tank, though between them and your Conquering Presence channel divinity and your Aura of Conquest there's a definite chunk of crowd control in there. As a dragonborn, the Dragon Feat racial feat also in Xanthar's works really nicely with that as well. But between needing three good ability scores and taking that feat, likely no other feats will be around until very high levels.

    Subject to revision based on what levels youa re playing to, I'd probably suggest staying Paladin until 7th or 8th and then picking up Sorcerer. Start with it for the heavy armor, continue until you get extra attack. You've picked up an ASI as well. At 6th you get the common paladin Aura to saves, at 7th you pick up your Aura of Conquest. And 8th is another ASI.

    After that, straight sorc could be the way to go. Going up to Pal 11 for the weapon damage bump is nice, but higher level spells are both very ncie within themselves, plus you can do things like cast Armor of Agathys with a hgih level slot which is golden for a tank.

    But really your fear bits, between the spell, the CD, the aura, and the dragonborn feat, add up to a heck of a crowd control move that I would explore with that combonation of subclass and race.

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    One more comment - while tanks are often found with a shield for the extra AC, once your Aura of Conquest come on and you are locking foes down, consider a reach weapon. If you are reducing their speed to 0 and you aren't adjacent, most medium sized creatures will lose out on all melee options.

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    Generally go form level 1-6 or 1-8 as a Paldin and MC into Sorcerer. This is for heavy armor.
    If you are planning on using medium or light armor start as Sorcerer and MC into Paladin for proficiency in con saves.

    The build works but it takes time to come online, usually around level 10 or 12. Anything beyond that is pure gravy.

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    I'm sorry Blue and Zardnaar, I have been moving to a new address and have been without constant internet for the last 2-3 weeks. I do have it now and can get back to looking at my Sorcadin build. Thank You for the suggestions, I will take them into account as I go through this campaign.


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