Homebrew Custom Weapon for a Cavalier
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    Custom Weapon for a Cavalier

    Joining a campaign and playing a warforged cavalier. I am going to sword and board it up and took the dueling fighting style to up damage.

    At lvl 1 each character gets a legacy weapon that will grow as we level and unlock more abilities. They all require attunement. I am trying to determine out of 2 of them which would be best.

    1 gives you a 4th death saving throw before dieing and rolling 1 only counts as a singular failure.

    The other lets you 1/day add 1d8 elemental damage to an attack.

    As a warforged at lvl 1 I have 20 AC with my shield. with no other defensive implements to increase it, I will end up with 24 AC. I am guessing the death save weapon will possibly grow in defensive properties where as the elemental will grow in offensive.

    Would I be better off getting an offensive weapon for more punishment if an ally is attacked? This would also me a blood hunter PC would grab the death save weapon most likely.

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    This will depend heavily on how dangerous the campaign is. An extra death save is nice, and coupled with the "1s count as only one failure" thing, you'll be very survivable. This makes the low levels a lot nicer, when literally two bad rolls can leave you Dying (assuming this is 5e, which from the terms you used is likely). However, unless the defensive boons become really substantial, you run the risk of a minimally-useful weapon at high level--you probably won't need major defensive boosts at high level, whereas offensive boosts are always useful at all levels.

    1d8 elemental damage 1/day is...not terrible, but definitely small-time. It's the equivalent of half a free first-level Smite, or a less-versatile Expertise die, once a day. So the offensive power starts off relatively low, and if the weapon never got any better, I'd take the defensive option hands-down and never look back.

    So...you have to ask yourself two questions. One, is the GM going to make these weapons Pretty Dang Good for their niche? And two, do you want to have a stronger weapon initially but (almost certainly) a weaker weapon in the end, or a weaker weapon to begin with but (likely) a stronger weapon at high level?

    If you don't think the campaign will go past level 10, or you are worried that early levels will be majorly lethal, take defensive. If you think the campaign will last a long time, that you'll actually get a good offensive boost at high level, and that the lethality of levels 1 and 2 will be sufficiently easily-managed, take offensive, because it will probably end up stronger. Extra defense on an already well-defended character is all-too-easily wasted. Extra offense is almost never wasted.
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