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    Mord watched the proceedings silently, he even chuckled to himself a moment as Lorenn made small talk with one of his 'men', though probably not for the reason any normal person would expect. He knew he was drawing some attention from new faces and old alike and didn't seem to mind in the least. Then Sesto took an interest in his followers and he gave the priest a level look and a knowing nod. They would speak soon enough, but for now...

    "I will do as you request, though more time with your library afterwards would be appreciated again as well."

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    Imani agreed to Mord's request, though he began to wonder as to the wisdom of it. Primus's comment regarding 'everyone' believing that their own hands were the right ones stuck with him and he began to doubt himself. For now, he put the feeling aside and said, "If you are all willing, I will begin preparing the teleport right away. As much as I love Hap, there is not much for you to do here that you could not do in Daggerford if you have any personal preparations to make."

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    Well, there's mules to sell... both me and the elven archer. Unless you think you can get that stubborn little monster in a teleportation circle... or a kayak

    That should give him some time to think... but he felt it in his guts that he wasn't guarding caravans this year. A thousand gold plus a favor returned? A good season. Plus while selling the mules he'd get to talk to the archer. Make friends. Good way not to get arrows in the back.

    Apart from that, nothing holding me in town...
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    Putting down the fragile-looking magical geegaw she'd been absently playing with, Alhana says, "The mule isn't mine to sell, it belongs to the turnip farmer driving the wagon. I'm ready to go."

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    OOC: Man EnWorld has been super busy this week. And just this thread here has almost a full page of posts from yesterday. LOL caught up as of now

    Zander gave Sesto a smile and nod in greeting, but before he could ask what the priest had been up to the past couple months. Imani started to speak, and then the talk turned more into a negotiation which the ex-soldier. In the service you were lucky to get paid and you counted your boots and your meals as part of it, or at least the part that counted the most.

    "A thousand gold loins?" Zander thought shocked. "I could afford a proper wedding for Layla, with that much coin."

    "I'm in," the warrior stated flatly without hesitation. "We've... I've trusted you before, Imani. And I trust you now. I'm in."
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    Kalorn looked at the elf. Sooty had gotten it wrong. Ah. I misunderstood.

    If he's in, I'm in. I'll be back soon.

    The sellsword limped out of the room. If that fighter was willing to trust the wizard... why not.

    He wondered if the turnip comment was meant as an insult. Probably not.


    "Sooty, keep an eye on the tower. I want to know what they say while I'm gone".

    He wondered if they would do the same and send someone, or something, to follow him. He'd have to keep an eye out.

    "Well mule, it's your lucky day. Behave now or I'll sell you to the butcher."

    A while later, he returned, purse slightly heavier.

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    Sesto met Mord's look and nodded too. Yes, those three strangers must have been summoned by Mord. Well, I will have plenty of time to talk to Mord on the ship to Luskan.

    I am in! he said to Imani. He trusted the Sage of Hap. All evil must be destroyed and the Dracolich Dretchroyaster is the epitome of evil!

    Curiously, Seto glanced back at Mord's three followers. How did he do it? Why do they follow him? There was something strange and appealing in the thought of being able to summon undead followers who would do your bidding. No, that is wrong. Evil. Sesto cast his strange thoughts away. No, he would have a stern talk with Mord!

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