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    OOC: If you plan to just do your best to walk down, please give me a Dex (Acrobatics) check. Marching order is still important, of course.

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    OOC: First Kalorn will wait for a report from Sooty to know what's ahead. Second, I couldn't wait and I saw that Lorenn has pitons. Kalorn has athletics and survival, and a pair of hand axes he inherited from Tarkol, the one-eyed dwarven ranger who taught him many trick. Unless there are foes nearby ahead, Kalorn will use these tools and skills to lay a secure rope and create a few hand/foot hold where necessary.

    If there are foes nearby, then we'll have to do things differently!

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    Mord drew a very mundane looking scythe from his belt, held it out and cast a small spell. The weapon levitated from his grasp and went to the first stair where it began to scratch a series of thin lines into the ice. Hopefully making it more tractable.

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