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    Quote Originally Posted by DMMike View Post
    The way I play, circumstance bonus/penalty, conditional bonus/penalty, item bonus/penalty, and untyped penalties are all rolled into one number called Difficulty. But from what I've seen, Pathfinder players are perfectly cool with that long list.
    I agree. I think this difference in style comes down to a difference in who the rules are written for. Pathfinder has always been what I would consider a “players’ game,” and difficulty is squarely in the hands of the GM. If all the circumstantial, conditional, and miscellaneous sources that might modify the difficulty of a check are rolled into setting the DC, then the GM has all the power. The players can’t rely on the player-facing rules to confirm that the DC is being set “fairly,” they just have to trust the GM’s judgment.

    For the record, I think mutual trust leads to better games, and think that rolling bonuses and penalties into the DC is the better way to go. But I can see where the other side is coming from, even if it’s not my preference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parmandur View Post
    It's a product that they have sold people and expect them to use,it gosh golly darn better be readable and useable.
    It is readable and useable.

    What an odd thing to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrus View Post
    It is readable and useable.

    What an odd thing to say.
    I added a ":P" to make the joke-y tone more clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellored View Post
    Well, there's a trade off.

    5e: don't need to track the bonus type. Simply add everything together.
    PF2: track types to limits stacking. You can't add everything together.
    Yeah I think it’s a solid one. 5e you can stack stuff, but it’s very short term and takes decent resources. PF2 the resources are a bit more open, but the math comes down to one person one buff. (Because all buffs are a single type, there is no 5 different types of buffs like PF1 where you did have to track types) Whether it’s bless, heroism, etc just one is all you need. I think PF2 goes even harder to restricting buffs than 5e because the rule basically now is you can benefit from one attack buff and you’re done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robus View Post
    1) This seems like madness!

    On page 291 of the rulebook:

    How does anyone look at that and think fun?!
    I look at that (the big blank is where your quoted text ought to be) and think "I need to write up a table to list each PC's normal mods."

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