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    IIRC, they chose the Yawning Portal for the title of pretty Tales From the Yawning Portal pretty late. They just needed a name for the compilation. I imagine because it was going to be important in Dungeon of the Mad Mage they opted to foreshadow it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parmandur View Post
    He wasn't the first to enter the dungeon, but the first to find the yawning portal that he built a tavern around, right?
    Well... probably not. The Dry Well predated the tavern. I don't remember any sources that say whether or not Durnan (and his companions) found the dry well and/or were the first to use it. I don't think they were the first, but anything's possible.

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    So I was able to find this from The Ruins of Undermountain;
    One of the first to walk Undermountain and emerge to tell the tale was a warrior named Durnan. He survived to return to the surface and tear down the remnants of Halaster’s tower,
    I think that implies pretty clearly that Durnan wasn't the first to survive a venture into the UM.

    And since Mirt was mentioned, the next paragraph has this;
    Besides Durnan, others return from the Realms’ “deepest dungeon” and make good with the wealth and adventure they find there. Mirt “the Moneylender” has walked Undermountain’s ways in times past, and has come forth richer to tell the tale.

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