ZEITGEIST Chapter 6 alternate labyrinth
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    Chapter 6 alternate labyrinth

    The labyrinth map is 50 squares wide, too big for most battle mats, so I made a version with 5' wide hedge walls that fits on a 3' mat.
    Then I figured why stop there? So I rearranged it a bit and added a few optional extras.

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    dark green = hedge wall
    light green = planter pipe
    cyan = water
    indigo = water++
    peach = pit
    yellow = corner

    The labyrinth is full of mist, lightly obscured at 15' and heavily obscured at 30'.

    Don't destroy the hedge walls.

    Roll 1d6 for pit teleport, not 1d8.

    Entering a corner teleports you to the opposite corner. You don't realize you've teleported, since the corners look identical.

    Planter Pipes: standing cylinders made of very smooth green metal or stone, 8ish' diameter, 20ish' high. If you go over the top, a large carnivorous plant lunges upward, dex save vs damage & grapple. The plants are strong but vulnerable to elemental damage. If you defeat a plant whose pipe is next to a pit, you can descend the pipe to unlock a secret door to the pit.

    If a labyrinth bear makes intentional contact with a planter pipe, the pipe becomes incorporeal until the end of the bear's next turn. The bears know this, and routinely walk through them.

    Also, the bears walk across the water & pits as if they're solid ground, showing no indication of a trap. If a bear is knocked unconscious, it's teleported out of the labyrinth (optionally, a replacement bear appears in a random corner).

    Last, I souped up the bears with elemental powers.
    Fire bear: immune to fire, +1d6 fire damage on contact.
    Earth bear: resistant to bludgeoning & lightning, +4 Str & Con.
    Water bear: resistant to slashing, piercing, acid, cold, necrotic, poison, radiant, & thunder (they can survive in space).
    Air bear: Owlbear with bonus action shove.
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