3.5 Charging Knight riding a Roc
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    Charging Knight riding a Roc

    Looking help on a charger build. DM seems good with giving me a Roc as a mount, toned down in size and stats (his idea).

    Starting stats are 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13. Thinking of Human (mostly just core are available with some exceptions).

    Barbarian 1 or 2 (Spirit Lion Totem & possibly wolf totem for improved trip though I don't think that would work with a lance)
    Fighter 0 to 2 (for feats if needed)
    Knight 6 (total for some tanking abilities)
    Wind Rider or Cavalier 10 (Cav gives more damage, wind Rider improves my mount)
    Paladin levels (not sure if worth or not, it would give access to Rhino's Rush though)

    Suggestions would be appreciated for proper class lay-out. Starting level is 10.

    Auto-allowed sources include PHB 1&2, DMG, Completes Series, anything else is possible but he will want to check the material first (I am more than willing to try and make cases for it).

    Wind Rider has been approved if I choose to use it. Dragon mounts are not in the cards due to world restrictions.

    Thanks for the input.

    EDIT: If going for pure damage, am I better off dropping knight and just going paladin?
    If wanting to keep knights control elements should I try to get something like Hellreaver approved to add tankiness and flavor options. Also, if going control, I am guessing spiked chain is the way to go?

    I had already sought to go Ashworm Dragoon but worms do not exist in the world.

    The campaign will be heavily incorporating demons.

    And for reference, party includes a druid, a sorcerer, and a swift hunter.
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