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    "Watch out for this one," Shendra says, eying Teodor with a bit of exaggerated suspicion (and a bit of unexaggerated suspicion) . "I knew such a devilish rogue in my younger days an-" she suddenly catches herself. "Well, maybe that is a story for another time..." she quickly recovers, but with a hint of something in her voice.

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    Professor Randolph Smarz - Mycologist

    As Randolph wanders about, he notices a knot of folks that he has seen about town, even at the apothecary, in what appears to be a friendly conversation. He pause, and leans casually on a post to watch and listen - humans are such curious folk, as was his father. He smiles as he tries to follow the banter.

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    Upon spotting him, the young girl in the loose dress actually smiled back (was he the one she'd been looking for?). She opened the lid on the basket and carefully presented the alchemist with a single oiled-paper papillote, the intensity of her smile growing...

    https://thevigorouschase.files.wordp...artouche-3.jpg except the writing is a Tian character drawn with more enthousiasm than skill
    What does Randolph look like today by the way?

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