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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnZapp View Post

    The class is a clear example of anxious design that gets caught in the details.
    Not really. It's a very fun class, that doesn't powergame as well as some other classes outside of a heavy focus on reliable at will damage dealing.

    In a game that isn't heavy on CharOp, it's just very fun, and the rest of the above sentence is completely irrelevant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CapnZapp View Post

    The problem is, a large portion of players turn to the class for jobs it doesn't do particularly well.
    Another problem is that people put a severe background limit on the class that isn't there in the rulebook. Lots of discussion of Warlocks treats them as having to make a pact with an evil fiend, but that's only one of the patron options. A warlock with an archfey pact fits quite well with druids and Oath of the Ancient paladins, while a celestial pact can push them to be even more of a goody two-shoes than a paladin. Not noticing the wildly different pact options makes people overlook a lot of variety in background and motivation for the class, even if you leave out things like the 'good person who made a pact in desperation and now hates his patron'.

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