@OverlordOcelot I did not really consider the growth of armor actually. I just saw that I could start with chainmail and went with it. The one metagame aspect I'm worried about is I have never played with this DM or any of the other players and they are all pretty new so I feel that at the start I might be a bit more on my own. So the more starting AC the better but yea, it doesn't scale well. I can switch to studded leather later when it tips the scales because it would be a lot of levels before I max dex and get the other feats I want. It's a good balance call though for sure and something I missed to consider. I actually don't mind working a weird flaw into my characters here and there since I spend so much time maxing other stuff. Somethings gotta give I guess and having a low wis save seems like a trade I can rp with. But yea, it's funny the trades you cave to consider. AC is a hard number to increase in this version and relying on a +1 here or there is a lot slower. So my progression might just go chainmail -> studded leather -> str increase at lvl10 to full plate. No idea if this game will go that long is the other concern.

So I did really think about when to take war caster. I plan on taking it at 6th. Now hear me out, the only spells I will have with somatic components before 6th are Thunderwave, Shield, and Absorb Elements. But I only need one hand free so I can just drop the rapier to cast and if need be use my next bonus action to use Weapon Bond to retrieve it on my next turn. At most I can use 3 spells that per long rest, so basically all day, so only 3 rounds that I may need the extra emergency defense or crowd clearing but the +2 dex works every round effectively. The other two main War Caster traits are less of a concern to me since I don't have any concentration spells and I'mm be trying to utilize dueling defense as my bonus action every round so other attacks of opportunity are not really going to be available. I haven't planned out my 2nd level spells yet really, gonna see what fits the campaign best. But if I don't have any concentration spells might not take it at all. All a balance really but yes, really good points. Thanks.