I was wondering if anyone else had run these in part or whole and/or had any input on how to create a complete campaign in the area that the horde campaign setting covers? The campaign can definitely travel to surrounding areas but I would like to avoid long distance travel as much as possible to keep in line with the storyline. I was thinking of possibly having the party chased to the east and end up in kara tur and possibly then are forced to return to the hordelands. However not sure how that would work as I don't have the oriental adventures book or any other source books for that campaign setting yet. I'm probably going to try to rework parts of the empires adventures trilogy for higher level characters but unsure how well those will work out or if I will be able to use many of the adventures. Fyi I plan on starting with The lost City and then possibly the haunted halls of eveningstar or another module that i can drop in to get the characters to a higher level prior to entering the hordelands. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.