[WOIN] Random Grade 5-11 NPC Generator
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    [WOIN] Random Grade 5-11 NPC Generator

    As i am new to GMing and often fairly busy (meaning i suck at creating colorful npcs and am short on time to do so) I have created a process that utilizes the data compiled from the character builder beta on woinrpg, to create a random quick and dirty npc.

    I have tried to generate each NPC faithfully to the rulebooks but there are some aspects that require more work.

    The items that I am not accounting for are:

    1. Skills with []'s- i have left these as the bracketed skills and have not expanded on these. So a skill may say [Combat] and is shown as such.
    2. Exploits- may double up and none of the stats boost are accounted for in derived statistics. If an exploit adds 4 defense then the defense stat will not reflect this.

    Other Comments:
    If there is a specific skill needed for a derived statistics the process will look for such skills and take the highest and add it.
    For example Melee defense , if the skill dodging is randomly selected in any of the steps and is the highest then this is added to the calculation of Melee defense.

    The process will slightly weight the career selected to be the same type as the Origin, where type = NEW/NOW/OLD
    But they can be mixed. So a NPC can have a KNIGHT (OLD) selected as one grade then a Starbase Assignment (NEW) as another.
    I have purposefully left out Judge dread characters as I do not know how these would fit in.

    These are not optimized at all-meant to help me get creative in how the npcs progessed.

    Attached are 100 randomly generated NPCS.
    Two excels:
    100 NPC Overall- Sheet with a record for each npc with the stats.
    100 NPC IND- Excel with a sheet for each npc in table format like the character builder beta.
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    Wow! That's quite impressive! Are the career paths completely random generated?

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    yes each career is chosen at random (as best as a random number generator can do).
    The careers are slightly weighted to be the same type as the origin (OLD/NOW/NEW).

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