WOIN Aid/Assist Skill Check
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    WOIN Aid/Assist Skill Check

    My searches didn't return anything on this. I apologize if it was answered elsewhere.

    Does WOIN have a mechanic for what other systems would call Aiding or Assisting with a skill check? The closest I could find was a Group Check, which isn't the same thing. Extended Tasks also don't seem to fit. Neither does the concept of Assisting for removing conditions.

    My thinking is you could take this a couple different directions, either allowing someone to bump up the dice pool to the max of [grade] if they have applicable skills or to add a bonus modifier of +1 if they make a skill check against the challenge.

    So, Player A and Player B want to hack a computer system. Player A has Logic [computers] at 4d6 and Player B has Logic [security] at 3d6. The target number is 16. Player B rolls and with a 16 or higher adds +1d6 to Player A's pool.

    The problem with the second option is it doesn't make much sense from a game economy perspective. Player B is almost always going to be the weaker of the two, so the odds of a successful contribution to Player A is really low. Both options face the problem of this +1d6 potentially being limited by the max dice pool (since I would consider this a Bonus compared to the Complications mechanic of -nd6, I wouldn't put that upper [grade] limit into play, personally). The second option comes close to a Group Check except for the +1d6.

    I'm thinking you could just use the Group Check to do this, giving the group a slightly better chance than just one roller, but if a mechanic exists for Aid/Assist and I simply missed it, I'd appreciate a pointer to it.


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    The "Assisting another character" box on page 143 of N.E.W. gives two options for players collaborating on a task. For very simple tasks where their contributions simply add together (such as combining their strength to lift something), you'd add their base attribute scores together and form a new pool based on the total (adding a skill/equipment dice from only one player). For more complicated tasks, you'd use an extended task where the characters would make several tests (perhaps with different attributes or skills), and need to get a certain number of successes (usually three) before you get three failures. Extended tasks don't always need to have their checks spread out much over time. The test can happen one after the other, as the players plow through tasks the obstacles they face.

    I think the one piece the rules leave out is that the GM should probably set a lower difficulty benchmark for the extended task's checks than you would for doing the whole thing in one go. So rather than one Difficult [16] test, your team of characters might need to pass three (or more) Challenging [13] tests before they accumulate three failures. Without the lowered difficulty, just having whichever character has the best pool try the single test would probably give better odds.

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    Thanks, Steven!

    I could've sworn I saw something about that but couldn't find it while searching today. I just checked, and the version of N.E.W. I was using (and my hard copy) were both 1.1. I downloaded the updated PDF from DriveThru. It's in that version. My N.O.W. PDF is 1.2. That's where I saw it.

    I agree a tweak to difficulty would probably be appropriate for an extended task.

    Much appreciated!

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