[Player Help] Lizardfolk: Interesting builds and class ideas are welcome and encourage.
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    [Player Help] Lizardfolk: Interesting builds and class ideas are welcome and encourage.

    As it says on the tin, I am in search of interesting Lizardfolk character concepts/builds to use as possible future characters.

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    Druid, circle of moon. Fascinated by the rush of emotion and sensation when in mammalian form.

    Background: Artisan- Chef. Searching the world for exotic new spices and recipes. May or may not care if the meat came from a sentient creature.
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    I"ve never actually played a ranged class before neither a spellcaster

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    I just had a fun short (2-session) game as a Lizardfolk fighter/ranger. The 2-shot was level 10, so I can't speak about early optimization or balance, but a dex fighter/ranger works really well with lizardfolk's racial abilities. The Con and Wis from the race work well with the classes. Dex means you can use your natural armor and have good AC without impeding stealth or ever having to worry about armor in general. Plus having two fighting styles means you can really focus your character in the direction you want, either ranged or melee.

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    I really like a Lizardfolk Monk. You do start slightly behind the curve in Dex, and the natural armor is wasted, but the bite is great and scales with Monk levels. Flurry of blows turns into Flurry of bites lol

    I also like the idea of a Lizardfolk Barbarian that doesn't so much "rage" as go into a feeding frenzy. Again you'd start slightly behind the curve in Str, and the natural armor is wasted, but I could see this as a grappling build with devastating bite attacks.

    I think they'd make a great Cleric too

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    I have been playing this, I would stop mid combat to eat enemies, almost ate 2 party members, I was unruly, and party was disturbed by my thoughts, but the players loved it.
    Lizardman druid, of the moon, was planning on luring anyone back to tribe to feast.
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    I think the Lizardfolk is tailor-made for playing a Circle of the Land Druid. You don't need to worry about the stupid metal armour restrictions; you craft your own non-metal shields, and your AC remains competitive.

    It's the only Lizardfolk character I want to play.

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    I like the idea of a lizardfolk tempest cleric. It is a reasonably optimized choice but nature-related enough to not be too "out there" for a lizardfolk. Your tribe respected/feared your ability to call down wrath from the sky.

    For an unoptimized choice, your lizardfolk ate a rare delicacy --a red dragon egg. YUM! But then something weird happened. Some of your scales turned red. You felt fire flowing through your veins. And your draconic sorcery powers were born ...

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