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    Quote Originally Posted by Garthanos View Post
    If that is the case I would considering using a mechanism like i implemented for martial practices a skill check is used to sometimes avoid the VP cost on a reuse of an intermittent power.

    You might very flavorfully use power appropriate skills depending on the power perhaps Insight/Perception, or Diplomacy, Bluffing or Endurance or Arcana or Nature or Religion checks or whatever
    I rather like that @AbdulAlhazred... hey are you tricking me into designing for HoML?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garthanos View Post
    I rather like that @AbdulAlhazred... hey are you tricking me into designing for HoML?
    Aren't you already? I consider these discussions to be a significant source of ideas and material for my game Does this mean I have to add credits? Next you'll want royalties! :P
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    For "dangerous" to the user, you can apply limitations, such as:

    - On a miss, the spell works as intended (or whatever the "Miss" effect is), but the caster takes some form of negative effect (i.e. taking damage or a penalty to attack rolls until after a short rest). Keywords in Spell powers can help bookkeep what effect happens on failing.
    - Disable the use of a healing surge as an aftereffect of using magic, making such users rely on healing that doesn't involve such. Subsequent uses while all surges are disabled this way causes burning of healing surges.
    - Have a "casting time" for spells. Make it so if a spellcaster uses a non At-Will Spell, they spend some time "channeling" and the spell automatically "fires off" at the start of the caster's turn. Since the caster is channeling, they grant CA for the duratio of the channel. Optional, you may want to increase the damage dice on spells you'll apply this rule to.

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