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    Y: 2, Day: 70, Seeding Season, Laying Wait

    OOC: All characters who participated this past week receive 5 developmental points.

    Plot Point Reminder
    Shaffemaron said, "Come Seeding Season, we will... march an army to Southroad Fair and kill everyone not willing to be subjugated."

    Quote Originally Posted by redraider629 View Post
    Vadin... "I say let's get a move on, and try to get as close to Asylim as we can..."
    Quote Originally Posted by Kwargrow View Post
    Bolo smiles at Sheldon and replies, "Wouldn't it be easier just to increase Turtle's speed when I need to?..."

    San-Bolo propose to scout out the area that the soldiers will approach from and find suitable places for ambushes or to hide supplies if needed. They will also look for good places to set traps.
    Merindell and Torvald have nothing more to add during the second discussion.

    The Southroad Seekers take to their own guild house to discuss the mechanics of the operation and strategy in great detail. After a full day of deliberation, the group set out south. What would have taken 15 days by foot, or 5 days by normal horse, only requires 3 days by Windrunner. If pressed the adult horses could cover the distance in 1 day, a feat that weighs heavily into the future strategy of guerrilla warfare.

    Water containers are staged at five different intervals of a day's walk, backward from the first strike point. The first point was chosen for its location and formation. The tail of the Spine splits as it nears the southern coast, walling the desert that surrounds Asylim. As the road passes through a gap in the lowered heights, it skirts the western edge of the main Spine for a five day's walk, northward.

    Working with Turtle, Bolo comes to understand what Sheldon was trying to explain. No amount of manipulation can cause the bear to be able to travel at a speed any near that of the Windrunners. Unknown to any of the Seekers before, there is a detrimental side-effect of the Stimulation. All metabolic process are increased, not just motility, causes excessive fatigue if used too often concurrently. With the shorter life expectance of Turtle, the repeated stimulation might well kill him.

    Leaving well ahead of the time necessary, the crew has ample opportunity to learn the lay of the land and to plan the actual assaults and exit strategy of the five beneficial staging locations. Everything is fully assessed, leaving the Seekers with 20 days to wait. Hunting expeditions are easily conducted eastward into the mountains so as to not create any chance to spoil the surprise.

    Character Statistics

    Sheldon: full health
    Tunic: 60 - 2 = 58
    Torvald: full health
    Surcoat: 70 - 12 = 58
    Merindell: full health
    Surcoat: 80 - 6 = 74
    Indigo: full health
    Vest: 30 - 4 = 26
    Sannit: full health
    Stone Bolts: 10
    Tunic: 60 - 24 = 36
    Bolo: full health
    Turtle: full health
    Vadin: full health
    Tunic: 60 - 6 = 54

    Purchasing Power
    Store Credit in Southroad Fair: 23 clams
    10 Gold Ingots (200 clams)
    40 Dublins: (gold coin, 800 clams)
    42 Rupees: (silver coin, 420 clams)
    76 Ocrin: (tin coin, 76 clams)
    20% Southroad Fair Olive Trade Proceeds

    Current Party Holdings
    2 Windrunner Stallions
    8 Windrunner Mares
    2 decorative saddles (San-Bolo)
    4 standard saddles (Tor, Sheldon, Indigo, Merin, Vadin)
    4 Windrunner Colts (with pack rigs)
    2 Harnin Mining Mauls
    2 Harnin Mining Spikes
    2 Harnin Pick Axes
    10 Iron Bricks
    drawing of Assassins' Guild symbol
    parchment containing known message

    Current Inventory
    OOC: Animal:
    • Spider Fangs: 5 pair: (+ Cohesion){-Mind / -Will x2}

    • Zinc Ingots: 14 (+ Health) {Mend x2}
    • Tin Ingots: 10 (+ Persona) {Muddle x2, - Persona x2}
    • Lead: 2 {Rend x2, -Health x2}
    • Iron Ingots: 3 (+ Confluence) {Mend x2}
    • Aluminum Ingots: 7 (+ Motility) {Thump x2}
    • Chromium Ingots: 1 (+ Strength) {Rejuvenate x2}
    • Magnesium: 5 (+ Will) {Soothe x2, Mend x2, +Health x2}
    • Copper: 2 (+ Persona) {-Persona x2, Shock x2}
    • Molybdenum: 9 (+ Motility)
    • Palladium: 2 {sound x3}
    • Silver: 1 (+Will) {-Will x3}

    • nothing here at this time

    • Slate: 5 (Thump x2)
    • Bloodstone: 4 (+ Health) {Mend x2}
    • Sunstone: 1 (+ Persona) {Charm x2}
    • Heartstone: 3 (+ Confluence) {Mend x2}
    • Carbone Bricks: 1 (Heat x2)
    • Lodestone: 1: {Thump x2}
    • Slickstone: 1: {Cool x2}
    • Livestone: 3 (+ Strength) {Restoration x2}
    • Milkstone: 1 (+ Will) {Harmony x2}
    • Emberstone: 1 (+ Cohesion) {Charm x2}
    • Waterstone: 1 (+Motility)
    • Nightstone: 1 (+Adhesion) {darken x3}
    • Ruddystone: 1 (+Health)


    Unknown Items
    OOC: Bird Skull (Heron): 1

    Party Discoveries
    Hidden Valley in the Western Jungle
    Secluded Lake in Western Jungle with Mysterious Island
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Seekers' Plans
    "...Leaving well ahead of the time necessary, the crew has ample opportunity to learn the lay of the land and to plan the actual assaults and exit strategy of the five beneficial staging locations."
    Tor says, "Starting with the first ambush point, how exactly should we lay out our assault? Where are the major landmarks and high points? What exactly is our strategy? What is our goal, kill count, or specific damage, such as 'take out their water supply', etc.?"

    Tor asks these same questions for the other ambush points as well.
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    At the first sign of distress on Turtle, Bolo will send him back to guard the guildhouse. Bears do not understand war anyway.

    Sannit says, "For our strategy I was thinking we rest during the day, while the army is marching, and attack at night to disturb their rest. We should space out our targets, sometimes attack sleeping soldiers, and sometimes their supplies to force them to place extra guards around camp. Perhaps we could use paint and manipulate Way to alter our appearance and make it seem as though our ghosts are seeking vengeance against them. If we do destroy their supplies, we should ensure there are no settlements or places nearby the army will pillage in order to replace it. I don't think we can trust the timeline of the Magisters also. We should keep a watch on the road in case the army sets out early."
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    A 1e title so awesome it's not in the book (Lvl 21)

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    Merin nods in agreement, "We should find some berries with contrasting pigments, to emphasize certain features. Most of our skin should be white, but the areas around our noses, eyes, and mouths should be black, to give the appearance of a skull. Our hands should be black as well. I also think that anytime we kill without being seen, we should leave behind some symbol of our presence, such as a bird feather or small rodent skull. Something to exacerbate their superstitions. What say you?"

    Tor chuckles at the thought of a grim "calling card."
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