Disadvantage Penalty?
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    Disadvantage Penalty?

    No one is allowed to laugh! My Gnome Fighter wears Chain Mail. All heavy armor types have a disadvantage on Stealth Checks.
    Because the large, bulky items clang together. Important for the sneaky cut~purse.
    Not so much for the outside, mountainous or cobbley hill side. Where Gnome abilities prevail.
    SPECIFICALLY: Stone Camouflage hide in the rocks. The hewn mine shafts or stone crypt or cave tunnels NOWAY ALL INSIDE!!! Echos are horrible.
    But exterior adventures, ABSOLUTELY roll at advantage, give the little guy an edge.

    • Stone Camouflage: You have advantage on Stealth checks to hide in rocky terrain.

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    Adv and Dis counteract each other so when Stone Camo applies, he would have a normal stealth check.

    Now, maybe I would see a DM allowing Adv using stone cunning if the guy was hiding only, and not moving. But if he's moving, then the roll would be offset. At my table.
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