We're back on Kickstarter, this time to drum up support for the seventh in our ongoing series of location mini-modules for D&D 5E and Pathfinder! This entry takes your party to the village of Thornbriar, where the shepherds who graze their flocks on the surrounding hillsides are beginning to realize that a lot of their sheep have gone missing lately. Who or what is causing this? It's a big side quest with smaller side quests nested within it, and as your party follows it through to the end, they'll meet the usual assortment of engaging NPCs that have become the trademark of our Places by the Way and Found by the Way series — including the sheep country equivalent of a cat lady, a band of vegetarian hobgoblins, a village cleric who'd much rather be a hermit, and a ranger who can teach you how to use a wicker basket as a shield. Plus, sheep. Lots of sheep. We hope you like mutton. And woolen goods. Baaa!

This campaign runs until June 11. We're 70% funded at the moment, so there's still room for people who want to help us get over the top!

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