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    As the url suggests, it's me and Sonja...
    It's a few years old but it still looks like me, and yes I know I'm young...


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    I'll go ahead and play

    Here's a picture of me, taken a few years ago, but except for the longer hair, I haven't changed in the slightest o.o Haven't figured out why yet... *makes sure the lock on the closet is still good, wouldn't do letting Age out early*

    *grumbles* Bloody geocities. >.< The full url is

    - Christopher
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    Well, I'm Artimus on the chat room. This is the school picture at the beginning of the year. I look a lot different. This topic is probably going to eat a lot of Bandwidth. NO LAUGHING!
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    Okay, so it's a little outdated....
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    "We all have sacrifices to make. Mine just happen to be to the Lords of the Underworld."

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    at the risk of saying exactly the wrong thing ...
    wow, i can't be the only black person on here!
    ... or maybe i'm just the only one who's enuff of a sucker! :rolleyes:
    - I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message...

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    this is me
    D&D Excel Sheets & Programs I've Created
    Proficient In VB6, C++, VB.NET

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    Rubeus Hagrid

    Q in the one pic there is 15 now, and looks disturbingly like Prince William. He's Lieutenant Kettch on here.

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    I'm gonna regret this...
    I'm the guy on the left with the young lady on his shoulders .


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    Falsehood! Falsehoods abound!

    First off, not a single pic on that page is current, and secondly, I have much better pictures online. Like this one:
    "Yub-yub, Commander!"

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    Not the best pic, but the only one since I changed my look a couple months ago.

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