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    Edena, can I use Melkor`s Avatar( pl 10) as a PC?

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    Alzem's Decision

    Ah, my children I see that hatred and greed has led to untold destruction of our home, but as with all things there must be a balance. For during this horrible time of death, there were stories to brighten even the darkest of hearts. A great collation of forces came together to destroy the forces of the Shadow. This battle was fought on enemy ground and our blood paved the way, our determination and resolution allowed us to push this menace from our world and back into the nether regions where they can be damned for all eternity.
    When the robots attacked I was afraid that we would not be able to stand against them, but due to the quick thinking and selfless actions of other we were saved. While my forces joined with the Faerie in the Vesvee to protect the lands held by IUZ others fought directly against the robots and their onslaught to destroy all the peoples of this land. And yet still the forces for destruction would not fall, the Scarlet Brotherhood also decided to strike at this time, and for a third time the forces for light fought, and won.

    Now Forrester has gone. He has returned home to lead his people in a struggle that threatens them now and has left you to rebuild your world as YOU see fit, not as he would have it done. But I, I will stay. Oreth was my home before I traveled to Toril, to help with the troubles there and now I am here and I will not leave you. Forrester before you go, I ask for your assistance in creating an Island here as we did on Toril, a place of sanctuary for those who seek a respite from this war may come and rest. But know this with or without your aid I shall create this place, a place where one can come and feel safe and know know the ravages of hunger or the bitter bite of winter.

    William it was you who asked me for my assistance when this started, and we came, though it took some time to arrive. We shall not abandon you to the winter of this world, but we shall help you see the spring that will rise in a future that shall bring a song to your lips and a taste to your lips finer than your finest brandy. At this Alzem chuckles. And so my friends let us begin to rebuild our world, and if ANY oppose us in this we shall strike them down with the fury of a divine will, and the power of the fist of St Cuthbert in his divine retribution himself. Also soon help will arrive as we pray daily for the Angles of the Seventh Heaven to come down and assist us in the creation and protection of our Island so we shall not have to worry with its defense and be able to spend out resources to help those people of this land. Also we have a proposal to the people our world, while on Toril we were able to discover the means for 11th level spells and used this knowledge to create a paradise for all to live in peace, no matter of past indiscretions. We ask for your assistance here in reaching that again. For all who would help us achieve this will shall offer aid, of our magic when we have learned its means. For any who do not assist us in our endeavors you too will gain the benefits of this magic but in a not so direct manner, and only after those who willingly assisted us have all their needs fulfilled. So what say you to these

    Edena at the start of the interlude I shall start my mages creating horns of plenty and decanters of endless water to help feed the population of the League. Also I want to start creating parapets of healing and cleansing to place in pools of poisonous water/wells so people can drink without fear. Also since the Demons touched the goo with out ill effect what would it do if one of my Solars were to touch it? Would it just destroy the Solar with out forming any goo, cause an explosion of goo, or cause the goo to become innate and non harmful. I really am going for the last on here

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    Turn 5 will start one week from now, next Monday.

    I require that time to rest.

    I will update the Lists Post and place it in the Interlude for people to access, when I can.

    I will answer your e-mails when I can. They will be a delay on that, while I rest.

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    It's so... nice to see that we, the helpless children of Oerth, have found a new parent from an alien world to protect and punish us. Thank you, Alzem, for bringing us under your patronage.

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    Ok there Serpeneye, if you can think of anyone else that you would wish to have 11th level magic then just let us know, other than yourself of course. Is there really anyone else you could trust not to use that power against you? As it is there is only 1 power that has level 10 magic now right, or maybe 2? I have never said that I would enforce my will upon others nor force them to capitulate to my demands. I have stated whether you wish to help me or not you will gain the benefit. What I did state was that if you did not help me then you would not be the first to gain assistance. Also incase you never studied religion here you would have noticed that St. Cuthbert is an Orethian God not one for Toril, as I stated that I went there to help them, not that I was from there. But so be it, if you wish to crush your people then you may continue for we have no quarrel with you as long as you do not threaten those who I count as allies.

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    Melkor it is ZOURON not Zauron (no LOTR rip off hrmph!), but anyway I am not a part of the IR. I was just very bored and posted a few comments in character.

    Besides I think I would be in bad shape if I went into this IR now, considering acererak going to control all undead... since i would have a purely undead army and being undead myself.... hehe.

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    Originally posted by zouron
    Besides I think I would be in bad shape if I went into this IR now, considering acererak going to control all undead... since i would have a purely undead army and being undead myself.... hehe.
    Bark like a dog!

    A little dog!

    Now hop on one leg!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahaha!

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    "The bodies have been burnt, sir. But they all know it was us."
    << Whatever. Did we bring any back home? >>
    "Not enough to matter."
    << To hell with it. We Illithid are used to living without the sun... Hell, we prefer it. I'll teach you how to grow food underground. We'll wait this out... Let them choke on the results of their own insane war. Then, we will show them truth. We will show them control. And in the end, they'll thank us for it. >>
    "Yes, sir."

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    dog? bah! you come to my place isntead.. remember outside Oerth toril characters have 11th level magic and tech which even lortmil gnomes would not comprehend hehe.

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    Check your e-mail.

    By the way, we've given up on collecting bodies. We are now merely burning them. We even, in diplomatic form, give them proper funeral rites for cremation. Of course, we give them funeral rites in bulk, but still.

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