Characters for FR 3.5 Silverymoon
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    Characters for FR 3.5 Silverymoon

    Here is the rogues gallery for the Forgotten Realms Silverymoon campaign.

    Which is here:

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    Tsoren Gildersham (click for HTML version)
    Human Rogue 1
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Patron Deity: Tymora
    Region: The North (Luskan)

    Str: 14 (+2)
    Dex: 17 (+3)
    Con: 14 (+2)
    Int: 15 (+2)
    Wis: 10
    Cha: 11

    Hit Points: 8 (1d6+2)
    Initiative: +3 (Dex)
    Saving Throws: Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +0
    Speed: 30'
    Armor Class: 15 (+3 Dex, +1 Leather, +1 Bracer of Natural Armor)

    Rapier Atk (+2) Dmg (1d6+2) Crit (18-20/x2)
    Dagger Atk (+2) Dmg (1d4+2) Crit (19-20/x2)
    Sling Atk (+3) Dmg (1d4+2) Crit (x2)
    Dagger Thrown Atk (+3) Dmg (1d4+2) Crit (19-20/x2)
    Unarmed (-2) Dmg (1d3+2) Crit (x2)

    Armor, Leather
    Bullets, sling (20)
    Green Dragon Eye Bracer (Natural Armor +1)
    Potion Belt, Masterwork
    -- Potion of Cure Light Wounds x3
    -- Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2
    -- Thieves' tools, Masterwork
    -- Flint & Steel
    -- Potion, Hiding
    -- Rations, trail
    -- Rope, silk (50 ft)
    -- Cloak, cotton (Bright Blue)
    -- Cloak, cotton (Bright Red)
    -- Cloak, cotton (Bright Green)
    -- Cloak, cotton (Bright Orange)
    -- Disguise kit
    On Horse
    -- Cold Weather Outfit
    -- Climbing Gear
    -- Rations, trail x14
    -- Torch x2

    29 gp, 13 sp, 20 cp

    Common, Illuskan, Chondathan, Elven, Dwarven

    Class Special Abilities
    Sneak Attack +1d6

    Light load - 1 - 58 lbs.
    Medium load - 49-116 lbs.
    Heavy load - 117-175 lbs.
    Total weight carried: 54.5 lbs.


    Skills (Name - Value - Ranks - Notes)
    Appraise: 2 (0)
    Balance: 5 (2)
    Bluff: 0 (0)
    Climb: 4 (2)
    Concentration: 2 (0)
    Diplomacy: 0 (0)
    Disable Device: 8 (4) +2 for Masterwork Thieves' Tools
    Disguise: 4 (2) +2 for Disguise Kit
    Escape Artist: 3 (0)
    Forgery: 2 (0)
    Gather Information: 0 (0)
    Heal: 0 (0)
    Hide: 5 (2)
    Intimidate: 0 (0)
    Jump: 8 (4) +2 for Acrobatic Feat
    Knowledge (Local The North): 4 (2)
    Listen: 2 (2)
    Move Silently: 5 (2)
    Open Lock: 9 (4) +2 for Masterwork Thieves' Tools
    Ride: 3 (0)
    Search: 6 (4)
    Sense Motive: 0 (0)
    Sleight of Hand: 6 (3)
    Spot: 2 (2)
    Survival: 0 (0)
    Swim: -7 (1) -10 for Weight Carried
    Tumble: 9 (4) +2 for Acrobatic Feat
    Use Rope: 5 (0) +2 for Silk Rope

    Tsoren stands 5'6" and weighs 140 lbs. He is clean-shaven and keeps his dark brown hair quite short (he does this himself regularly and it looks pretty bad). His eyes are brown and seem to always be scanning the area, to the point that people don't think he's paying attention to them when they speak. His leather armor is a charcoal gray, but he usually wears a brightly colored cloak while in public. On his belt he carries a rapier and a dagger, as well as a sling and a bag of bullets. Aside from the bad haircut, there is little to distinguish Tsoren from most of the general traffic of a city.

    Eyes - Brown
    Hair - Short Dark Brown, badly groomed
    Height - 5' 6"
    Weight - 140 lbs.
    Age - 19
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    Silestrea Morand

    Silestrea Morand, female halfelf sor1; medium humanoind (elf); CR1; HD 1d4+1 (5hp); Init +3; Speed 30 feet; AC 18 (+3 dex, +3 armor, +1 deflection, +1 natural armor), touch 14, flat-footed 15, spell-failure 15%; BAB 0; Grapple -2; Single Atk +1 melee (1d4+1, 19-20/x2, dagger) or +3 ranged (1d8, 19-20/x2, 80 feet, light crossbow) or +3 ranged touch attack (by spell); SQ immune to sleep, +2 save vs. enchantments; AL LG; Deity: Helm; Region: Silverymoon; SV Fort +1, Ref +5, Will +3; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 17. XP: 400.

    Languages: Common, Elven, Illuskan, Chondathan, Dwarven.

    Skills and Feats: Bluff +5, Concentration +3, Diplomacy +6, Gather Information +6, Listen +4, Search +2, Sense Motive +2, Spellcraft +3, Spot +4; Point Blank Shot.

    Spells: 5/4, Base Save DC = 12+spell level.
    0th - daze, detect magic, light, read magic.
    1st - bluebolt, hypnotism.

    Possessions: light crossbow, 20 bolts, dagger, masterwork studded leather, scroll (glitterdust), backpack, scroll case, flint and steel, 2 belt pouches, waterskin, cold weather outfit, traveler's outfit, tanglefoot bag, 3 sunrods, 10gp. Ring of the Spellguard (ring of protection +1), Bracer of the Green Eye (bracers of natural armor +1)

    Personality: Silestrea is a stong and independant woman who is looking to make a name for herself. She holds herself high and does her best to follow her mother's teachings. She has a good heart and is always ready to help where she can. Inside she feels that she must always try to prove herself to her father because she sometimes thinks she is the reason that he is so often not there for her family.

    Description: Standing at only 5'2", Silestrea is not a very imposing figure. She is comely and has a strong presence. Her long dark hair and brown eyes she gets from her father's side. From her mother's elven side, she has fine features and a narrow slightly pointed chin. She often wears her armor as she feels that it is necessary for her protection. Her other clothes often feature the symbol of Silverymoon, declaring herself a member of the League.

    History: Silestrea aspires to the Spellguard, defenders of the city. Her father is a merchant often away on business to the south. She has grown up in Silverymoon with her mother and two younger brothers. She believes strongly in the ideals of the Silver Marches and looks up to the Bright Lady. She is currently looking to make a name for herself and to gather enough coin to pay the tuition fees for Arkhen's Invocatorium.
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    Dain Ironhelm

    Dain Ironhelm aka Dain Bramage
    Male Dwarf Ranger 1

    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Str 15
    Dex 14
    Con 15
    Int 13
    Wis 8
    Cha 9

    Hit Points 13 Experience Points: 400
    AC 19, Touch 12, Flat 15 (chain shirt, heavy shield, dex, natural armor bracer)
    Init +2
    BAB +1, Grap +3
    Speed 20

    Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +1

    +4 Melee, masterwork dwarven waraxe, 1d10+2, 20/x3
    +3 Ranged, light crossbow, 1d8, 19-20/x2, 80'r

    Sizecategory= medium, 4’2" tall, 160 pounds, 50 yrs old
    Black long curly hair, brown eyes, light tan skin

    Speaks Common, Dwarven, giant

    +5 Craft: Weaponsmithing (4) +2 for metal weapons
    +4 climb (3)
    +4 Jump (3)
    +3 Listen (4)
    +5 Search (4)
    +3 Spot (4)
    +3 Survival(4)
    +? Swim(2)


    Dwarven Traits
    -60’ Darkvision
    -Stonecunning(+2 checks on stone etc)
    -+2 save vs. poison & Spells
    -+1 attack vs. Orcs and goblinoids
    -+4 dodge bonus vs. giants

    Ranger Abilities
    -Favored Enemy (giants)
    -Wild empathy (+0)

    Dain Ironhelm was born a Prince of an exiled dwarven clan. His people had been driven from the _______mountains 100 years ago by humanoids. His father, Fror Ironhem, was the leader of his clan. He had only two sons, twins, by names of Dain and Nain. Fror was still fairly young in Dwarven terms and hasn’t picked which son is to succeed him. Dain had an energetic youth. Like many of his peers, he was fascinated with weapons and smithing. He was also a partier, and definitely a drinker. When not working at his anvil, or training with the militia, Dain often visited the nearby town of ______. This was a town with many gnomes, Halflings, dwarves and humans. Here Dain felt he could relax, and enjoy learning about other races. Flush with his family’s wealth, Dain drank heavily, and black outs are not uncommon. He never went to town except with his best friend is Dean Dankil. One night they were out drinking with several of their gnome friends. Dain’s memory of the night is not good. The next morning, he awoke dazed, in a strange bed. He rose and drew back the curtain. Looking at the bed, he saw the still body of a female gnome. This would not be the first time he had visited a house of ill repute, but he always regretted it. Preparing himself to leave, he took a moment to examine the woman. Shocked, he realized the woman was not breathing. She was dead. Strangled. Dain had no memory of the night, it was true, but Dain knew he was a peaceful drunk, never violent or abusive. Surely he was not her killer. He had to find Dean. They were always together. Dean would be able to help him piece together the events of the previous night. But Dean has disappeared. With no good alibi, Dain felt he must flee; being hung would do no one any good. Hurridly gathering up his immediate possessions, he fled into the night, determined to find Dean and clear his name. Forsaking his given name of Ironhelm, he now goes by the dwarven name “Bramage,” meaning “traveler.”

    Dain fled to Silverymoon, a town he knew Dean had once lived, and the only place he could think of where Dean might have gone. He never got along well with his brother Nain, but doubts Nain would have been low enough to set him up for execution or exile. He is haunted by the thought that maybe he did kill the gnome. Perhaps she had tried to rob him? Or could he have simply killed from some sort of rage?

    Dain has vowed never to touch a drop of liquor again, a promise which only time will tell if he will be able to keep. He still retains a desire to one day become a Dwarven Defender, and be reconciled with his clan.


    Dain is lean and athletic for a dwarf, cultured in the manners and customs of his race, yet also at home in the wild, where he trained as a scout for the militia. He has black long curly hair, brown eyes, and light tan skin. He wields a masterwork dwarven waraxe he crafted with his clan’s master blacksmith. He is somewhat obsessed with alcohol, and seeks distraction from this desire. He does still have a beautiful wooden pipe, crafted to resemble a warhammer of Moradin, and he enjoys an occational smoke of this.


    Chainshirt (worn, 25wt)
    Heavy wooden shield (left arm, 10wt)
    Bracer of Natural armor +1 (wrist - from dragon)
    Ring of Iron Will (as feat)
    Dwarven Waraxe, masterwork (belt left, 8wt)
    Light Crossbow (left shoulder, 4wt)
    Quiver (right shoulder, 1wt)
    20 bolts(quiver)
    Backpack (center back, 2 wt)
    Bedroll (below backpack, 5wt)
    Waterskin- water (backpack, ??wt)
    Trail Rations- 1 days (backpack, ??wt)
    Signal Whistle
    Empty Sack (backpack, .5wt)

    Coins- 25gp, 15sp, 10cp(pouch, ??wt)

    Emerald- 200 gp (pouch)
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    Enalia Astariat

    Enalia Astariat, Female Moon Elf
    Class & Level: Barbarian 1
    XP: 50
    Alignment: CG
    Deity: Corellon Larethian
    Size: M
    Age: 133
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: around 150#
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dark
    Skin: Tanner than usual for an elf, but pale for a human

    Str: 16 (+3)
    Dex: 14 (+2)
    Con: 12 (+1)
    Int: 11 (+0)
    Wis: 13 (+1)
    Cha: 12 (+1)

    HP: 13 (HD: 1d12+1)
    Speed: 40'
    Initiative: +2 (Dex)
    AC: 10 base + 2 armor + 2 Dex +1 N.A. + 1 ring = 16
    Touch: 13; Flat: 13
    Fort: 2 base + 1 Con = +3
    Ref: 0 base + 2 Dex = +2
    Will: 0 base + 1 Wis = +1

    BAB: +1
    Grapple: 1 BAB + 3 Str = +4
    Melee: Longsword, +4 attack, 1d8+5 damage (2-handed), 19-20/x2, slashing
    Ranged: Longbow, +3 attack, 1d8+2 damage, x3, 100' increment, piercing

    Feat: Extra Rage (rage +2/day)

    Languages: Common & Elven

    Class abilities: Fast movement, illiteracy, rage 1/day (total 3/day)
    Racial abilities: Immune to sleep, +2 v. enchantments, Low-Light Vision, +2 Listen/Search/Spot

    Handle Animal: 4 ranks + 1 Cha = +5
    Intimidate: 4 ranks + 1 Cha = +5
    Listen: 4 ranks + 2 racial + 1 Wis = +7
    Search: 2 racial = +2
    Spot: 2 racial + 1 Wis = +3
    Survival: 4 ranks + 1 Wis = +5

    Arrows, 60...........3gp...9#
    Leather armor.....10gp...15#
    Blanket, winter......5sp...3#
    Flint & steel...........1gp...0#
    Rations, trail x2......1gp...2#
    Rope, silk (50')......10gp...5#
    Torch x2................2cp...2#
    Holy symbol, wooden.1gp...0#
    Explorer's outfit........0gp...0#
    Potion of CLW x2
    Coins..............29gp, 7sp, 7cp
    Bracer of Natural Armor +1
    Ring of Protection +1
    TOTALS...............160gp...76# (light load)

    Enalia Astariat lived a normal life in the Moonwood until she reached adolescence. Her family was extended and close, she had friends and excelled in physical competitions. The only problem was that she never could seem to grasp the more intellectual studies of her people. All was explained when one day she exploded into a rage after narrowly losing a footrace. In the haze of her outburst, she watched as she struck out at her friends, seriously injuring two of them before she was subdued. After the incident, she spent several days in meditation, praying for understanding from the Protector. She emerged from her self-imposed seclusion three days later, no wiser, and ready to leave her home to prevent further harm. However, the scholars among her people had found a text from the barbaric lands describing great warriors with many of the same characteristics Enalia possessed. They persuaded her to stay, to learn how to control herself and to learn more of the ways of her people. She did, gratefully, and immersed herself in the study of the martial. The strict mental concentration allowed her to master her rage. She learned all she could of the so-called "barbarians" of the other people of the world, and when the elves could no longer help her, she decided to strike out on her own. With the blessing of her family and friends, she packed up her belongings and headed for the human lands to learn more of who she was, and how she could use her peculiar talents to better serve her homeland.
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    Aram: male half-elf Mnk1; CR 1; Medium-size humanoid (Half-elf); HD 1d8+1; hp 9; Init +3; Spd 30 ft.; AC 16 (touch 15, flat-footed 13); Atk +1 melee
    [-1/-1 flurry] (1d6+1, 20 x2, unarmed) or +3 ranged (1d4+1, 20 x2, sling) or +3 ranged [+1/+1 flurry] (1d2+1, 20 x2, shuriken); SA flurry of blows, unarmed strike; SQ half-elven traits (immunity to sleep, +2 save bonus vs. enchantment spells & effects, low-light vision, +1 listen, search & spot, +2 diplomacy & gather information, elven blood); AL LG; Deity: Mystra; SV Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +4; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 14.

    Skills: [24 ranks, max 4/2]
    Diplomacy +8 [4 ranks, +2 Cha, +2 race]
    Gather Information +4 [+2 Cha, +2 race]
    Hide +5 [2 ranks, +3 Dex]
    Knowledge (arcana) +3 [1 rank, +2 Int]
    Knowledge (geography) +3 [1 rank, +2 Int]
    Knowledge (history) +3 [1 rank, +2 Int]
    Knowledge (local) +3 [1 rank, +2 Int]
    Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +5 [2 ranks, +2 Int, +1 feat]
    Knowledge (religion) +5 [2 ranks, +2 Int, +1 feat]
    Listen +3 [+2 Wis, +1 race]
    Move Silently +5 [2 ranks, +3 Dex]
    Search +3 [+2 Int, +1 race]
    Sense Motive +6 [4 ranks, +2 Wis]
    Spot +3 [+2 Wis, +1 race]
    Tumble +7 [4 ranks, +3 Dex]

    Feats: Education [1st], Stunning Fist 1/day DC 15 [mnk1].

    Languages: Automatic – Common, Elven, Aglarondan. Bonus - Damaran, Draconic.

    Possessions: sling, 20 bullets, 10 shurikens, backpack, bedroll, map case, flint and steel, belt pouch, soap, waterskin, monk’s outfit, cold weather outfit, climbing kit, collapsable grappling hook, 2 torches, 2 week's rations, 2 potions of cure light wounds, strange green bracer 'given' by the dragon Garlyntraxil (natural armor +1), Ki Straps (+3 DC to Stunning Fist).

    Money: 3 gp 6 sp

    Experience: 400

    Description: Aram is 5’10’’ and 165 lbs. Like most half-elves he has green eyes, but his hair, which is kept short, is blonde like his human mother’s. Aram’s partly elven heritage can be clearly seen and many consider him a rather handsome young man. His movements are smooth and definately have some elven grace. He has quick wits and friendly manners with a good and kind heart so it’s no wonder he’s always been liked by most people.

    The years in monk training have made him polite and hard-working, although he is still unusually outgoing for a monk. He always wears the blue robes of his order, that carry the symbol of Mystra, a circle of seven blue-white stars with red mist flowing from the center. Having lived among humans all his life (he is 22) Aram has little knowledge about the elven way of life, but sometimes, in a strange way, he feels like he’s a complete stranger even among his fellow monks.

    Background: Aram is the offspring of a human noblewoman and an elven man, whose identity is unknown to him. His mother, Lady Anera Castorean, never told him much about his father, because the whole affair was – and still is – shameful to the Castorean family. Lord Reynard Castorean, Aram’s stepfather, loathes the bastard child and made sure Aram would be out of his sight by arranging the boy to be sent to a monastery in Silverymoon, which is far from Cormyr, the home of the Castorean family. Lord Reynard would probably have killed the boy if his mother would not have resisted so much. The reason for such hatred is a mystery, that Aram would like solve one day. Lady Anera has visited Aram in Silverymoon a couple of times, but has always refused to tell him more about his past only saying it is best, that some things are better left alone.

    The monastic order of Mystra in Silverymoon quickly found out Aram’s talents and he has been used mostly as an assistant in diplomatic affairs since he completed his initiation to the order. The training at the monastery also included a well-rounded education.
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    Fizzlewikk Schlickenbahb
    Race: Male Strongheart Halfling
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Region: WaterDeep
    Patron Diety: Brandobaris (Halfling god of stealth, theivery, adventuring and halfling rogues)
    Age: 17 Height: 3'0" Weight: 25 lbs.
    Size: Small
    Speed: 20ft

    XP: 500 (favored class= Rogue)
    Lvl: 1
    Rogue 1

    Languages: Halfling, Common, Chondathan, Elven, Goblin

    Ability Scores: (Including racial -2 str and +2 dex)
    STR: 11 (0)
    DEX: 19 (+4)
    CON: 14 (+2)
    INT: 14 (+2)
    WIS: 10 (0)
    CHA: 8 (-1)

    Fort: +2 (+0 Base, +2 Con)
    Ref: +6 (+2 Base, +4 Dex)
    Will: +0 (+0 Base, +0 Wis)
    .......+2 vs. Fear effects (racial bonus)

    HP: 8
    Initiative: +4

    AC: 22
    (+4 MW Chain Shirt, +1 MW Buckler, +1 MW Dastana, +4 DEX, +1 Size, +1 Natural Armor from Eye of Garlyntraxil)

    Armor Check Penalty: -1

    Attacks: (Halflings gain a +1 bonus with all thrown weapons and a +1 size bonus to attack)
    Base Attack Bonus: +0
    Sneak Attack Dmg: +1d6

    Melee +1 ....(1d3, 19-20/x2, P or S)
    Ranged (thrown) +6 ....(1d3+1, 19-20/x2, P or S)
    Ranged (thrown within 30ft) +7 ....(1d3+2, 19-20/x2, P or S) (preferred primary attack)
    Range: First Incrmnt 20 ft, then 10ft thereafter
    (0-20ft: no penalty, 21-30ft: -2 penalty, 31-40ft: -4 pen, 41-50ft: -6 pen, 51-60ft: -8 pen, 61-70ft: -10 pen)

    Ranged (thrown) +6 ...(1d3+1, x2, P)
    Ranged (thrown within 30 ft) +7 ...(1d3+2, x2, P) (other preferred attack)
    Range: First Incrment 40 ft, then 20 ft thereafter
    (0-40 ft: no penalty, 41-60ft: -2 penalty, 61-80ft: -4 pen, 81-100ft: -6 pen, 101-120ft: -8 pen, 121-140ft: -10 pen)

    Light Hammer: (non-proficient, penalties already included here)
    Melee -1 ....(1d3, x2, B)
    Ranged (thrown) +2 ....(1d3+1, x2, B)
    Ranged (thrown within 30ft) +3 ....(1d3+2, x2, B)
    Range: First Incrmnt 40 ft, then 20 ft thereafter
    (0-40ft: no penalty, 41-60ft: -2 penalty, 61-80ft: -4 pen, 81-100ft: -6 pen, 101-120ft: -8 pen, 121-140ft: -10 pen)

    Spiked Gauntlet:
    Melee +1 ....(1d3, x2, P)

    Feats: (Strongheart Halflings gain one extra feat at first lvl)
    Mighty Hurl ....(+1 dmg with thrown weapons, Ignore first range increment)
    Point Blank Shot ....(+1 to attack and dmg with range weapons at ranges up to 30 ft)

    Skills, trained: (ACP= Armor Check Penalty)
    Bluff: +3 ....(4 ranks, -1 CHA)
    Climb: +4 ....(1 rank, +0 STR, +2 racial, +2 Climber's Kit, -1 ACP)
    Disable Device: +8 ....(4 ranks, +2 INT, +2 MW Thieves' tools)
    Hide: +11 ....(4 ranks, +4 DEX, +4 size, -1 ACP)
    Jump: +4 ....(3 ranks, +0 STR, +2 racial, -1 ACP)
    Move Silently: +9 ....(4 ranks, +4 DEX, +2 racial, -1 ACP)
    Open Lock: +10 ....(4 ranks, +4 DEX, +2 MW Thieves' tools)
    Search: +6 ....(4 ranks, +2 INT)
    Sleight of Hand: +7 ....(4 ranks, +4 DEX, -1 ACP)
    Spot: +4 ....(4 ranks, +0 WIS)
    Tumble: +7 ....(4 ranks, +4 DEX, -1 ACP)

    Skills, untrained:
    Appraise: +2 ....(+2 INT)
    Balance: +3 ....(+4 DEX, -1 ACP)
    Concentration: +2 ....(+2 CON)
    Diplomacy: -1 ....(-1 CHA)
    Disguise: -1 ....(-1 CHA)
    Escape Artist: +3 ....(+4 DEX, -1 ACP)
    Forgery: +2 ....(+2 INT)
    Gather Information: -1 ....(-1 CHA)
    Intimidate: -1 ....(-1 CHA)
    Listen: +2 ....(+0 WIS, +2 racial)
    Perform: -1 ....(-1 CHA)
    Ride: +4 ....(+4 DEX)
    Sense Motive: 0 ....(+0 WIS)
    Use Rope: +4 ....(+4 DEX)
    Survival: +0 ....(+0 WIS)

    MasterWork Chain Shirt (12.5 lbs.)
    MasterWork Dastana (2.5 lbs.)
    MasterWork Buckler (2.5 lbs.)
    Spiked Gauntlet (.5 lb.)
    Dart x 10 (2.5 lbs.)
    Potion Belt (.25 lb.)
    Pouch, Belt
    Climber's Kit (1.25 lb.)
    Cold Weather Outfit
    Harper's Handy Haversack (5 lbs.) -holds up to 120 lbs.
    --Dagger, Silvered (.5 lb.)
    --Dagger x20 (10 lbs.)
    --Light Hammer x21 (21 lb.)
    --Dart x10 (2.5 lbs.)
    --Bedroll (1.25 lb.)
    --Blanket, Winter (.75 lb.)
    --Candle x10
    --Chalk x10
    --Expandable pole, 11 ft. (1 lb.)
    --Flask, empty x4 (6 lbs.)
    --Flint and Steel
    --Rope, Silk, 50 feet. (5 lbs.)
    --Sack, empty x2 (1 lb.)
    --Waterskin x2 (2 lbs.)
    --Rations (small) x22 (5.5 lbs.)
    --Signal Whistle
    --Torch x2 (2 lbs.)
    --Grappling hook, collapsable (2 lbs.)
    --MasterWork Thieves' Tools (2 lbs.)
    (weight carried in Haversack= 62.5 lbs.)
    Total carried: 27.00 lbs.

    Light Load: 0-28.5 lbs.
    Medium Load: 29-57 lbs.
    Heavy Load: 57.5-86.25 lbs.

    Copper: 73
    Silver: 8
    Gold: 15
    Platinum: 0

    Magic Items:
    Eye of Garlyntraxil (green bracer, provides +1 Natural Armor)
    Harper's Handy Haversack (weighs 5 lbs. can hold 120 pounds inside, free action to withdraw any item stored inside)

    Class Benefits:
    Sneak Attack: 1d6

    Fizzlewikk Schlickenbahb stands at 3'0'' tall and weighs 25 lbs, and is 17 years of age. (This is young for a Halfling adventurer. Halflings normally reach "adulthood" at the age of 20 and then require aditional training time based on his or her chosen "profession") He has long brown hair with the top pulled back into a ponytail (which starts at the crown of the back of the head, not down at the base of the neck), and the undersides hang down loosely, being braided and ending in small decorative beads. He has brown eyes, a tan complexion, and looks to be of average frame but very lithe.

    Being a halfling, Fizzlewikk enjoys names, nicknames, and collecting them. He certainly has a few himself and will answer to Fizz, Fizzi, Fizziwikk, Fizzle, Wikki, Fizzlations, and the oddest of them all, The Fizzlator (although this last one is more of a sarcastic name that he uses to refer to himself in the 3rd person point of view).

    Although Fizziwikk is of the Strongheart race of Halflings, he's always felt a bit out of place, like he hasn't always belonged. True, he does act more like the Lightfoots; a wander-lust and a curious, inquisitive, care-free nature, but in origin he is most certainly a pure-bred Strongheart. Fizzi is a "free spirit" and enjoys doing what he thinks is best, and is usually perpetually happy because of this. Not much that he's encountered can bring Fizzi's mood down, although at times he does have more "normal" mood swings. This wasn't always his general outlook on things though.

    Fizzlewikk Schlickenbahb comes from a large family that lives in a small halfling village just outside of Waterdeep. As the youngest of 16 older brothers and sisters (9 brothers, 7 sisters), Fizzi had a somewhat rough upbringing. While he is his Mother and Father's "baby boy", older siblings are often mean and vindictive. Be it by either actual cruel intentions, or just simple neglect, they weren't particularly nice to him.

    Being neglected in just about everything you do, even when some of the things you do are just cries for attention, does have it's affect on a young mind. Growing up in the shadow of their semi-famous father, a master knife thrower, Fizziwikk's older siblings where usually afforded much attention. It was sort of "expected" of them that they would follow in their father's footsteps, and friends of the family would always ask how their training was coming along, or ask for demonstrations of their skills. The older siblings would often emulate their father by making up their own competitions and demonstrations for and among themselves. Being the youngest, and the smallest, and the weakest, Fizzlewikk was never asked about by the friends of the family, and the siblings would never let Fizzle participate in their home-made competitions or demonstrations, always citing some excuse as to why he couldn't play yet again this time. Sometimes he was just flat out told that he was to young, or small, or weak, and (accompanied by much laughter) he should go help their mother in the kitchen.

    Growing up always being treated somewhat poorly, at one point Fizzle decided that he couldn't always let others' actions dictate how he would feel. Despite his siblings' ill-demeanor towards him, he eventually grew to not let it bother him. In all actuality, it worked out rather well for him!

    Since no one expected anything from him, or just simply forgot about him, it let Fizzle get away with plenty of things his older brothers and sisters never could have! No one seemed to notice when Fizziwikk would disappear for hours at a time, or sometimes even overnight! No one really payed any attention when Fizzi starting wearing nice things he had "found just laying about, unused". No one really cared that Wikki was no longer asking to join their competitions; he had given up on them and would head into the woods by himself where he'd let his imagination run wild and make up his own knife-throwing games, setting up targets in the bushes and hanging from tree branches.

    The ill-treatment from the others hadn't changed, just Fizzi's reaction to it. Sure, he was still always the last one to be allowed to get food at the dinner table (which usually amounted to the discarded or "burned" pieces the others didn't want and but a few crumbs of the "good stuff"), but this didn't really bother Fizzlewikk, for unbeknownst to them all, earlier that evening he had already swiped himself an entire loaf of cornmeal bread as it was cooling in the windowsill!

    As a result of all of this, Fizziwikk isn't opposed to doing what is necessary to "get by". He doesn't view his actions as either good or evil, he just simply "is" and "does". Now quick to make friends, Wikki is talkative and outgoing. He is no fool though and he does remember how people treat him in return. While he doesn't let other people's view of him get him down anymore and it seems like he's just shrugging it off, he remembers. Those that treat him poorly won't quickly receive Fizziwikk's aid (unless it would greatly benefit him of course), and while it might seem that he's being friendly in return, he's actually just doing whatever it takes to find the perfect way to get back at them. On the other hand, those that are generally nice to him and with true intentions find a very loyal and resourceful friend in Fizzlewikk.

    With the ill-treatment from his older brothers and sisters, and the general attitude towards him of "he's just the baby" or "he's too young to do grown-up things", Fizzlwikk decided that perhaps it would be best if he just picked up his (newly acquired) belongings and set out to show everyone that they where wrong about him and to go out and make his own name for himself. None of his brothers or sisters, or either of his parents, believed him when he said (when they actually stopped to listen to what he was saying for once) that he was leaving to go live on his own. Truly they where all shocked when the day came that he waved goodbye to them all and left. He left the small Halfling village just outside of Waterdeep that was his home for the first 17 years of his life and joined up with a travelling caravan that was headed for a City called Silverymoon.

    Fizzlewikk enjoys good food, a good adventure, great companionship, grand stories, and of course, excellent games! Fizziwikk's goals include among other things, making many friends, gaining respect, and attaining a name for himself as an exceptionally excellent master knife thrower!
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    Female Wood Elven Druid of Mielikki 1st lvl (XP 400)

    STR 17 +3
    DEX 8 -1
    CON 13 +1
    INT 14 +2
    WIS 17 +3
    CHA 17 +3

    Hit Points 9
    AC 11, Touch 9, Flat 11
    Init -1
    BAB +0, Grap +3
    Speed 30' (base 30', load 37/86, light armor)
    Fort +3, Ref -1, Will +5

    +3 Melee, Quarterstaff, 1d6+4, 20/x2
    +4 Melee, Masterwork Longsword, 1d8+3/1d8+4, 19-20/x2

    medium-sized, 5'4", 113 lb., 97 yrs old
    copper hair, emerald eyes, fair skin

    Feats: Combat Expertise.

    Skills: Handle Animal +7(4), Heal +5(2), Knowledge (nature) +8(4), Listen +9(4), Profession (herbalist) +5(2), Spot +9(4), Survival +9(4). Speaks Common, Chondathan, Elven, Druidic, Sylvan, Orc.

    Elf Traits: Low-Light Vision, Immunity to magical sleep effects, +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects, +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search and Spot checks, Detect secret and concealed doors.

    Druid Abilities: Animal Companion, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy.

    Spells per Day (3/2)
    0th - Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic.
    1st - Cure Light Wounds, Shillelagh.

    Leather Armor (worn, 15 lb.)
    Traveler's Outfit (worn, 5 lb.)
    Quarterstaff (carried, 4 lb.)

    Masterwork Longsword (belt left, 4 lb.)
    Belt Pouch (belt left, 1/2 lb.)
    Holly and Mistletoe (belt front, 0 lb.)
    Spell Component Pouch (belt right, 2 lb.)
    Scroll Case (belt rear, 1/2 lb.)

    Shoulder Bag (across shoulder, 1 lb.)
    Waterskin- water (across shoulder, 4 lb.)
    Bedroll (across shoulder, 5 lb.)

    Coins- 24gp, 9sp (pouch, coins/50 lb.)
    Tindertwigs (5) (pouch, 0 lb.)
    Holly and Mistletoe (pouch, 0 lb.)
    Wooden Holy Symbol of Mielikki (pouch, 0 lb.)

    Ivory, Wolf Companion
    STR 13 DEX 15 CON 15 INT 2 WIS 12 CHA 6
    HP 18 AC 14 Init +2 Fort +5 Ref +5 Wil +1
    Bite +3 (1d6+1)
    SA Trip
    Hide +2, Listen +3, Move Silently +3, Spot +3, Survival +1(+5)
    Low-Light Vision, Scent, Track
    Link, Share Spells
    Tricks Attack, Defend, Down, Heel, Seek, Stay, Track

    Description: Willow is quite tall for an elf. Her slender and athletic body is in perfect shape. Even for a wood elf, she is pretty strong, altho not among the strongest of her kind. Willow has a very attractive appearance, her shoulder-long coppery-red hair line a beautiful face and her emerald-green eyes sparkle like gems. Willow is clad in the simple dark green and earth-toned clothing, that is typical for the wood elves. She is wearing a long hooded cloak of grey-green color and a leather armor, and besides the beautifully crafted longsword at her side, a large oaken staff is her only weaponry. Her remaining gear is stashed into a shoulder bag or into small pouches at her belt.

    Background: Born in the High Forest, Willow is the daughter of a hunter family. Her father is a ranger sworn to Mielikki and her mother is a skilled herbalist. During her childhood, she has learned from her parents, about archery and swordplay and about the ways of nature. Willow was never good with the longbow, but she has always shown an affinity for plants and animals and so it was just natural, that one day she was presented to the druids and soon after invited to their order. Her father has many friends among the druids, many of whom follow the same path of the Forest Queen. Willow has been seperated from her family for years, while she was innitiated into the secret ways of the druid order.
    Still young for an elf, she traveled the High Forest, but also distant lands, during her training. She learned more about nature and her affinity and about friends and foes, her senses sharpened and she was introduced into the magic of the druids. Many years passed until Willow finally went back to see her family once more. Not much had changed in the High Forest during the time, the wood elves still battled advancing orc warbands occasionally and her father was out to protect the borders, which he often did in the past. Willow's mother smiled happily as her daughter entered the tree-house, that she called home. The two took a long walk through the nearby forest area, visiting places that Willow held dear during her childhood. A few days later her father returned. Still weakened from the many combats he was bearing the proud stance of a victor. At his side a beautiful white wolf traveled with him and his smile widened as he noticed Willow standing next to his wife. The wolf also noticed the young elf and there was something, an almost mythical connection between the two. Willow's father noticed this as well, and it was immediately clear to him, that the wolf he had befriended on his last journey wasn't staying with him. The white wolf, Willow called him Ivory as her father had not yet gave him a name, became her animal companion. During the next days Willow's father recovered from his wounds and the three often talked about the last decades and what had changed. Willow went out with her newly found friend a lot, to play and to train him.
    One night, during her Reverie, Willow had a dream. She dreamed of a city full of white and silver, lined with trees and beautiful like a gem in a scarred land. She saw unicorns wandering the deserted streets of the city and a copper-headed girl walking amongst them. Later the unicorns faded and the streets filled with people, elves and humans, but also a few others. The copper-headed girl still stood there when she awoke. Willow had seen more, but she couldn't remember anything but shadowy blackness anymore. She told her parents about her dream and her father said, that it must be Mielikki's will, that she traveled to that place. Since Willow didn't have any duties from her orders currently, she visited one of the elders of her order to tell him about her dream and the journey she wanted to undertake. He agreed, that she should follow that path and he also told her, that it could only be Silverymoon, a beautiful city far in the North, that she had dreamed of. So Willow prepared for another time of travel, packing together the few belongings she needed. Her father gave her his old sword, a blade he had achieved many victories with, to protect her against any dangers she might find abroad. Willow happily accepted and early on the morning of the following day she set out and left her home once more.
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    (delete this post please.)
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    bump for experience points of 01/28/04

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