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    I too, seeing as I go to the same school as Kal, will leave William in control of Silver Phase's forces unless I specifically say they're going to do something, etc.

    Edena - did you get that e-mail?

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    Could you email me about my Monster Arms Race plan I wish to know how it went. Did you get my other emails from about an hour ago?

    Wizards, Sorcerors,Clerics, Bards and Holy Liberators will be sent out wielding the enormous power of 10th level magic to heal the sick and injured across the land in the name of Freedom,Elisterae and Kalanyr and to spread the word of peace,to speak of removing the Red Steel and feelings of hatred and suffering and domination. These preachers will come from every race under my control if they come under danger they will disappear using 10th level magic or harmlessly incapacitate the defender (10th level Sleep,Hold Monster,Charm,Etc) if countries refuse them entry they will simply teleport inside the borders and preach (I'm CG so saying its the Law really isn't going to stop me, those of you who wish to try ) disappearing from or harmlessly incapacitating authority figures who try to hinder them. These emisaries will have 10th level Charisma of the Great Wyrm,Wisdom of the Solar,Intelligence of the (Dunno,can't think of a good example) buffing spells available to tem.
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    Just missed Edena.... You send me a mainl last night that you missed my earlier mails... I send my email yesterday again.. and sent it double..... And I NEED those answers and you NEED to know what I told youI was doing/researching busy with!!

    Edena you also didn't post what the red goo is having for a effect on my Formians (I prefer that you mail it to me since noone can know what it does to me since noone has formians equipped with red steel.).

    Those project I mailed you are getting TOP priority.

    I'm also sending out subterrenean scouts to find all these rumored udnerground bases....
    And I'm still killing ANYONE who isn't hive mind linked. So everyone creature that's alive from bugs to umberhulks that aren't hiveminded are whacked. This is MY house

    VERY cool turn Hehe and yeah we were scared of Ace :P

    btw I'm sending all my undead.. AWAY to the surface, there they are rounded up in a field and a few newly enhanced spelljamemrs come over and blow them to bits!
    Away with the undead!!!

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    Originally posted by Edena_of_Neith
    Kalanyr, are your forces taking any actions?

    Zelda, are the barbarians taking action?
    Are the Storm-Riders taking action?
    Lord Baron Elvor of Ratik, in his typical role as self-proclaimed diplomat is taking contact in his allies again (you know who you are, I think). He has been working on behalf of barbarian kings and welcommed Ergoth, prince of Storm riders of Telchuria and his father's old adventuring companion talk about certain important matter in their alliance. Ergoth has promised to join any forces neccecery to stop this evil 'plague' of red goo from spreading more. They are in lack of magic to do anything about it themselves.

    Druids and rangers of their lands are trying to find answers from their allies in nature and land itself, but to no avail this far.

    People have become more warry of starangers passing their borders and those not bearing 'marks of friendship' are likely to be stopped by force.

    Katha seems to have disappered somewhere again. Ratik is trying to find her, maybe Old One knows something she is not sharing.

    (more when I have time, I really have to go now. Yep I haven't have time to read, but latest posts)

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    If those emisaries encounter Red Goo they will release the souls. Does the Red Steel have these souls in it? if so they will be released too. They do so regardless of efforts made to stop them, those souls do not deserve that kind of pain and hatred despite their sins.

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    Bloody hell, that's it, I'm forswearing sleep. I monitor the thread for 6 hours, 8 posts. I go to sleep for 7 hours, 20 bloody pages of posts W00t Anabstercorian! Does your mother know you killed 5 million people tonight, young man?

    Edena - If I look like I'm missing all the action, you're free to execute those plans I mailed you about.

    Hmm, I came up with the simulacrum idea as well, but decided not to suggest it, because it would be sick I'm sort of opposed to it right now too (even though I'd be among those with most to gain) because 1) it unfairly favours those with few high-PL NPCs over those with many low-PL, 2) the bounds are artificial... If anyone can make 50 or more, eventually others can learn to do the same, 3) it dwarfs any other means of gaining power. Kaboom gets 100/turn, I'd get 70/turn, etc...

    By the same reasoning, I could pull my bodak trick again on your major civilian population centres and gain an exponential growth in PL (2, 4, 16, 256, 65536 > world). Phibrizzo could start Slaad-farming, etc.. This is an exercise in seeing how well D&D scales to massive proportions, and imho some bits just don't do it very well


    In the Baklunish Empire the room temperature just dropped by several degrees. Darkness' courtiers breathe in fevered gasps as a deathly terror clenches their hearts.

    A ghostly blue apparition of a bejeweled skull appears in the air before Darkness.

    "I have kept aside from the world's events, but not ignorant of them, Lord Darkness.

    It is refreshing to find one wise man among a world of fools. You are the only one with the vision to see.

    I do not want to destroy this world. What would be the point? I mean to attain Apotheosis, and I am getting closer by the second. Once I have ascended, of what further interest is this one tiny, dying world to me, save for a haven to my Children?

    I will take what I need from this world, take what I require! After that, it will be wise to not have bedded those who pestered me. By 'wise' I mean to say 'a state where one doesn't spend the rest of eternity in a soundless scream', of course.

    My Children in your realm will of course be required to obey your wishes, and their power will be a hundredfold.

    The deal is struck, Lord Darkness. Resist the weakness of your flaccid brethren of the Union of Earth in this, and you will see yourself exalted. I could not describe what will happen if you betray me, for you will be the one to invent the words for it."

    The apparition winks out.

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    ' o Skoteinos posting under a different username...


    Which one of my NPC's (if any) were slain? Are there any losses due to my Red Goo factor (remember the precautions...)?

    Two weeks have passed. Have I already found something with my scrying / spying? Could you please mail me about it?

    A short message will be sent to Kessel:

    "See, leader of the Lortmills, what that kind of weapons of destruction, and your "policy of peace" lead to...5 million men and women died. And now, because of some strange side effect, thousands more are diying in the northern empires...is this really what you want?"

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    Omegium-Kinda hard for more to die since I cured them.

    Posting this because when Edena sees things like this he tends to forget that I cured/stopped the xth disaster(s) of the turn.

    A sending appears in front of Acereraks and delivers this message
    "I hope you get disconnected from the Negative Material Plane! Those like you are responsible for the disasters of the last 5 months. Actually wait tell me again why I'm trying to stop you or any other evil power? Every attack I've made on someone who desires complete domination/destruction of the world has caused them to gain power or to poison half the planet. Therefore go with my blessings they will probably hinder you more than any attack I can make (and won't make you grow in power at least). Hmm I seem depressed today. Back to the topic now, You will never win I'll fight to the end in the name of Love and Freedom! "

    Edit-What I put here, really doesn't belong.Better to Email the relevant person.
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    I must go to sleep now.
    I cannot do any more tonight.

    It must wait until tomorrow.

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    There is noone at all in my section of Ishtarland, nor should anyone at all (except maybe Forrester) be able to find them.Since they are all in a 10th level pocket dimension, except emisaries I send out.

    Also my Gift to Alzem: I erect a mythal with powers of his choice over Hope Isle and make any requested changes to flora/fauna/climate of the Island. Alzem can email you with what he wants Edena and it will be done.

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