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    Beyond swirling mist of time and place, through the darkness and complete oblivion only those of the undead can offer, belkow the surface of the dark world in a desolated cave floats a being before a swirling mist. The being watches the blood of the dying world spread slowly and the population's feeble attempt to stop it, it reaches out touching the swirling mist as if to caress the cheek of a young girl falling prey to the blood. it raises its voice as if to comfort the girl.

    "Fear, angst, and horror fill ones heart."
    "Blood flows, parasites dies."
    "Hatred, Love and War."
    "These are for Nothing."
    "Death shall harvest the soul."
    "Release thy life."
    "Symptom fades."
    "Nothing shall remain."

    The Being closes its hand around the mist watching the girl perish. then it turns its attention to the rest of the images showing in the swirling mists.

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    Oh my god I just realized that it is the second threadů all I did was take my wife out to dinner and then go to bedů.. you people really need to slow down :rolleyes:

    Kalanyr: Thank you for your gesture but before Forrester left his mages placed a Mythal over the Island, but your thought is appreciated. Also until the Isleĺs defenses are fully operational its location has been hidden by tenth level magic, so as to ensure the safety of those working there. One change that will take place in the Mythal is that then entire substratum of the Island shall be lined with mitheral, to ensure no red goo can come here.

    I will also return to Toril and start using every resource at my disposal to discover why the Angles have become ôspookedö, and as to where all the population of Oreth has gone. If that does not work I will personally travel to an Angel who is on guard and try and discover what he is guarding against and if I can be of any help. I will also ask the Angels if they know what has happened to the population of Oreth and they did not take them then if they knew who has.

    Somewhere deep in Realmspace:

    Alzem floats next to an Angel, he is not sure who it is, they say so little and never reveal their plans. ôWhy are you hereö it asks, in a voice that sounds as nothing more than the whisper of the wind among the trees.

    I have come to learn why you are here, and to help protect this realm if needed.

    You are not needed yet, your time has not yet come

    What do you mean my time has not yet come, I am here now, we will face what comes together

    No you are not needed here now, you must leave

    Why, why must I leave, you seem to be preparing to stop what ever might be coming through and I can help.

    No, you would be swept aside, and lost to us. We need you here in this time to continue on, and save us

    Save you? How could you need to be saved? You are some of the most powerful being in the universe, what can I do that you can not?

    With that the Angle looks at Alzem with a look of wonder and love in its face You can calm the ones lost in their rage with that the Angel blows a breath upon Alzem and he finds himself flung back to Toril where he is standing in his war room.

    Yes, I know what to do now

    As for the Red goo yet again my people shall have nothing to do with it. The only action I shall take regarding the substance is with Kalanyr there I shall try to free the souls of those trapped in the goo by channeling some of my essence and sorrow for what has happened to them into the goo. If I get the feeling that a loving touch could help I will hold some of the goo while seeking a way to release the soul to the heavens. If the goo then attacks me I will not burn it off or take any destructive measures against it as I will not cause a soul to be forever destroyed, but instead I shall count on my Armor to protect me and shall put my faith in my God, and draw my strength from him to help the soul trapped gain its freedom. I will begin to try and find seperate souls in the goo and begin to try to locate where they are in the goo and try to talk to them, to see if they can talk to others in their state and let them know that I am going to help them and to please just wait and not hurt anyone else.

    Edena did any of my population on Oreth disappear? I do not think so, so if not then I will make the offer to all the following players:

    A great mystery has befallen this land. The native population of this world has disappeared and no one knows where they have gone. I seem to be the only Leader whose peoples have not gone missing, but this may be just because my people are not from here, but I will make you this offer. Collect those civilians you have and want to come to my Isle for protection and I will travel to them and begin to move them to my home where I will keep them as safe as I can. If you do not wish to move your people here then that is fine, as I am not sure I can guarantee their safety here, but I can try. If the worst begins to happen then I will move this population to Toril where hopefully they will be safe.

    I will also begin to look for the Mace of St. Cuthbert to go along with my other items (do you get any bonuses for the set?)
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    Try not to miss my mails.... and not to miss my posts.. I posted 2 times now about NEEDING those answers...

    I mailed 3 times now.... and still no answers...

    So or some mail delivery system sucks harder then the average elephant. Or you have to much mail. Or you re forgetting something...

    I don't really care which one it is as long as I get a response on that mail. At least a notification that it arrived. And I could really REALLY use the answers on the questions in that mail...

    **sigh** guess I'll just send it again...

    (*Great turn btw, although some things go a bit fast.)

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    Ok..alot of catching up to do...
    First off, thanks to Kal for reviving NPC's...I barely even got a change to create Morrolan before he bit the dust.
    AnaKeris ways, we're keeping those friendly contacts, with the idea of opening up trade. Well, maybe once that Eternal empire army is sorted out... And we'll give them warnings about the true nature and effects of the red goo and red steel.
    Everyplace we can find the red goo we'll be 'redeeming' it. If we encounter too much in one place we'll let Kalanyr's people know.
    Not that we like Toril dieties much, but worship of Ellistrae is certainly going to be allowed in Coalition lands. Cults like Loviatar will be searched out, however.
    Send out help, healing and comfort to those suffering in the radiation plagued lands. Though if a certain calamari cretin is found we might be inclined to use the Kevorkian approach to healing.
    Unless I missed something, the icy continent to the south is not claimed by anyone, so send explorers there. Set up some bases to aid in exploring, but really just trying to map the area and see what's there.

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    Originally posted by Edena_of_Neith
    William, Forrester must choose to allow your emissaries through the Border Guard of Realmspace.

    Nobody, not even you who have been friendly to the Torilians, may come and go to Realmspace without Forrester's express permission.

    Only the Eternal Empire can, and in their weakened state they dare not send any more force to Oerth, or anywhere else.

    So, Forrester, do you allow William's emissary in?
    After rigorous mind-scans to make sure that none of his delegation are being impersonated by members of the BB, or anyone else, we allow his emissary in.


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    I'm back...

    OOC: Here's a summary of what happened, as far as you know.

    First, I assault the Eternal Empire base on Ana Keri to cement my trade relationship with them.

    The Eternal Empire goes ape. They invade Ana Keri.

    They are promptly told that I, not the Ana Keri, are responsible for the attack.

    The Eternal Empire drops a 500 PL force of troops on the Godspires and routs my troops. They capture about a twentieth of the Solistarim.

    They are threatened with nuclear destruction by GnomeWorks.

    There is a brief, grumpy standoff, in which I am sent to Toril in chains, psionically and magically dampened.

    Without warning, the Eternal Empire forces launch a massive assault of ballistic nuclear missiles at GnomeWorks. Seconds later, they detonate their remaining nuclear arsenal on the Godspires, killing the entire 500 PL force.

    5 million men and women of the Eternal Empire...


    At my hand.

    Unfortunately, the assault on the Lortmils was a failure... The missiles were shunted in to deep space through a Gate and detonated there, creating a second sun briefly.

    As for the Solistarim?

    We're gone. Nothing can find us. Nothing can detect us.

    We're missing....


    At least, we WERE.

    Anabstercorian has made his first appearance since the destruction of the Godspires.

    He is hovering just within visual range of the Eternal Empire base on Ana Keri.

    He is just watching them.

    He hovers there, waiting. His ectoplasmic armor gleams in the sun like polished gold, the light glinting from him on to his staff, which sucks light in to the void.

    He hovers, his guns at his side, the Dreamedge strapped to his back.

    He is just watching...

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    Originally posted by Spoof

    Kalanyr: Thank you for your gesture but before Forrester left his mages placed a Mythal over the Island, but your thought is appreciated.
    I don't recall doing any such thing.

    And I know why the Angels are spooked. I know that Anabstercorian was never actually captured by the Eternal Empire. I know many things . . .

    Why do you think I haven't returned to Oerth?

    And Kalanyr -- yes, you HAVE become the janitor of Oerth, haven't you? That would be my role, and the role of my people, if we had stayed. "Forrester, do this for us, won't you? Forrester, do that! Forrester, fix this, please! And save us from them! And them! And them! And them!"

    Not my role. Not our place. I leave the troubles of the Oerthians to the Oerthians. We on Toril have been studying since the last great war how to make Toril impervious to assaults from other worlds, other planes, other dimensional spaces -- because frankly, it seems like the rest of the universe doesn't have anything better to do than to f*** with us.

    Whatever happens on Oerth . . . it will NOT reach Toril. This, I swear. We'll collapse the gates between Greyspace and Realmspace if we have to -- permanently.

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    Curious about where Sollir and Anabstercorian are...

    I will dispatch 25 PL to the Riftcrag to Inspect and secure the area so that nobody will invade my newfound allies lands. I should look to make sure there are no radiation affected refugees left behind. If I find Refugees they will be moved to Kinemeet.

    I will dispatch 25 PL to the Solistrim (It's a long walk) to inspect the caverns, caves, and cities and see what they can find. They will also take anything of use left over. They will attack Anabstercorrians forces if they are in the way. If I have to send my forces all the way to the loftwoods to take a ship around to the Solistrim I will, but Iuz is friendly with me, and I believe he should be willing to allow me to travel through his lands.

    The Giant Eagle Riders Units will be advanced scouts in both these situations. I will attempt to magically shield the Eagles from the horrid radiation they are experiencing. My forces at home will continue to defend our people from the radiation and protect ourselves from attackers (if anyone is so bold...)
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    Castle Illvithar: IC, OOC, RG
    Ashwell: IC, OOC, RG

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    And he speaks.

    Anabstercorian starts talking.

    << You know who I am. >>

    << I am Anabstercorian, Prodigal Heir to Ilsensine, the Great Brain. I am the Liason of Dead Memory. I am the murderer of your brethren, and I can murder you too. >>

    << Listen to me. I will be brief. >>

    << The people of the Ana Keri are under MY PROTECTION. You have seen what it means to attempt to defy my will. You can smell it on the breeze... The scent of burning. The smell of death. Lifeforce, bleeding from hundreds of corpses, all damned to the fate of enhancing my power. >>

    << I will spare you this fate. >>

    << If you leave. >>

    << You must immediately cease all assault on Ana Keri. You must immediately begin preparing to leave Oerth. Within a month, your entire force must be gone. >>

    << Or they will be destroyed. >>

    << So speaks the will of Ilsensine. >>

    At this, he send a volley of psionilectric blasts in to the air above the base. They erupt in to searing light, thunderous roars nearly deafening the troops below.

    When the explosions fade, he is gone.

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    Was that aimed at me or Forrester? I think my troops would have just been mobilized. If you have completely returned to Oerth I have no reason to go to your lands. If you are still back on Toril then I continue to move my forces to inspect how you are hiding all your units from scrying.

    Edit: Every Druid in my faction that is available (IE: Not with either force on the move) will be used to heal red goo holes if there are any in my lands.
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