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    How to contact a moderator

    If you see something weird going on or have questions about rules and so forth, you may always feel free to e-mail a moderator. Here's a handy-dandy list of moderators and their e-mail addresses -- pick your favorite, collect 'em all!

    Admins (can change user names, enable community supporter accounts, wield the +12 banhammer, and make really realistic monkey noises):

    Morrus: morrus at hotmail dot com [note that has not been used in years and is simply a PayPal address now]

    Moderators (can close, move or open threads, delete extraneous posts, settle disagreements, and juggle chainsaws):

    Darkness: oni_no_baka at yahoo dot com

    Emeritus - these mods are on reserve; be nice to them because you never know when they might be back! For now, though, they aren't actively moderating.

    Xath: gertiebarden at gmail dot com
    Kid Charlemagne: robert.b.moore at
    Dinkeldog: dinkeldog2006 at yahoo dot com (Also Dinkeldog for AOL IM)
    Piratecat: kevin dot kulp at gmail dot com
    Plane Sailing: n dot a dot white at bigfoot dot com

    Remember, not everyone is always at their computer. If you try someone and don't get a quick response, feel free to try someone else! And if you need to report a thread, there's a special button next to each forum post for that very purpose.
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