3 Sure-Fire Ways to Run A Successful Horror Adventure!
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    3 Sure-Fire Ways to Run A Successful Horror Adventure!

    This is so easy, and works every time!

    1) Whenever a player asks you a question and you want to throw them off-balance (engendering feelings of fear and confusion), simply answer them with "appears to be," "seems to be" or "you think it is." This freaks people out, because they think you are holding back some vital piece of (dangerous) information. Be sure and grin evilly if they demand a more specific answer, then say nothing or repeat your previous answer.

    Ex.: "The eyes in the portrait don't appear to be moving..."
    Ex.: "Everything seems to be normal..."
    Ex.: "You don't think the substance is blood... at least not human blood."

    2) Describe as much of the setting as possible to create atmosphere.

    Ex.: "The slime-dripping walls are cold to the touch, as if they were blocks of ice trapping all the evil of a thousand years in their terrible embrace."

    Ex: "Just ahead, Jill stops rather abruptly as she is about to turn the corner. At first, you think she is turning around to say something to you, but then you notice the gaping red slit in her throat. She tumbles to the ground as a cadaverous-looking man steps into view, holding a scalpel. Behind you, the sound of the door locking from the other side reverberates like thunder in your head. You are trapped! The grinning madman creeps slowly toward you..."

    3) Be sure and throw in "red herrings" and "bump in the night" noises. These scare the hell out of players.

    Ex.: "Lightning rips the sky. In the sudden flash of light, you think you see a gnarled figure crouching near the base of the old tree on the hill, like some ghastly gargoyle atop a cathedral... (if players advance) But when you reach the spot, there is nothing there. Perhaps your eyes were playing tricks on you. Old Charlie, the gnarled gravedigger, went home hours ago... or did he?"

    Ex.: "You step out into the impenetrable blackness of the hall, feeling for the railing to the stairs... As your hand clutches the bannister and you begin your descent to the mansion's ground floor, an ominous creaking seems to follow you. Could someone--or something--be following you? You stop moving, and the noise stops when you do. It is then that you feel the cold breath on the back of your neck, covering your flesh in goosebumps of terror!" (a window was left open and a chill breeze is blowing in... there's no one behind the player, but they will probably be convinced there is a ghost stalking them!)

    That's it. 3 simple rules to follow for a ghoulish good time Game Mastering! Enjoy.
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