Knights of the Old Republic: The Last of the Sith(Master Essenu's Group)

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    Knights of the Old Republic: The Last of the Sith(Master Essenu's Group)

    One constant everywhere in every time is that space is cold. Starships thankfully kept the cold out. But this day was different. The ships were cold. Both ships, two Jedi Courier Ships, that from the outside looked identical, were docked to each other and floating across the reaches of space. There was no planet near, no star. Just black.

    One ship, that of Jedi Master Nolem Kanas, was empty. That ship had been renamed not long ago after the burning of Ossus. Though still called Talon, it was now officially the Ossus' Talon in memory of the lost Jedi Library World. The other ship was owned by the Jedi Master Marin Essenu. Her ship, the Gemstar, was currently occupied by eight apprentices and the two Jedi Masters.

    The eight apprentices stood in a strange silence in the training room of the Gemstar as the two Jedi Masters talked with each other. It was sometimes rumoured that they were lovers, but the apprentices knew these to be only rumors. Having worked together many times before, they could see that both of the Jedi held a strong respect and friendship for the other.

    It was only another minute before the two Jedi turned to the apprentices. Both had worried expressions on their faces, though because Marin was a Miraluka, and therefore had no eyes, it was slightly harder to see this expression on her. But they both radiated the feeling through the Force itself. In a quiet, yet somehow very strong voice, Marin addressed the group, "It has been a long while since I have seen some of you. Though I would like to know what you have done through these past Wars, there sadly is no time. You have all, undoubtedly, lost as much as the rest of us, if not more. We all want this conflict to end...but though the great battles are over, the conflict is not."

    Jedi Master Kanas nodded and stepped forward some. He was an older human, with scars and lines across his face that showed years of fighting that he was obviously tired of, "We're all here because the Jedi Assembly still cannot find certain Jedi. It is feared that they have fallen, and escaped to regroup and bring the Sith back yet again. We've been asked to search out and find as many as we can. Bring them back, alive and well if possible," he sighed and ran a hand through his slowly greying short hair, "We were asked specifically because one of the missing Jedi was a comrade of mine. We traveling into known Sith territory and the areas that border it to find what we can. Marin and I have decided it is best that we go as the two groups we are. We can cover more ground that way."

    Marin looked to the group again. She was slightly taller than Kanas, and had long red hair. Her face was not marred by the scars of lines that Kanas' was. She nodded slowly, "Most of you are on the verge of Knighthood. You have followed your Master and done what was asked of you through very difficult times. This is the last time you will be asked to follow us. Hopefully, you will never have to ask this of your own apprentice one day. We are going to venture into very dangerous territory...and in that time, you will slowly grow more into the Jedi Knights you will soon become. It is time you all chose your own destiny. So instead of forcing this upon you, we give you a choice. You may all go together, or you may all leave together. If you choose to leave together, nothing will be held against you. You will be given this ship, and Nolem and I will take the Talon and continue with this mission. If you choose to go, it is likely you go to a dangerous place none of you have ever experienced. One of inner danger more so than outer. The Dark Side is strong where we go. And you must all be strong where we go. If you are will fall and you will be another that we must bring back..."

    Marin trailed off, almost seeming depressed that she had to say things like this to the eight of you. She then turned, and left the training area to the front of the ship most likely. Nolem sighed and watched her go, but then turned to the group that was still silent, "This is hard on all of us. I don't know much more than you've been told now, but if you have any questions before making your may ask them."
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    Skyka Tarkrak: Human/Female (Force Adept 1/ Jedi Guardian 5)

    There was no doubt as to Skyka’s decision, she would go. To not go would be to dishonor everything she holds dear, her master, herself, her people, and all those that had died to put such tyranny to an end. No, there was no choice, Skyka would go, and the small reassuring half smile that she privately displayed for Nolem said as much.

    Skyka quality waited for the other students to make their decisions and to ask their questions...

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    Urcala Nattu, the Miralukan Jedi Investigator, took in more than a little subtle, hidden meaning from Marin's words. "My Mistress," Nattu replied to her announcement, "I go with you. I have foreseen that my destiny is with you for the present, and perhaps into the future. I shall not abandon my duty as a Jedi to uphold the purposes of the Order and to ferret out the Sith."

    Turning to the rest of the Padawan, Urcala continued. "I would hope that the rest of you would join your Master in this effort," she said. "It is imperative that we find the Fallen Jedi where they are hiding and bring them back to the Force."

    "If they cannot be returned to the Force,"
    Nattu added, "These Fallen Jedi must be destroyed."

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    Skyka Tarkrak: Human/Female (Force Adept 1/ Jedi Guardian 5)

    Skyka’s smile disappeared into a look of apology, though talk was important it bothered her when it was wasteful or repetitive, “Urcala, I approve of your decision and of your zeal for it but Master Nolem has ask us for questions, and not for his his words repeated. Everyone knows what needs to be done, the idea of killing a friend, even a former one, is not something anyone wants to be reminded of.”

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    Jei Garu: Nagai Guardian

    As Jei heard the choice before him, he felt his stomach tighten. He could not deny that the notion of leaving in his own ship appealed to him. A whole galaxy awaited him out there in the black. But at the same time, he knew he could not just turn his back on what he had worked so hard for, or let down these people who he knew as a family. One more task was all it would take to finally earn his knighthood and his autonomy.

    He turned to Urcala.
    "Strong words from a librarian." Jei teased. "I only hope none of them have fines to be collected."

    "But count on me. I'm with you to the end."
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    Aerek Nexia, Human male Jedi Guardian 5/Jedi Weapon Master 1

    At least I wasn't the one to say something like that, Aerek thought when the young Miralukan spoke. Thinking too much like a soldier was the main reason he was still a Padawan, or so Nolem said. Ten years as a Padawan, and everyone said he had a rare gift with a lightsaber in his hand, but not yet a Jedi Knight. And that's not proper thinking for a Jedi either, Aerek. Ambition has led as many to the Dark Side as vengeance.

    Still, those ten years were worth something. He knew that at least for him, and at least for some of his fellow Padawan, being asked to follow on this mission was a mere formality. Skyka would go anywhere Nolem asked. Truly told, so would he; the Master wasn't just his teacher anymore, he was his friend. And he wasn't about to let his friend chase off into Sith space with just one other Jedi for backup, even if she was a Jedi Master.

    Besides, he had a feeling that "all come together or all leave together" nonwithstanding, the wisp of a girl he'd watch grow into an accomplished Padawan would find a way to follow Nolem regardless. He didn't try and protect Skyka anywhere near as much as he had when she had first joined their group of apprentices, but he still had a bit of it; he wasn't going to let her walk into danger alone either.

    "You did not need to ask. Of course I'm coming with you." Aerek said, when the question was first posed.
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    Shombay Sule: Sneevel Jedi Guardian 3/Force Warrior 1

    Shombay stands watching and listening, nodding at the appropriate moments. "When do we leave?"

    "Don't look so serious, Master. We'll get the job done right."

    Raising his fist he says with a grin, "And if any of youse feel like turnin jus let me know. I'll knock some sense into ya." His eyes move around the room, meeting everyones gaze in turn. Shombay then crosses his arms and goes back to listening.
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    "Were any of those fallen...well-known Jedi, Master?" Barrick asks. "And I shall not fail, Mistress Essenu. I accept this task, formidable though it may be." A far-away look crosses the Mon Calamari's large, glassy, yellow eyes as thoughts of exploration among the many worlds of the galaxy cross his mind.
    "Some live for silver and gold while others just need someone to owe."

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    Master Kanas was generally silent until Barrick asked his question. He sighed again and looked back towards where Marin had left to. Turning back to them, he said, "Well known...probably not to you. But one of the missing Jedi was Master Essenu's brother," he paused a moment, then a small wave of calm seemed to come over his face, "Urcala is correct. No matter who it is, if they cannot be brought back, we must kill them. For their own good as much as that of the rest of the galaxy."

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    Skyka Tarkrak: Human/Female (Force Adept 1/ Jedi Guardian 5)

    A look of dismay crosses Skyka’s pale face as she drops it and her ice blue eyes towards the ground at master Nolem’s words... It wasn’t just his words but the thought of all she had lost, both friends and family. Here, years latter, she was still riddled with guilt over her survival and their death, but even she had been spared the pain and the guilt of having had to kill a sibling…

    Her voice soft and full of compassion as she replies, “Well then, lets hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does then Master Essenu has my deepest and sincerest sympathy.”

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