Stat yourself... Off topic?? dunno.

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    Stat yourself... Off topic?? dunno.

    I know.... some people hate it when Dms do this but I'm bored so I'm gonna ask.
    If you were sucked into a D&D setting, what would you be and what would be your stats? Try to be honest... gives examples as to why you think you should have the stat you chose...

    H- orc fighter1/rogue1 L2
    str - 15
    dex - 13
    con - 16
    wis - 9
    Int - 14
    chr - 12

    I am a rather large individual with above average strength thanks to regular excercise. Despite my size, I tend to be quite light on my feet and have the unnerving tendency of accidentally sneaking up on people. I rarely if ever get sick and have actually survived a poisoning (accidental). I tend to act before I think things through and that causes me some grief at times. When I do think I do it quite well and I am a very good and creative problem solver. While not exactly being a model, I don't look like I was beaten with a bag of hammers. Yet due to my tendency to speak first and then think, I sometimes say the wrong thing and get negative reactions from others.

    So that is me in a D&D nutshell....
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    Str 12
    Dex 14
    Con 14
    Int 16
    Wis 11
    Cha 14

    Rog3/Marshal1/Bbn1. (With Knowledge as Rog class skill.)
    AL N(G)

    Feats: Alertness, Improved Initiative, 1 open.
    SW: bad eyesight

    I'm a large guy who habitually beat any bully in school one-on-one - by strength alone if need be - (so they usually attacked three-on-one ) but recent injury and a rather inactive lifestyle have taken its toll on my physical prowess. My reaction time is faster than any cat I've met and my manual dexterity isn't bad. I like to push my physical limits of endurance (and sometimes pain) and injuries don't faze me too much. Also, I rarely fall ill. Still, I'm not in the best shape I could be. Apparently I'm a smarter than almost everyone and I have quite a bit of knowledge of a wide range of topics, as well as a talent for maths and linguistics. I pick up new skills easier than many (even though I'm impatient). My perception is good and my willpower isn't too bad. I'm wise beyond my years and have good empathy. But I'm also easily distracted, often don't do what's physically good for me, and suffer from self-doubts and depression as well as other psychological problems. I'm quite witty and most people I meet tend to like me. Also, it's rare that anyone really dislikes me. My aforementioned self-doubts hinder me a bit, though.

    * post roll count doesn't match database
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    Str 8
    Dex 8
    Con 8
    Int 8
    Wis 8
    Cha 8

    Level 1 Commoner.


    * post roll count doesn't match database

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    Str: 10
    Dex: 14
    Con: 12
    Int: 14
    Wis: 16
    Cha: 5

    Hahahaha, Boku no kachi.

    * post roll count doesn't match database
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    We played a game called EABA (I think that was it) once where you played yourself and had rules for statting out yourself based on what you could weighlift, what you scored on the SAT, and other things. The dex test required you to spin around with your eyes closed, and then stop, and if you could stand on your feet without stumbling, it was pretty good. I forget some of the others.

    str: 9
    con: 11
    dex: 15
    int: 13
    wis: 15
    cha: 12

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    Str 11

    I'm strong for my size and weight (5 ft 4 in, 110 lbs) and can lift about 220-230 lbs off the ground. According to the PHB carrying capacity chart, you can lift twice your max load off the ground, so my max load would be 110-115 lbs, hence Str 11.

    Dex 10

    I'm no more or less dexterous than the average person.

    Con 14

    I look frail and tend to pick up minor physical niggles easily, but am very good at working through the kind of stuff that knocks out my peers (taking six hour exams with a migraine, teaching for hours with acute food poisoning, etc.). Come to think of it, maybe that means I have an 8 Con with the Great Fortitude and Iron Will feats

    Int 19

    Just using the "divide IQ by 10" rule for Int.

    Wis 20

    I am one with the music of the spheres I'm never worried, never do or say anything I have to regret, and always feel what I think I should. Or, as one of my friends put it, "You're what the Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad aspired to but never reached." And I'm just off the scale on humility

    Cha 12

    As another friend put it, I can be incredibly charismatic but generally choose not to bother.
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    str 14 --- I'm pretty big giving me much more strength than the average man
    dex 10 --- I'm the average man here
    con 16 --- I can take a blow, I have many hit points
    int 10 --- Average man
    wis 8 --- I have zero will power
    cha 12 --- I can make anybody laugh if I want, or Intimidate them with a threatening phrase "I'll break you $@!&ing jaw if you don't get away from me" that sorta thing
    "...are you pouring a pepsi into the holy grail?!"

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    Human male Bard 1
    STR 8, DEX 9, CON 12, INT 16, WIS 8, CHA 9
    Feats: Skill Focus (Knowledge: Computer)

    /me shrugs
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    My big problem when I do this is how to deal with charisma skills. I can never tell whether I have a high charisma and am under some kind of curse that gives me a huge negative modifier to charisma in certain situations or if I have a low charisma and have just poured masses of ranks into my charisma-based skills. I can definitely appear smart to people but I have no idea if this appearance of intelligence is a reflection of my Int attribute or my Cha.

    So, option #1 for my mental stats:

    Int 16
    Cha 8
    Wis 10 (I'm 8th level so I've dumped all my level gain points into this attribute)

    Option #2:

    Int 14
    Cha 12
    Wis 10

    My physical stats are more obvious:

    Str 10
    Con 8
    Dex 6

    Clearly I'm a human but unfortunately my class hasn't been ported from 1E to 3E. It was documented in an old Dragon Magazine: the Loser. I feel this is the most descriptive because my hit points are 1D2 per level and are non-cumulative. Yep. I'm a ninth level loser accruing more useless xp every day.
    A Fusangite


    one must depart from the province of Lean-tong, north of Peking and that after travelling 12,000 li, the traveller would reach Japan, and thence to the north, after a journey of 7000 li, arrive at the country of Wen-Schin (the painted people). Five thousand li from this country towards the east is Tahan, which is 20,000 li from Fusang.

    -- A 6th century account of Fusang, the country across the Pacific from China.

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    Disclaimer: I'm an egotist.

    Str 16 to 17 (This is a minimum. I'm 6'0", 256 lbs, and *regularly* lift 500 lbs off the ground in the course of my work in freight. By the rules, this puts my top end heavy load between 230 and 260, thus the Str shown above. I might be able to handle more.)

    Dex 10 (Not that nimble, somewhat clumsy, I trip...but I don't fall down. Maybe it's more like Dex 8 but a few ranks in tumble, since I can do a little floor tumbling)

    Con 16 (I can take a hit with the best of them, have almost no pain receptors, work 12 hours a day outside in 20 degree (Fahrenheit) wet weather without getting sick, go for several months on 3-4 hours of sleep a night, and still work as listed above.)

    Int 16 (Like Shilsen said, measured IQ/10. And I know a great many scattered bits of trivial lore, human history, etc.)

    Wis 8 (I've no common sense at all, and I work the above mentioned schedule, get the above noted amounts of sleep, and actually think being an adventurer would be cool. On the other hand, I do in fact have Iron Will...or Bullheaded, or both. Stubborn.)

    Cha 14 (I'm physically attractive, imposing, witty...people react strongly to me, either positively or negatively. Also, as mentioned, I'm an egotist, and have a forceful personality. But, I'm an egotist, and an elitist, and have little patience for some social niceties, which prevents my Charisma from being higher.)

    4th level fighter
    feats: Education (History/Arcana), EWP: bastard sword, Improved unarmed strike, Improved Initiative, Bullheaded, WF: bastard sword
    I used to have a thriving business, but I'm too good at my job.

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