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    Sure Gary,
    Just to let you know I fell in love with AD&D spellcasting and I prefer that over any other system I've seen. The plan I'm planning on using is as close to AD&D as I could get without any major conversions (unless Im wrong, which wouldn't be the first time).

    I plan on having the spell caster announce thier spell on thier turn, since most spells in C&C are CT1 I plan on having the spell "go off" either the same init that the spell was announced on the next round or on the spellcaster's rolled init on the next round. (I feel I can do this guilt free since the casting time is 1 round and 5 on this round to 5 on the next is in my logic one round).

    My reasoning behind this is because I feel if you're going to give casters all this power to change reality, I feel they should have to earn it with smarts and planning in advance. I also enjoy the idea of the spell going off on thier init roll of the next round to highten suspense and fear of losing the spell, that would make that init roll very important and I don't think a tabletop RPG game is successful unless people are holding thier breath during a few dice rolls. Then of course I would allow the spellcaster to have a full turn on the round a spell went off.

    The only other way I would want to handle this is to go and buy an AD&D PHB and use the casting times from there, which is VERY tempting to me.

    The way I've been offered but don't like much, in theory anyway, is have evreyone announce that they are casting before the round is even started and if the spellcaster recieves dmg before thier init they don't get to act, I feel that takes to much from the element of suprise and as a DM er CK , in order to have a little fun myslef I want to be suprised by the actions of my players. Also a lot can happen between the beginning of a round aand a mages turn and if they rolled badly, I don't like the idea of a spellcaster being stuck with "I'm casting a spell" if something dramatic happens, especailly on the first round of the battle.
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    Grandfather of Assassins

    I don't know what the likelihood of a response is, but I am curious about a matter concerning world design and thought a consult with one of the masters would be wise.

    How badass should a world's Grandfather of Assassins be? Should they be tough but beatable in case of PC assassins aspiring to that rank? Or is a mortal just shy of being a demigod about right?

    I ask because I had a concept for my own world's grandfather of assassins. It's under 1st edition AD&D rules, although bent to take some house concepts into account. The character is human in origin but has been exposed to several magical pools which exist on my world and are availabe to PCs that can find them. They have granted him exceptional power (attributes improved permanently as if by massive number of wishes by 3d4) and long life (reset physical age to young adulthood (around 16 for humans by my world's definitions) and subsequent aging at a slowed one for ten rate (including magical aging (but still with a chance of instant death for magical aging)). He has used this power and long life to dual-class in a major way (Assassin 15/ Wizard 29/ Fighter 30). Seeing the stats spelled out like that he looks like at least as much of an unholy powerful DMPC as Elminster.

    I have one other question: who do I thank for the nomenclature of polearms appendix in Unearthed Arcana? I found it very useful for my game. I came in at 2nd edition where most of those polearms were in the rulebook but had so little description I found them hard to visualize.

    I have said it before but let me say it again: thank you for a wonderful game and the many years of entertainement I have derived from it.

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    Hi, Gary,

    In a fit of nostalgia, I unpacked my copy of the original 3-booklet boxed set and found a reference in book I (Men and Magic), page 10 under the ability section that stated:

    "Clerics can use strength on a 3 for basis in their prime requisite area (wisdom), for purposes of gaining experience only." Likewise, ther is a comment under Intelligence that "Both fighters and Clerics can use it in their prime requisite areas... on a 2 for 1 basis." Similar comments are made about wisdom for fighting men (counting 3 for 1) and magic users (2 for 1).

    What the heck does that mean? That, for instance, clerics can add Wisdom + 1/3 of their Strength to determine their experience bonus? Or am I misreading this?

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    I think this ma be the wrong thread. we have movedo nt oI believe ask Gary XIII. You probably wont get an answer here.
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