149 EN World feats
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    149 EN World feats

    Here's a partial list of the feats posted here on EN World in the last few months, with links to the original threads. If I've missed any in that timeframe, or if you'd like to go back a little further, feel free to expand on my work.

    Note: I've changed [General] feats into [Fighter] feats if they say they're avaiable to fighters as bonus feats -- this is useful in a compilation, I think.

    Ancestral Advice [General] (SteelDraco, 2005-05-07)
    Ancestral Item [General] (Cabral, 2005-03-13)
    Ancestral Memories [General] (SteelDraco, 2005-05-07)
    Armed Touch Attack [General] (Telas, 2005-05-09)
    Aspirant [General] (Cheiromancer, 2005-06-14)
    Auro of Holiness [Exalted] (Eolin, 2005-06-02) -- Aura?
    Bashful [Talent] (Technik4, 2005-04-23)
    Battlefield Recollection [General] (SteelDraco, 2005-05-07)
    Blessed Wild Shape [Wild] (Frukathka, 2005-04-14)
    Body Serves Mind [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Bone Snap [General] (jaker2003, 2005-05-20)
    Bowcaster [General] (nak9788, 2005-04-01)
    Breif Spell [Metamagic] (Felix, 2005-03-03) -- Brief?
    Brutal Hit [Fighter] (Michael Morris, 2005-06-01) -- older version here
    Combination Attack [Fighter] (Animus, 2005-04-23)
    Combination Critical Attack [Fighter] (Animus, 2005-04-23)
    Concentrated Explosion [Metamagic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-15)
    Concentrate Energy [General] (Roman, 2005-04-14)
    Contract Spell [Metamagic] (Felix, 2005-03-03)
    Corrupted Wild Shape [Wild] (Frukathka, 2005-04-14)
    Countermand [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Craft Greater Construct [General] (Frukathka, 2004-09-20) -- Item Creation?
    Craft Superior Construct [General] (Frukathka, 2004-09-20) -- Item Creation?
    Create Chimera [Item Creation] (FreeTheSlaves, 2005-04-08)
    Deep Recollection [General] (SteelDraco, 2005-05-07)
    Deev Binder [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Deflect Melee Attack [Fighter] (KiwiGlen, 2005-05-20)
    Demoralize, Improved [Combat] (IndyPendant, 2004-04-08)
    Demoralizing Presence [Combat] (IndyPendant, 2004-04-08)
    Depower Spell [Metamagic] (Felix, 2005-03-03)
    Diplomancer [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Divine Light [Divine] (The Souljourner, 2005-06-03)
    Dread Shriek [Monstrous] (Frukathka, 2005-06-04)
    Dynamic Defender [General] (reveal, 2005-02-23)
    Empyreal Vitality [Divine] (Frukathka, 2005-06-04)
    Empyreal Wild Shape [Wild] (Frukathka, 2005-04-14)
    Epic Combination Critical Attack [Epic] (Animus, 2005-04-23)
    Epic Powerful Combination Attack [Epic] (Animus, 2005-04-23)
    Extra Domain [General] (Cheiromancer, 2005-06-14)
    Extra Feat [General] (Driddle, 2005-04-05)
    Extreme Heat Endurance [General] (Frukathka, 2005-06-04)
    Faith Healing [General] (Frukathka, 2005-03-07)
    Fists of Iron [Fighter] (CRGreathouse, 2005-05-24)
    Flurry of Blows [Fighter] (CRGreathouse, 2005-05-24)
    Gatekeeper [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-15)
    Good Manager [General] (painandgreed, 2005-03-10)
    Great Cleave [Fighter] (Nerax, 2005-05-13)
    Greater Combination Attack [Fighter] (Animus, 2005-04-23)
    Greater Counterspell [General] (Yair, 2005-06-07)
    Greater Deflect Melee Attack [Fighter] (KiwiGlen, 2005-05-20)
    Greater Fake Death [General] (Roman, 2005-04-15)
    Greater Flurry of Blows [Fighter] (CRGreathouse, 2005-05-24)
    Greater Massive Damage Strike [Fighter] (Michael Morris, 2005-05-01)
    Greater Metamagic Focus [General] (ChrisHaines, 2005-05-18)
    Greater Skill Focus [General] (painandgreed, 2005-03-10)
    Greater Spirit Casting [General] (Frukathka, 2004-09-15)
    Great Healer [General] (Frukathka, 2005-03-07)
    Guarded Unarmed Strike [Fighter] (CRGreathouse, 2005-05-24)
    Guardian Fravashi [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Guile in the Face of Death [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Half Swording [General] (yoippari, 2005-03-19)
    Hatred of the Ages [General] (SteelDraco, 2005-05-07)
    Heirloom [General] (Cabral, 2005-03-13)
    Heretical [General] (Cheiromancer, 2005-06-12)
    Heroic Intimidation [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Improved Combat Reflexes [General] (Nifft, 2005-04-27)
    Improved Combination Attack [Fighter] (Animus, 2005-04-23)
    Improved Corpsecrafting [General] (Frukathka, 2005-06-04)
    Improved Deflect Melee Attack [Fighter] (KiwiGlen, 2005-05-20)
    Improved Demoralizing [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Improved Feint [Combat] (IndyPendant, 2004-04-08)
    Improved Flurry of Blows [Fighter] (CRGreathouse, 2005-05-24)
    Improved Melee Shield Block [Fighter] (Nifft, 2005-04-16)
    Improved Skill Focus [General] (painandgreed, 2005-03-10)
    Improved Sneak Attack [General] (punkorange, 2005-04-18)
    Improved Weapon Finesse [Fighter] (Wystan, 2005-06-02)
    Increased Companion Capacity [General] (Frukathka, 2005-04-14)
    Infernal Wild Shape [Wild] (Frukathka, 2005-04-14)
    Inheritance [General] (Cabral, 2005-03-13)
    Intuitive Fighting [General] (punkorange, 2005-02-24)
    Item Specialization [General] (painandgreed, 2005-03-10)
    Lethal Unarmed Strike [Fighter] (CRGreathouse, 2005-05-24)
    Lingering Enchantment [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Lingering Enchantment [General] (Roman, 2005-04-14)
    Long Armed Defender [General] (reveal, 2005-02-23)
    Lucky [Talent] (Technik4, 2005-04-23)
    Master of Chi [General] (RisnDevil, 2005-05-29)
    Master of the Dead [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Melee Shield Block [Fighter] (Nifft, 2005-04-16)
    Metamagic Focus [General] (ChrisHaines, 2005-05-18)
    Minimize Spell [Metamagic] (Felix, 2005-03-03)
    Mobile Spellcaster [General] (The_Universe, 2005-03-18)
    Mystic Hatred of the Ages [General] (SteelDraco, 2005-05-07)
    My Strengths Define Me [General] (Roman, 2005-04-14)
    My Word is Your Deed [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-12)
    No Armor Expertise I-IV [General] (med stud, 2005-04-28) -- working names
    Part is the Whole [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-11)
    Past the Threshold [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-13)
    Path of the Blood [General] (SteelDraco, 2005-05-07)
    Pouncing Attack [Fighter] (Michael Morris, 2005-05-01)
    Powerful Combination Attack [Fighter] (Animus, 2005-04-23)
    Power of Holiness [Exalted] (Eolin, 2005-06-02)
    Psionic Sustenance [Psionic] (Frukathka, 2004-09-24)
    Psispell [Metamagic, Psionic] (Frukathka, 2004-09-24)
    Quick Manufacture [General] (painandgreed, 2005-03-10)
    Quick Sheathe [General] (punkorange, 2005-02-22)
    Rare Individual [General] (Technik4, 2005-05-02)
    Rat Person [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Razor Run [Fighter] (Michael Morris, 2005-05-01)
    Reaper of Dragons (Vishapakhagh) [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Recall the Past [General] (SteelDraco, 2005-05-07)
    Reduce Spell [Metamagic] (Felix, 2005-03-03)
    Reduce Spell Area [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-15)
    Relentless Assault [Fighter] (Michael Morris, 2005-06-02)
    Renaissance Person [Talent] (Technik4, 2005-04-23)
    Sacred Radiance [Exalted] (Frukathka, 2005-06-10)
    Scorching Spell [Metamagic] (Frukathka, 2005-06-04)
    Sectarian [General] (Cheiromancer, 2005-06-14)
    See Wyrmĺs Weakness [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Shaperĺs Gift [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Shattering Strike [General] (Ferrix, 2005-05-20)
    Shield Focus [Fighter] (Nifft, 2005-04-16)
    Shield Warrior [General] (S'mon, 2005-04-16)
    Shrink Area [General] (Roman, 2005-04-14)
    Sixth Sense [General] (Nifft, 2005-04-13)
    Skilled Repose [General] (painandgreed, 2005-03-12)
    Smoke Born [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-12)
    Spell Prodigy [Talent] (Technik4, 2005-04-23)
    Spirit Casting [General] (Frukathka, 2004-09-15)
    Spring Into Action [Combat] (IndyPendant, 2005-03-18)
    Subconscious Coherence [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-11)
    Sun Smite [General] (Nifft, 2005-06-10) -- potentially an [Exalted] feat
    Supreme Flurry of Blows [Fighter] (CRGreathouse, 2005-05-24)
    Swordcaster [General] (nak9788, 2005-04-01)
    Telepathic Communication [Psionic] (Frukathka, 2004-09-24)
    The Masterĺs Voice [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Thrifty Craftsman [General] (painandgreed, 2005-03-10)
    Tower Shield Specialization [Fighter] (calypso15, 2005-04-10)
    Uncanny Shield Block [Fighter] (Nifft, 2005-04-16)
    Universal Defender [General] (reveal, 2005-02-23)
    Use Metamagic [General] (ChrisHaines, 2005-05-18)
    Usurp Authority [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Vow of Humility [General] (Frukathka, 2005-03-07)
    Vow of Matrimony [Exalted] (Frukathka, 2005-06-09)
    Vow of Servitude [Exalted] (Frukathka, 2005-06-09)
    Warrior's Mettle [General] (Quickleaf, 2005-06-04)
    Withstand Magics Tide [General, Magic] (Beholder Bob, 2005-04-14)
    Yin/Yang Energy Adept [General] (apesamongus, 2005-05-28) -- working name
    You Will Respect Mah Authoritah [General] (Nifft, 2005-06-14)
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    That is indeed useful. Thanks!

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    I say this should go at the top along with the "Links to Races/Classes in this Forum"

    Very useful....

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    Perhaps a Sticky and a general breakdown of the feats: General - Item Creation - Metamagic, etc?

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    This is a great resource.

    I missed a lot of these posts when they came out due to being at school, but I can see already that there are several I want to discuss.

    Thanks for posting this list!

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    Okay, this one is destined for the front page, I think. Too useful not to. ^_^

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    Nice index, easy for reference.

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    Thanks for the sticky!

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    Thanks CRGreathouse! A useful resource (and my feets are included)!

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