Eberron "Side Trek" (OOC); Roll Call
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    Eberron "Side Trek" (OOC); Roll Call

    I am new to this so I am only committing to a "short" adventure, not an entire campaign.

    Characters can be level 5 or equivalent.

    28 point buy; 4,500 gp

    Books I am willing to use: PHB, DMG, Eberron Campaign Sourcebook, & Races of Eberron.

    It will be in Valenar (Elven lands for those who donít have Eberron books.)

    Adventure will take place above-ground and outdoors.
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    Disregard this post - sorry.

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    EDIT: Revised character to be more a ranged specialist, also swapped to Changeling Racial Sub level.

    EDIT AGAIN: Longbows can't be used from horseback, swapped to shortbow.

    Shiva is a Changeling who has spent the last couple of years posing as an elf among the Valanar, she's currently having someone of a crisis of identity as she feels she is more Valanar than Changeling, and even in the rare time when she is in another form - she finds herself falling back on Valanar customs and traditions, even calling upon the Ancestors of her assumed persona.

    Her Valenar Persona is Thail Erialua, a willowy male elf of dark skin and piercing green eyes. He tends to be one who has a knack for interacting with the human farmers of Valanar and as such his warband have often delegated this duty to him, he is also known for indulgances available at human settlements, crude alcohol, human food and many suspect he takes advantage of human women.

    DEX: 17 (+1 for level 4)
    CON: 10
    INT: 12
    WIS: 10
    CHA: 12

    Melee Attack: +6 (BAB4+2Str)
    Ranged ATtack: +7 (BAB4+3Str)

    FORT: +4 (Base)
    REF: +3 (Base)
    Will: +1 (Base) [+2 vs Sleep/Charm]

    Rogue1 (changeling sub 1st)/Fighter4
    Feats: Persona Immersion, Mounted Archery*, Point Blank shot*, Racial Emulation, Mounted Combat*
    Skills: Bluff (4+1+2=7), Decipher Script (4+1=5), Disguise (4+1-5), Escape Artist (4+3=7), Forgery (4+1=5), Gather Information (4+1=5), Jump (4+2=6), Hide (2+3=5), Intimidate (2+1=3), Knowledge (Local) (4+1=5), Listen (4), Move Silent (2+3=5), Ride (4+3=7), Sense Motive (4+2=6), Spot (4), Survival-cc (2).
    Languages: Common, Elven

    Racial Abilities:Shapechange Subtype, +2 vs sleep/charm, +2 Bluff, Intimidate, Sense Motive, Speak Language always class skill, Minor Change Shape (as disguise self).

    Class Abilities; Sneak Attack +1d6, Social Intuition (Gather Inf 1d4+1x10mins/Sense Motive as full rounda action/Take 10 on social skills in stressful situations), bonus feats (marked with *).

    Scimitar (15gp)
    MasterWork Chain Shirt (250gp)
    Alchemical Silver Shortsword (30gp) (-1 damage)
    Composite Shortbow (+2Str) (225gp)
    20 Arrows (1gp)
    20 Alchemical Silver Arrows (40gp) (-1 damage)
    20 Cold Iron Arrows (2gp)
    Valanar Riding Horse (500gp)
    Bit & Bridle (2gp)
    Military Saddle (20gp)
    Saddlebags (4gp)
    Bedroll (1sp)
    Flint & Steel (1gp)
    10 days feed (5sp)

    Magic Equipment:
    Ring of Sustenance (2500gp)
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds x5 (50x5=250gp)
    Oil of Magic Weapon x2 (50x2=100gp)

    Total: 4240gp, 6sp
    259gp, 4sp remaining.

    Progression: Not sure really, just playing by ear for this one, There's a couple in the complete books that might fit, but if you don't want to use them thats fine by me.
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    If you're in need of a person, I could build a warforged. Wanted to try out a few concepts, and a short game gives me the chance to. If you find enough, I'll sit in as an alt though.

    I had a Warforged Artifacer in mind, though a Warforged Bard trying to embrace his "living self" could be fun (aiming for the reforged PrC). Basicly, I'm willing to wait and fill any roll needed to flesh out the party as a Warforged just to try one. I can build the concept from there.

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    Shivais a good choice for this game, however you may want to consider archery feats instead of melee feats.


    There does not seem to be much competition at the moment, so feel free to 'forge ahead.

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    Carver, Warforged Artifacer

    Name: Carver
    Class: Aritifacer
    Race: Warforged
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: NG
    Str: 13 +1 (4p.)     Level: 5        XP: 10000/15000
    Dex: 10 +0 (2p.)     BAB: +3         HP: 29 (5d6+5)
    Con: 12 +1 (2p.)     Grapple: +4     Dmg Red: 2/Adamantine
    Int: 14 +2 (6p.)     Speed: 20'      Spell Res: XX
    Wis: 10 +0 (4p.)     Init: +0        Spell Save: +X
    Cha: 14 +2 (10p.)    ACP: -6         Spell Fail: XX%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +10    +2    +0    +0    +0    +0    22
    Touch: 10              Flatfooted: 22
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      1    +1    +1    +3
    Ref:                       1    +0    +3    +4
    Will:                      4    +0    +1    +5
    (+2 Ref save from Weapon Familiar)
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical
    Mourningstar +1           +5      1d8+2       20x2
    Dagger (10')(MW)          +5(4)   1d4+1     19-20x2
    Light Crossbow (80')(MW)  +4       1d8      19-20x2
    Languages: Common, Gnome, Elven
    Warforged Racial Abilities
    Artisan Bonus (+2 to UMD with appropriate item creation feat)
    Disable Trap
    Item Creation
    Artifacer Knowledge (5+2=7)
    Infuse Self: Caster Level +1 when Infusing Self
    Tools of War:  Repairs dmg=Chr when infusing constructs, Living Constructs, Weapons, Armor, or shields.  XP spent to enchant these items count double.
    Craft Weapon Familiar
    1st: 4   2nd: 4   3rd: 2
    DC: 13   DC: 14   DC: 15
    Craft Pool: 10 XP
    1st: Adamantine Body (Enchanted +2)
    1st A: Scribe Scroll
    2nd A: Brew Potion
    3rd: Extrordinary Artison (25% less GP when crafting)
    3rd A: Craft Wonderous Item
    4th: +1 Str
    4th: A: Legendary Artisan
    5th: Craft Magical Arms & Armor
    Skill Points:  48       Max Ranks: 8/4
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Craft: Weaponsmith         7    +2    +2    +11
    Craft: Armorsmith          8    +2    +2    +12
    Craft: Alchemy             6    +2          +8
    Knowledge: Arcana          5    +2          +7
    Use Magic Device           8    +2   (+2)   +10(12)
    Spellcraft                 5    +2  +5(2)   +12(14)
    Search                     4    +2          +6
    Disable Device             4    +2          +6
    Craft: Woodworking         1    +2    +2    +5
    (when using scrolls)
    (+2 Craft due to MW Tools)
    (+3 UMD from Weapon Familiar)
    Equipment:                    Cost   Weight
    Mourningstar +1 Familiar*	1577	6
    Heavy Steal Shield, MW Crafted	42.5	15
    Cloak of Resistance +1		375	
    Warforged Repair Kit		50	1
    3 Cure Light Wounds Potions	57	
    Dagger, MW Crafted		75.5	1
    Light Crossbow, MW Crafted	83.75	4
    20 Bolts, MW Crafted		30.5	2
    Masterwork Artisan's Tools	55	5
    Backpack			2	2
    5 Sunrods			10	5
    Goggles of Minute Seeing	469	
    +2 Adamantine Body		1500	
    Longstrider(CL 1)		12.5	
    Darkvision(CL 1)		29	
    Bear's Endurance(CL 1)		29	
    Bull's Strength(CL 1)		29	
    Enlarge Person (CL 1)		12.5	
    3 Cure Light Wound (CL 1)	37.5	
    Total Weight:41lb      Money: 23gp 7sp 5cp
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                43    86    130   130   520
    Age: 1?
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 278lb
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Grey
    Carver may look like an average Warforged, but there always seems to be something different about him. He doesnít carry himself as most Warforged do, but more like a curious child. Carver is small for a Warforged and doesnít cast a very imposing figure despite his adamantium body. He wears a finely made cloak, and most of his gear has a fine quality to it.

    Carver was never really sure how he got to Port Verge. Bimbleburg told Carver that heíd washed up on the shore, but Carverís first memory was waking up in Bimís (That what Carver preferred to call him) workshop. Bim tried to ask him questions while he examined Carver, but Carver didnít know anything before waking up. Once Bim was sure there was no damage to Carver, he told Carver to stay in the workshop while he went to talk to someone. Carver stayed behind, and eventually picked up a small knife and a few blocks of wood and started carving. Bim had returned to find several small wooden blocks carved in various geometric shapes. Bim said ďYouíre a Carver all right; I think thatís a good name for you for now.Ē Carver never did get another name.

    Bim was a local gnome artificer. He had worked for the nation of Cyre for a time, and had retired here in Port Verge well before the war had ended. Bim was familiar with Warforged, but found it strange that Carver seemed like a blank slate. Bim decided to try to ďraiseĒ him almost like a son. He opened the world to Carver, and showed him endless possibilities that he could do with his life, but Carver enjoyed crafting. He took amazingly well to weapons, armor, and alchemy, and would often carve figurines when he had idle time.

    Bim told carver about the Warforged, the Last War, and how many were trained to be soldiers. Carver didnít quite understand, having never seen another one like him, and the concept that he had been created and not born seemed strange. Carver began to study Bimís notes on the Warforged, and began to look into the creation of magical objects and items with a renewed passion. Seeking to understand himself, he looked inside to find out what made him Carver. Bim trained Carver as an artificer, and as Bim became ill, Carver continued to work and help support Bim. Bim continued to teach Carver all he could beyond being an artificer as well. ďYouíve been given a gift that perhaps no other Warforged has Carver,Ē Bim told him, ďYouíve been allowed to be raised instead of trained. Make the most of it son.Ē

    Carver was taken aback by being called son, but he had come to think of Bim as what he learned most of the godforged races (as Bim had described them to Carver) called a father. He felt honored to have this relationship with the gnome. Unfortunately, several days later, Bim died of his illness, or perhaps old age. Carver was not one to understand these things. However, he did find paperwork in Bimís stuff showing that he had had a friend create a document stating that Carver had sailed to the port to work with him, and another document that stated the shop was Carvers if Bim fell ill. Bim had truly thought of Carver as a son.

    Carver spent some time morning Bimís death. He threw himself into his work, and kept himself busy. Carver never understood the exact operation of a business, so while he continued to craft items for customers, he never seemed to be making much. Carver didnít care, as long as he was able to maintain the shop. However, this life alone became tedious for Carver, so he eventually sold the shop and went out to explore the world, in hopes of ďMaking the most of itĒ for his father.

    *Dove, +1 Mourningstar Weapon Familiar
    HP: 44 (20 base, +10 for +1, +14 from Carver)
    Hardness: 11 (10 base, +1 for familiar)
    Int: 14 (+2)
    Wis: 14 (+2)
    Chr: 10 (0)
    Ego: 11
    Languages: Common, Gnome, Elven
    Alignment: NG
    - Grants +3 to UMD, and +2 to Reflex Saves
    - Darkvision 60'
    - Telepathy when Held
    - Grants Alertness when held
    - Deliver Touch Infusions (Either by normal attack or melee touch attack)
    - Improved Evasion
    - Share Infusion
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    Mavrick, how do you feel about warmages (from Complete Arcane)? I've had this itching to play a Valenar elven warmage for a while now, and feel it could fit really well into the Valenar mindset. If you don't want to deal with that class, I would probably create a bard or sorcerer with a level of fighter.

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    Edited character bearing in mind notes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Branding Opportunity
    Mavrick, how do you feel about warmages (from Complete Arcane)? I've had this itching to play a Valenar elven warmage for a while now, and feel it could fit really well into the Valenar mindset. If you don't want to deal with that class, I would probably create a bard or sorcerer with a level of fighter.
    I don't own Complete Arcane (I don't own 'complete' anything) so I would prefer to stick to the refrence books listed.

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    I'll have a punt mate, if you'll have me. I haven't got a PC rolled up ready to go so will have to start from scratch.

    When you say in Valenar are we running from the elves or a part of their 'nation'. Your answer will depend on whether I look at the Valenar Elf Monk or the Talenta Halfling Ranger



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