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    [Pathfinder] The Forgotten Terror

    New Pathfinder game posted for recruiting of players. Setting is discretely Ravenloft, allowing PC's to hail from any background campaign world (for fluff purposes)

    Game Campaign: The Forgotten Terror
    System: Pathfinder (SRD & 3.5e Magic Item Compendium only)
    Campaign World: Ravenloft (2e AD&D Module: The Forgotten Terror)
    Recruiting Thread: [Pathfinder] The Forgotten Terror (Recruitment)
    Recruitment Period: Now through End of January (Not 1st come / 1st serve)

    You have been murdered! Or have you? Sure, there was that intense pain in your back a moment ago; but now? Now you're in a void with pitch black skies marred by the occasional streak of crimson lightning. What spell could have wrought such an existence and transposed you thusly?! Better yet: can you make it back!?
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    ENWorld.org games that I DM:

    Paranormal Protection Agency: OOC | HQ (IC)
    - Case of the Eerie Aerie (IC)
    - Case of the Stoned Dude (IC)

    Ravenloft: The Forgotten Terror
    - Recruitment


    My Home away from home: www.dndgamer.com (It's BACK!!!)

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    I'm a new player and I'm looking for a new game to play in. I'm mostly used to games that are pretty heavy on the role playing and character interactions and I am used to D&D 3.5 and some Pathfinder.

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    Hi Everyone!

    I am a first time DM and I'm thinking of starting a Pathfinder Game set in the Waterdeep/Northern section of the Forgotten Realms, I'm working on finishing up the adventure now, It'll involve the characters hired to take out a group of criminals/rogues under the city which will lead to a greater issue overall. I'll put in the OOC/Recruitment Thread as soon as I make it.

    System: Pathfinder
    Campaign World: Forgotten Realms
    Recruitment Thread: here,
    Recruitment Closed
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    My communities:

    D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms
    Rite of passage (Goblin style)
    Date recruitment will end: when we have 4-6 players ready.

    A lighthearted game about being on the other side of the heroes swords.

    were the players all are goblins out on their rite of passage
    Born to be Wildshaping

    Playing on Enworld

    As DM

    Rite of Passage (Goblin Style)
    A lighthearted game about being on the other side of the heroes swords.

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    My communities:

    Iron Heroes

    Recruiting for an Iron Heroes game: Saga of Might.

    System: Iron Heroes
    No. Players: 2-4
    Character Level: 1st

    See recruiting thread for more details.

    If you were previously interested in this game, it's the same idea made more concrete.
    New from The Lazy GM: Freaks and Horrors. Pre-gen Pathfinder stats for forty monsters, classic and bizarre.
    The Lazy GM Series. Pre-generated monster stats for the discerning adventurer.
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    White Dwarf: The First 100 Issues
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    Looking for an Epic level DnD 3.5 game. Don't have trouble with producing my sheet and concept quickly, and am a dedicated player, but this is the only type of game i want to add to my schedule. Whomever wants to run such a game (I'd do it myself but am too green of a DM to risk running an Epic game), please PM me as i can miss your post.

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    I Defended The Walls!I Defended The Walls!

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    Re-recruiting for my War of the Burning Sky game. I'm picking it up after a long family-event-based hiatus and need a few more players.

    Game Campaign: War of the Burning Sky
    System: DnD 3.5 - core, non-setting-specific classes and feats, UA
    Campaign World: War of the Burning Sky land (From Ragesia to the Sea? Wobsland?)
    Recruiting Thread: [Re-Recruiting] [DnD 3.5] War of the Burning Sky
    Recruitment Period: Now to mid-April-ish. Not strictly first-to-post first-to-play.

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    Raven Crowking's Fantasy Game
    Recruitment Thread
    There is no set end for recruitment yet. I will set a date when we get a few players.

    I have not decided on the setting yet, but I am leaning towards a modified version of Greyhawk, with a version of Blackmoor more similar to Dave Arneson's version. More thoughts on that in the recruitment thread.

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    I'm looking for a game to accept new D&D'ers. I've only got the stuff to 4e though.

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    My communities:

    Recruiting... Need 2 more players, maybe 3. We currently have a paladin, rogue, and sorcerer active. Interested parties can read the first posts of the thread and the playing the game thread for more details.


    /forum/showthread.php?63657-The-Play-by-Post-Player-s-Signature-Thread/, post#43

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