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    [Pathfinder] The Forgotten Terror

    New Pathfinder game posted for recruiting of players. Setting is discretely Ravenloft, allowing PC's to hail from any background campaign world (for fluff purposes)

    Game Campaign: The Forgotten Terror
    System: Pathfinder (SRD & 3.5e Magic Item Compendium only)
    Campaign World: Ravenloft (2e AD&D Module: The Forgotten Terror)
    Recruiting Thread: [Pathfinder] The Forgotten Terror (Recruitment)
    Recruitment Period: Now through End of January (Not 1st come / 1st serve)

    You have been murdered! Or have you? Sure, there was that intense pain in your back a moment ago; but now? Now you're in a void with pitch black skies marred by the occasional streak of crimson lightning. What spell could have wrought such an existence and transposed you thusly?! Better yet: can you make it back!?
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    I'm a new player and I'm looking for a new game to play in. I'm mostly used to games that are pretty heavy on the role playing and character interactions and I am used to D&D 3.5 and some Pathfinder.

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    Hi Everyone!

    I am a first time DM and I'm thinking of starting a Pathfinder Game set in the Waterdeep/Northern section of the Forgotten Realms, I'm working on finishing up the adventure now, It'll involve the characters hired to take out a group of criminals/rogues under the city which will lead to a greater issue overall. I'll put in the OOC/Recruitment Thread as soon as I make it.

    System: Pathfinder
    Campaign World: Forgotten Realms
    Recruitment Thread: here,
    Recruitment Closed
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    D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms
    Rite of passage (Goblin style)
    Date recruitment will end: when we have 4-6 players ready.

    A lighthearted game about being on the other side of the heroes swords.

    were the players all are goblins out on their rite of passage

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    Iron Heroes

    Recruiting for an Iron Heroes game: Saga of Might.

    System: Iron Heroes
    No. Players: 2-4
    Character Level: 1st

    See recruiting thread for more details.

    If you were previously interested in this game, it's the same idea made more concrete.

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    Looking for an Epic level DnD 3.5 game. Don't have trouble with producing my sheet and concept quickly, and am a dedicated player, but this is the only type of game i want to add to my schedule. Whomever wants to run such a game (I'd do it myself but am too green of a DM to risk running an Epic game), please PM me as i can miss your post.

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    Re-recruiting for my War of the Burning Sky game. I'm picking it up after a long family-event-based hiatus and need a few more players.

    Game Campaign: War of the Burning Sky
    System: DnD 3.5 - core, non-setting-specific classes and feats, UA
    Campaign World: War of the Burning Sky land (From Ragesia to the Sea? Wobsland?)
    Recruiting Thread: [Re-Recruiting] [DnD 3.5] War of the Burning Sky
    Recruitment Period: Now to mid-April-ish. Not strictly first-to-post first-to-play.

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    Raven Crowking's Fantasy Game
    Recruitment Thread
    There is no set end for recruitment yet. I will set a date when we get a few players.

    I have not decided on the setting yet, but I am leaning towards a modified version of Greyhawk, with a version of Blackmoor more similar to Dave Arneson's version. More thoughts on that in the recruitment thread.

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    I'm looking for a game to accept new D&D'ers. I've only got the stuff to 4e though.

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    Recruiting... Need 2 more players, maybe 3. We currently have a paladin, rogue, and sorcerer active. Interested parties can read the first posts of the thread and the playing the game thread for more details.



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