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    I'll try to subscribe this.
    Love is Life ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by robert2 View Post
    I'll try to subscribe this.
    Welcome! Please note that you can subscribe to a thread without posting by using the 'thread tools' drop down just to the right of the facebook and twitter buttons. Hope you find a game.

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    Recruiting for a couple of ongoing games that could use some new blood.

    City of Seven Sins is a Savage Worlds game with a kind of magi-tech setting remniscent of the works of Gene Wolf, China Mieville and Jack Vance, set in a vast and ancient crumbling city ruled over by seven queens of vice and inhabited by an array of altered humans and other races.

    A Saga of Might is an Iron Heroes game inspired more by old school pulp fantasy - RE Howard, Fritz Leiber, Vance (again), Lord Dunsany, Lovecraft and others of that ilk. Our heroes have escaped from the salt mines of the Ur-Men aboard a captured pirate ship and are currently investigating the mysterious mansion of the fabled wizard Tizun Thane.

    Both games are pretty freeform and welcome large amounts of player input in both setting and campaign direction.
    New from The Lazy GM: Freaks and Horrors. Pre-gen Pathfinder stats for forty monsters, classic and bizarre.
    The Lazy GM Series. Pre-generated monster stats for the discerning adventurer.
    The World of Conclave. Innovative (and free) webworld for d20.
    White Dwarf: The First 100 Issues
    Play By Post Links

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    Way of the Wicked - Golarian Pathfinder 2 Slots available in my PbP Evil PC Campaign Way of the Wicked. Campaign is set in Golarian with all Paizo races/classes available.

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    D&D 3.5 homebrew with minor house rules
    No Light Without Darkness
    Recruitment Thread
    Date recruitment will end: 5.5.2012
    My Story Hour campaigns. What are they up to this week?

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    Will be looking for a few players (probably) for a Pathfinder Game I'm starting (link soon) looking ends about a week from now (May 4 ish)
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/5364494-post139.html XP list and level splits

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    I'm recruiting for a Dresden Files RPG game: Burned Circle.
    "If you map Pokemon to cyberpunk themes and assume the bright and shiny veneer of the show and games is simply what the megacorps want you to see, it's a perfect fit. Genetically engineered monsters, some of them of human-level sentience, engage in brutal pit fights at the behest of malnourished vagabond adolescants while shadowy corporations operate in the background and superficially cheerful female nurse clones (or androids) tend to the every need of monster and trainer alike..."
    - MoogleEmpMog

    Shop around at ThirdWizard's Magic Item Bazaar
    Read my Story Hour! From the Ashes

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    Diabolical Plots
    Recruitment Thread here
    Recruitment ends 06/01 with possible extensions or cutoffs, looking for 4+ players

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    Dragon Age RPG
    Dragon Age: Bleeding
    Recruitment Thread
    Recruitment ends when 4-6 players have been recruited. See thread for more details.

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    Don't use this much but I'm sure some people look in from time to time...

    Recruiting here for a 4e back to basics game.

    See the post for all the info needed.

    My UPDATED Signature is here

    And come join in the creation of a new living world here: Living Pathfinder

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