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    Tumna strangely had disappeared by the time they came out, leaving the group at four of the six who had started the quest earlier that day.

    The group congratulated themselves as they made their way back across the city. Even the cynical Lookspring couldnt have been happier. Half the group made their way back to their employer, the two items he had requested firmly stashed away so they would not become the target of a random rogue. The other half of the group, Kamdar and Phoenix, took the elaborate glasswork and several other items they had found after defeating the last of the vermin in the house, and made their way to the bazaar. Both hoped to fill their pockets with coin with the items, which while mundane were still valuable.

    In the end the group managed to meet together at the Red Dragon Inn without a hitch, and divide up the gold from the job and from the house equally among the four who remained. On further consideration, some of the gold was held back, given to Joe to watch over should Tumna or the wizard Undermane return and try to make a claim. Lookspring complained horribly about this, but in the end was overruled. It was finally agreed that if the two did not return, the gold would be divided amongst themselves after six months.

    So, here we go, please check my math. Remember 50 XP per level per month for time served.

    XP:250 (TS) + 150 (C) = 500 (T) GP: 350

    Brd2 level XP: 600 (TS) + 300 (C) = 900 (T) GP: 500

    Ftr1 XP:300 (TS) + 300 (C) = 600 (T) GP: 500

    Mnd1 XP: 300 (TS) + 300 (C) = 600 (T) GP: 500

    Samuel Undermane
    Wiz1 XP: 200 (TS) = 200 (T) GP 150

    Rgr1 XP: 300 (TS) + 300 (C) = 600 (T) GP: 500

    TS = Time Served, C = combat, T = Total
    Now we just need a judge to review and accept the rewards. Will one of you please contact Jefe and have him review the rewards? Thanks again guys, and I hope you have a good time here at Living Enworld.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix8008
    OOC:Sorry to hear that HO, but I understand and have been there before myself. Sometimes RL just doesn't allow any competition. For what it's worth, I enjoyed the game for as far as we got. Thanks and good luck in the future.
    ooc: Ditto. Best luck to you HO, and hopefully life is more conducive to your gaming in the future.

    edit: I'm 36 xp from levelling! Just my luck, Phyrah wants me to continue questing.
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    The experience awards look fine to me. Approved!

    Let me know if anyone has a problem with the treasure distribution. If no one speaks up, then it stands as posted.

    HugeOgre, you are hereby awarded 6 DM credits. I suppose you could argue whether or not this is a completed adventure or one that is handed over gracefully, but either way you get full credit for the 6 months served. I'm not sure if you're just giving up DMing for the time being or dropping out completely, but either way, those credits will be there whenever you are able to make use of them. Best of luck, and given that you had to deal with the crash and all the starts and stops, it went well apart from that.

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