Epic problem OOC

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    Epic problem OOC

    **EDIT 2008**

    So after a bit of a hiatus, I'm back and am now recruiting more people for my epic campaign to replace some of those who won't be returning. If you're interested, character generation rules and basic background follow. We will be restarting the campaign from the beginning to accomodate for... complications... so you won't need to know about what's been happening so far (in fact, that's preferred ).

    If Interested, please post your interest and any character concepts or questions.

    **END EDIT**


    I'll be taking 4-6 characters.
    Level 30: Start with 450,000 XP. You can spend it how you like on spell XP costs, Epic Spell creation, and Item Creation. If you spend more than 15,000XP remember you'll be starting at a lower level.
    Stats: 40 point buy, min 10 in any stat(before racial mods).
    Age/Height/Weight: up to you, within reason. But, If you want a 6'7", 300 pound human go ahead, likewise if you want your wizard to be 80.. just keep in mind in THAT case that death's just around the corner, and add up your age adjustments to stats.
    HP: max at first, 3/4 (round down) after that. (d4=3, d6=4, d8=6,d10=7,d12=9)
    Resources: Core + Complete, Spell Compendium, PHB 2, Dragon Magic, Races of the Dragon, no psionics (I don't dislike them, just don't know them well enough to DM for them). NO cheap tricks (Use your own discretion on this part. If you think it might cause a problem, just ask....). I'll not be using Errata, except in the cases where it was to clarify or reword spells that didn't make sense before. (IE Time stop does NOT have a duration, it is 'apparent' time, and thus cannot be made 'persistant'")

    Equipment: 4,500,000 GP. You can only buy MAGIC items from the DMG or ELH. If you want an item that isn't pre-stated in one of these sources, you can have it only if your character is capable of making it themselves, and spends the neccesary gp/XP. AFTER asking me if you can make the item.
    No spending more than 1.5 Million GP on a single item, and NO intelligent items.

    Epic Spells: Post them up first, and I'll tell you if it's allowed. Generally I don't like the Epic SuperBuffs, but if they don't seem overpowering or too cheap (cost-wise), I'll give them too you.

    House Rules:
    Death - Instead of dying at -10, you die at -CON Score.. so if your constitution is 36, you don't die until -36. IF your con happens to be below 10.. Well, tough luck, I guess. Any effect that mentions the "Dying" state (normally -1 to -9) now reffers instead to this 'extended' dying state.
    Vorpal is a +6(Epic) enhancement but you don't need to confirm. Nat 20=head off.
    Nat 1's are equal to a -20 on skill/ability checks, auto fail anything else. Nat 20's are equal to a 40 on skill/ability checks, auto-succeed anything else.
    We'll be using Invisiblecastle for rolls.
    I do not use Massive Damage rules.
    Mind Blank does not exist. Neither does Superior Invisibility. Mordenkainen's Disjunction does not destroy items that are in an intelligent creature's possession.
    Diplomacy/Intimidate/Perform have the 'fanatic' listing from the ELH removed.
    Improved Metamagic and the Automatic quicken/still/silent feats work as in the ELH, not in the complete's.
    Dire Charge is not 'first round only', it's whenever you make your first charge against any given individual in an encounter (IE 3 opponents means you could dire charge each once).
    New Spell: PowerSight lvl 2 spell(All classes). Duration: Instantaneous Casting Time: 1 Swift Action. Description Gives ECL of single target, if within 10 of caster level, or general estimate if more than 10 removed.
    *Others will be posted as they come up, and I'll point them out later in the thread so you'll know about them. If I post it after you've done major work on a character and the rule I post messes your character, talk to me about it.*
    *Also see Campaign background for info that may affect character creation*

    Campaign Background
    I'll be setting the campaign in a 'generic' multiverse.. or at least as generic as Epic gets.. with one interesting twist..
    All Epic Characters are actually starting OUTSIDE of the Prime Material Plane, as there is currently a "Legend Ban" on all things "Epic" on the Prime. This ban was imposed centuries ago by the people themselves. Epic powers were tearing the world apart and preventing the common populace from living their lives, so after a long argument spanning multiple debates, multiple planes, and several large-scale battles, a powerful group of Epic individuals and demigods managed to expel all Legendary powered beings, and all Outsiders from the plane. The only exceptions were the Greatest of Dragons(Wyrms and Great Wyrms), who stayed to watch over the plane, and went to sleep, never heard from again.

    The shutting out of all this power had a seperate effect, though.. it cut the prime off from the gods, preventing prayers and worship from reaching them and preventing them from reaching the mortals. It also prevented Souls from leaving the Prime, causing a horrid rise in the number and power of the undead. Eventually it was discovered that there WAS a way into the plane, available only through a special demiplane created by the ones who initiated the "Legend Ban". This Demiplane, known as "The Observatory", has since become a central figure in planar politics and economics. Although the Observatory is completely under the control of the "Gatekeepers" as they call themselves, they do allow some things through. Money, trinkets, non-epic beings, Souls, prayers and worship, and most importantly Information flow freely.

    Recent information however has been very disturbing. There have been tales of people roaming the world.. people who have power only heard of in Legends. The Gatekeepers hired the most poweful Prime Plane adventurers (6 lvl 18-20 characters) to discover what was going on. They found a single one of these people, a half-red dragon who introduced herself as "The Disciple", and then proceded to cleave them in to several small pieces before dispelling the Gatekeeper's Scrying. The entire encounter including her introduction lasted 20 seconds. Witnesses to the scrying described her fighting style as a combination of 3 powerful, ancient styles, all of which were only able to be mastered by 'legendary' figures.

    A week later, the Great Dragons awoke. Seemingly not of their own free will, the dragons began raiding and destroying villages randomly. The largest Red, Gold, Silver, and Black dragons each were witnessed bearing Riders.. 2 powerful mages, a man who seemed to breath dragonsfire more powerful than any of the dragons, and a black-plate clad Warrior.

    In further investigations over the next few months, the Gatekeepers and Observers discovered a 6th 'legend', an unstoppable planeswalker who could exit the Prime and reenter at will. THEN, they found out about the 7th...

    Two days ago, A signal for help was sent from the Observatory demiplane that seperates the prime. By the time help arrived, the gatekeepers were all dead, from various means. Shredded, burnt, beheaded, dismembered, electrocuted, disintegrated, some dead from old age... Any possible way death could happen had happened on that demiplane. THAT, in the end, was the only break they got though, because one of the members died of slow bleeding, and before he went, managed to inscribe a message telling what had happened. They had finally managed to track down the 7th man, discovering who he was, what their plan was, and finally.. how to stop them. Unfortunately, the 7th discovered them and slaughtered them.

    Here was the final message from the Observatory, recorded in a memory crystal (Magical equivalent of a dvd that can record a message then play it back using illusions):

    "I haven't much time, I'll be dead in a few minutes. We've found out a lot.. it's worse than we thought. They've broken the Ban, they had help.. we dont know who, but it was one of the greater gods. maybe more than one.. They're destroying the balance in there, looking for something, some obelisk they think will grant them untold powers. Our archives show that this obelisk is the reason legendary power first happened on the Prime, and the reason the original Gatekeepers locked it away from Legendary powers. Nothing else is known of it nor was it's location recorded. We believe this 7th man, the 'Master', has managed to harness some of it's power without even finding it.. He seems to be able to make anything he says happen without even channeling magic. He looked at Edward, said "Die", and Edward did. No magic gathered, no spell cast, Edwards wards didn't protect him a damn. This man ransacked all of our information, and then shouted "Die a thousand different ways", and people started dropping.. Guess I'm ....the lucky ..... one." The man stops and his head falls backwards.. a few seconds later he coughs and struggles back up, lifting the memory crystal closer so you can hear his weak words. "There's still a chance. We found... information to... stop them... I destroyed it so he wouldn't know. There's a Foretelling of heroes bearing Marks on their wrist. They can enter the Prime. There's an old man there, he'll find you, he'll.... he'll know what to.." At this point, the man slumps back, dead. Beside him, drawn in his blood, was a picture... a mark. The same mark that appears on each of the PC's Wrists. It appears to be a written symbol in an ancient language, though no magic or linguist has ever been able to decipher it. It has appeared seemingly at random on people since the Ban.. never more than a dozen at a time, and they all seemed to gain power exponentially until dieing of seemingly freak accidents.

    Other Epic's have allready tried to get through the gate, but it seems even without the Gatekeepers the ban is holding them out. This hasn't stopped hundreds of demons and devils and would be.. 'entrepreneurs' from swarming the place, though, attempting to reenter the material plane. An Interplanar comitee of Demigods, Legends, Dragons, and Angels has invited you all to the Observatory, told you everything outlined here, and are now asking for your help. There are currently several 'marked' individuals in the room. Some of you know each other personally, all of you know 'of' each other, because the Marked are like celebrity's. There are others on the way, though not all of you can go through to the Prime. Any others who choose to help will have to await their turn as.. 'backup.'
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    I'd love a chance to play an undead caster of some sort. I picture him residing in an illusory castle on the plane of Shadow, conducting bizarre experiments beyond the Ken of mortal men. Would a PC shade be allowed?

    Also, do you have any alignment restrictions? I was considering lawful evil, but only evil is-as-much as he doesn't care about other beings. However, such a threat as has been described is unteniably dangerous to ongoing experiments. EXTREMELY lawful, only a wee bit evil. If you don't have any problem with the lawful-evil bit, but would rather I not play an undead, how does a Rakshasa sorcerer strike you?
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    I am going to post my interest (I would love to try an epic level Gish or Wizard character), but I need to preclude this by asking what kind of commitment will you be giving the game? Epic level PC design is far too time intensive without some assurance that the game will be of a lasting nature.
    - Rhun

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    Well Rhun, as I stated in my opening post, that was one of my concerns as well, though I believe this will have lasting power, provided everyone puts effort into it. I for one am planning on a long haul.

    Pallandrome - No problem. This is kind of a "you're the chosen ones. Deal with it" hook instead of a "Everybody's friends" hook. As for playign a Shade.. that's fine. If it's from one of the listed books and has a printed Level Adjustment (that doesn't say Cohort/familiar), it's good.. BUT guys, still ask anyways, just incase i missed something like "The Diety template" or something stupid like that.
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    Intelligence is the capacity to understand old Ideas.
    Imagination is the ability to come up with New Ideas.

    Eagles may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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    I am very interested in this. Perhaps an epic sorceror/spontaneous caster, monk, or druid...

    I've got pre-existing characters I could adapt.

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    NEW book added to list of available Resources - PHB2. (Forgot about it). I won't be using DMG2, though. I would add the Races books, but i only own Races of Dragons and I REALLY dislike PDF's. once again though, if you want something from outside the sources, ask.

    PS - By SHADE, did you mean Shadow? if not, where's Shade from so I can read specifics?
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    Intelligence is the capacity to understand old Ideas.
    Imagination is the ability to come up with New Ideas.

    Eagles may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

    This isn't evil! You're just a bunch of NERDS!

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    I'm up for it, I'm thinking of doing a human, or a half elf paladin, and whats the odds of getting a dragon mount? lol. Well, I should amened that, because I haven't looked and seen what cool PRCs I could be, but will most likely stay The but kicking for goodness paladin.
    I am Method Actor 92% Storyteller 83% Tactician 75% Butt-Kicker 50% Specialist 50% Power Gamer 33% Casual Gamer 33%
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    Dex: 11
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    Wis: 9
    Cha: 7 I must be a really crappy bard then lol

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    I'm interested in joining as a bard. I just have one question. Can I use Words of Creation from BoED. Also, quick question about Words of creation. Since it basically doubles all numeric effects, would it apply to Inspire Excellence (Epic feat granting an additional Bardic Music ability)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jemal
    PS - By SHADE, did you mean Shadow? if not, where's Shade from so I can read specifics?
    Heh, I did. But alas, I've not been able to locate a LA for it, so I'll go with the Rakshasa idea instead (which has grown on me anyways).

    Thus I throw Salarassa the Rakshasa into the hat. He's a lawful evil interplanar arms dealer and information broker. As his empire expanded, he found that dealing with the forces of good was even more profitable than dealing with the forces of evil (less like to try the backstab option, for one thing). His inherently evil nature was overthrown by his inherently GREEDY nature, and Salarassa has, ever since, done his best to curb his baser instincts. Through a massive network of spies and mystic servants, Salarassa prides himself on being able to provide whatever magical or informational goods a customer desires, for the right price. He is just as happy selling a Holy Avenger to a paladin, as he is selling a Celestial Bane Greataxe to a Balor.

    The recent events on the Prime Material have caught Sals' attention for a few very good reasons. First, several of his better customers have recently been slaughtered, which irks him greatly. Second, interplanar turmoil, despite popular opinion, makes sales absolutely plummet. Finally, and most importantly, the situation represents for Sal the opportunity to possibly have direct operations on the Prime Material. In the past, all such operations have been through intermediaries. While this is acceptable, and even appropriate, for many occasions, it has from time to time cost Sal quite the deal.

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