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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaukrie
    Way to support the FLGS, Wizards! Cut them out of the channel. Way to put stuff in shops and stores that aren't traditional hobby stores (even if people don't buy them, being on the shelf is advertising). Way to say: if you don't use a computer a lot, we don't care about you.
    Exactly! They obviously don't give two $#!t$ about how this will impact the specialty gaming stores. Many a month I've walked in to my local FLGS solely to pick up the latest issue of Dragon or Dungeon, even when I wasn't actively gaming, just to show my support. The fools don't seem to understand that as gaming stores prosper, they prosper.

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    My first issue of The Dragon magazine was back when it was still called The Dragon. I've been reading it off and on for decades. I find this news quite saddening, because it pretty much means the end of a lot of things for WotC and D&D.

    I know that I will not be subscribing to any online content they are going to sell. I may read the message boards when I am at work, but at home I really do not relish sitting in front of a computer to read my "magazine." For me, magazines are for reading on the couch in the middle of the night, or taking on the bus, or reading in bed on a lazy sunday morning.

    As for Paizo's new offering, I will have to see one or two before I would commit to anything like that. I really didn't buy the magazines for the adventures. I got them for all the other material, and all the ads for new and interesting products. Now where will I turn to for this sort of content?

    A sad day indeed. It's like knowing a close friend is terminally ill. You want to do something to ease the pain, but you aren't sure if it's their pain or your own you wish to ease.
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    Expect things like this to happen more & more as people keep paying those ridiculous prices for PDF, mp3, and movie files. I've always been against selling files like online stores are doing. Not because I don't like them, but because I think it's a kick in the face selling them for almost as much as you can buy a hard copy of the same thing for. And on top of it, the publishers save money on distribution and reproduction costs.

    So of course they are going to stop publishing these magazines. They'll make a much bigger profit selling the E-subscriptions at the same price and people will for some reason still pay that price :\
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    Blimey, that's a shocker. Thank god I'm only subscribed through my local WHSmith.... :/
    thank god they'll finish off the Savage Tide. And at least that'll be a bang to finish Dungeon on... But still, it's a sad day for publishing. they're great reads.

    However, just glanced over pathfinder, and that does look v. good. Especially at the new exchange rates for the UK ($19.99 is 10ish), I may check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaFrost
    A few key points: Pathfinder is set in our own campaign world that should be just as easy to adapt to your homebrew or established campaign setting as Dungeon adventures were and in a full year of Pathfinder you'll get 12 MASSIVE adventures with support materials, several dozen new monsters, setting articles, etc. Each Pathfinder volume will level PCs two or three times and each six-volume arc will be a new Adventure Path.

    You can find additional details at
    Please tell me that this world will not force us to use different races etc. I'd want something that can be just plunked down in a D&D game.
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    Personally, I don't think this is a bad thing.

    I've never been a big fan of Dungeon or Dragon under Paizo, mostly because I've moved away from 3E (except for Goodman and Necromancer modules) and the art style in the magazines turned me off.

    Given that 1) I think Erik Mona "gets" the whole "old school" thing that I like, 2) Paizo is partnering with Necromancer, and 3) Paizo is freed from any constraints their previous agreement with WotC imposed, I'm hoping to see some products that are more up my alley. We'll see.

    *You may have noticed that I completely neglected to say anything about WotC and their online venture. That's because I don't care what they're doing.
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    Well, I transferred my subscriptions over. It's 'found' money afaik and I figger it won't hurt to look at the new material.

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    Getting s@#t-faced tonight. Gotta drink to Moldvay AND Dragon AND Dungeon tonight. There's the sad trifecta.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankthedm
    Uhm, that more or less happened in 2003
    No, it didn't. Chainmail was an unmitigated disaster, and while it's true that the miniatures are collectible, you don't NEED them to play the game.

    If I'm reading this right, in 4ed. miniatures will actually BE the game, rather than an accessory you can do without.

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    I'm going to swim against the tide here and say, moving regular content online is a cool, forward-looking idea. As newer players are becoming more and more an audience that can't remember a time without a readily available internet, it's a good business decision. It's not even that new. I used to get Pyramid magazine fairly regularly (Steve Jackson Games in house mag), and continued with it when they made their online move yeeeeears ago. Not only did the article quality not suffer, but it was archived and searchable, even content from their older print issues. New content was added weekly, which was another plus.

    So this model can be successful, and I wish WotC much luck with it. WotC seems to be planning to go a little beyond a mere on-line "magazine", and provide other goodies as well. More power to them.

    And best of luck to Paizomancer, too, in their current and future endeavors. I'm confident they'll have something interesting for me to blow my subscription credit on (and then some) in the coming months.

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