Need a farewell gift for my gaming group

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    Need a farewell gift for my gaming group

    I've been gaming with the same group of friends for roughly 8 years and loved every minute of it. Sadly, all good things must end and I am moving across the country permanently. However, I would love to leave them a token of my appreciation. Money is not really an object and I don't mind dropping a few hundred bucks on a good gift.

    Any suggestions?


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    Nothing says good bye like a TPK

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    How about Custom Dice ?

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    I was going to say custom dice, too. If you want to go all out, you could try custom dice bags.

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    I would just sleep with them, but barring that, custom dice or maybe get nice miniatures specially painted for each of their characters.

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    Depending on the age of the rest of your group? Why not a group dinner at the Keg or the local pub?
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    Dice (and dice bags) are good gifts that can be used, even if we get a new edition a year from now.

    Minis are another good option, although if a PC dies or the player changes character they may not be used again.

    Special Edition PHB's (or DMG and MM for the DM) might be a nice gift if you think that the group will be playing 3.5E for a while.

    Does the gift have to be gaming related?

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    Create a unique scenario that will challenge their most powerful PCs in a one-off "Tomb of Horrors"-like deathmatch

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    My group recently broke up after college. One of my players is an excellent artist and had been drawing sketches of may of the campaign events, so what I did was to put together printed packets containing all of his sketches mixed in with a plot summary pulled from our campaign wiki.

    If you have a wiki with a good narrative of the plot it might be a good idea, especially if you can get some cover art and put them in nice binders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vascant
    Nothing says good bye like a TPK

    I once got my DM a wooden crossbow for a Christmas gift. The store where I bought it has since got out of business (R.I.P. Napoleon's), so I can't track down where they got it. Sorry.

    Fiery Dragon rocks!

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