A1- Lost Knowledge of Arcanix(Wik Judging)
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    A1- Lost Knowledge of Arcanix(Wik Judging)

    Ok welcome to A1- Los Knowledge of Arcanix. As per the norm, all rolls are done on Invisiblecastle. i will be rolling under the name DMmoggthegob, but I am running two adventures so if there are some rolls there that seem out of place its because they are.

    We will get started after I have a judge but I would like you all to post a link to your character sheets(to the individual post) here. I would also, as a matter of convenience for myself, request that when we are in combat, you title your posts with current HP, AC, and PP(if applicable) and I will in turn title mine with any buffs that get cast for your side.

    This should be fun I hope you are up for a cool game. My request is that everyone try to post at least once every day or two to keep the adventure going. If you aren't going to be here for a little while, let me know so we can NPC you if necessary.
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    Links: AC19, HP25

    Here is Links
    Fighter level 2

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    Stepping out from the Tavern, Wulfcyne grips his large hand around the colorful ring, quickly moving through the busy city to purchase some traveling papers, eager to make his way to Aundair, the land of wine and wizardry.

    -Wulfcyne Dabo, Brelish Human Trident Fighter (Lost Knowledge of Arcanix)

    ooc; sounds great Mogg! Totally looking forward to the addy. Wulfcyne will be at the Lightning Rail station promptly at 5pm

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    Wulfcyne AC20 HP31

    ooc; Looks like we're together again, Mel!

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    The Dynamic Duo!! LOL

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    Koh'Tara, Hobgoblin Spirit Shamen.
    HP: 11/11 AC: 17

    Spells and such are in my sig too.

    I'll be gone for about two weeks around the end of this month begining of next month. Not sure if I'll have internet access.

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    Block Wik

    I'll judge this.

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    The man with the probe
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    Block Bront

    Valahandra Da'briel, Elven Cleric
    HP: 23
    AC: 17

    Spells on character sheet.
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    Links looks around at the others who have accepted the rings. Looking a bit confused at first he finally aproaches Valahandra and says "I think I am supposed to stay close to you." and begins to follow 3 steps behind her.

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    Block Kaodi


    Looking towards Valahandra and Links, Makharat smiles and says, " Ah, so you too will be accompanying us, Links. I desire to see how Valahandra wields her blades in combat, but I will admit that you too have piqued my curiosity. Let us just hope that many challenging foes present themselves to be cut down by our superior strength and skill. "

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