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    ooc; cool on xp, mw longsword, and greatsword. Wulfcyne will also take 200gp from the gold.

    The warrior nods at Links and Nuria's words, though seems a bit off put by the laundry list of obstacles in their path. Still, Wulfcyne offers a suggestion in an uncertain voice, 'Kenna we be dressin' up as some ones we ain't? Like a bunch o' monks er sumpthin'? Religious types be commin' to spread their'n faith all tha time. Mayhap we ken get out o' here unseen.'

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    Makharat examines the swords taken from Natr with some interest. " I am also inclined to return the research to Arcanix, unless one of the other offers was overwhelmingly better. I would prefer not to jeopardize my reputation as a reliable mercenary unless the payout is substantial enough for me to damn that all back to the Wastes, " says Makharat. Absently, he adds, " Perhaps one of you spell wielders would like to examine these for traces of enchantment. I would not be surprised if that bastard afforded himself magical blades. "

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    At the mention of enchanted blades, Wulfcyen's eyes widen and he becomes quite interested in the results...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moggthegob
    also experience:

    4800 from the fight you just endured: split 6 ways thats

    800 XP for each member of the party.
    OOC: What about previous stuff? Or did you reward that earlier and I missed it? Or is that all included?

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    I am sorry, I forgot, I will check the thread to say if I rewarded for the earlier two fights.

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    ok my mistake, add 3300 more experience to the pot, making the total 8100 plus 150 rp exp a pop and the gets us 9000 xp total split 6 ways equals 1500 xp

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    ooc; woot! more xp! and don't Nuria AND Koh'Tara lvl??

    *enjoys having hp back*

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    Disguising ourselves may work. It would depend on how they were tracking us. If they are using spies, we have a chance. If it is magical detection, that is harder to fool. As for the offers, the only one I heard was from Kundurak and it was not significantly higher than what Arcanix offered. I am not privy to what House Cannith offered. Though if it were much more than the offer from Dean Gray, then I am certain we would not be having this discussion.

    Makharat, I will check the swords for magical enhancement.

    Nuria utters several arcane words and with a flourish of her hands and arms, checks for magical enhancement on the swords. (Detect Magic)

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    The warrior grunts at Nuria's words, looking over her shoulder expectantly as he reasons, 'Wha if'in they be trackin' us by sumptin we carry?'

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    te swords do have magic on them, of the faint transmutation variety.

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