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    Pinnacle's Forgotten Forge

    OoC Thread
    Rogues' Gallery

    Rain falls from the sky. Rivulets of water run down the surfaces of the towers and trace familiar patterns on the unusual architecture of Sharn. The rain and wind obscures vision, making anything but pinpoints of everbright lanterns difficult to make out and making the complex and seemingly random latticework of bridges, walkways, and towers even more difficult to navigate to the uninitiated. In other words, a typical night in the City of Towers.

    "Oh, my, we're so late," the provost mumbled as he walked quickly through the rain. He had a meeting with Lady Elaydren d'Cannith tonight, a woman with whom he's been planning an expedition of some kind. It was on her suggestion that he hired a bodyguard, although Watcher doesn't know her personally. The meeting was actually supposed to have started about ten minutes ago; Provost Geldam has been known to get absorbed in his work and forget the time, but even for him this is late. "I wouldn't be surprised now if E hasn't sent someone to look for me; maybe we'll catch him on the way.."

    On the skybridge ahead, barely visible in the everbright lantern light, a figure stumbles and falls, crying out in a voice that sounds female, but just slightly... off, somehow. "P-Provost?" the figure says quietly, and Geldam rushes forward to help her up, leaving Watcher behind a few steps--just enough.

    The provost freezes, then lightning strikes as he slumps to the ground, and in the light Watcher catches a glint off steel. The figure makes a grab at the bag in Geldam's hand, but then spots Watcher and runs, vaulting over the edge of the bridge and disappearing from view...
    __________________________________________________ _____

    Raysuldra and Aesha
    As you move through the city on this dreary and ominous night, a cloaked figure on a skybridge connecting Dalannon Tower to the Kelsa Spire catches your attention as it makes several quick, jerky moves. A flash of lightning reveals two other forms, one lying on the floor of the bridge and the second running toward them, only moments away. The first figure dashes to the edge of the bridge and vaults over the railing, disappearing from view...
    __________________________________________________ _____
    Kyria, Storm, Jaren, and Alex
    The rain masks sounds and obscures vision, making everything but the rain itself hard to make out. The rain itself is not unusual for the city, either, but something seems off tonight... There is a hint of danger in the air, and the silence seems ready to shatter.

    (None of you spot the murder or the murderer, but you can see the other PCs in the area, and can react to anything out of the ordinary that Raysuldra, Aesha, or Watcher do)


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    Before she saw the figures Raysuldra was staring at the towers. They were so amazing she was glad she left Seren. Then she saw the figures. "Did you see that?" Raysuldra says to Storm. She yells at the figure trying to catch the other figure "What's going on?"
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    Alex was wandering the streets in a bit of a daze, but looks up sharply at the woman's shout, years of life on the streets sending adrenaline into his system instantly, and he follows her gaze to attempt to assess the situation.

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    Kyria saunters down the street, hood pulled up against the rain, whistling carelessly. She hears a cry that, though she cannot make out the words, sounds out of place in the soggy streets. Ever curious, she turns toward the source of the cry.
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    Aesha had been walking the streets, all but in a daze. It was so different here, not like the woods at all- and to her, different often meant fascinating. The rain did not bother her- growing up in the wild, one got used to being outside in all kinds of weather.

    But the strange sight ahead of her drew her quickly from her reverie. What was going on here? Her right hand twitched towards the pouch on her belt, but she paused, unwilling to interrupt this play without more knowledge of the roles...

    She quickened her pace, though, moving forward to a better vantage point.

    OOC: About how far away is the fallen figure? Aesha will move closer, as distance allows, but won't initially come within about 10 feet of the fallen figure, or the spot where the fleeing person went over the edge of the railing. If she has action left over, she will draw the components for a Color Spray, just in case.

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    Jaren gloried in the cleansing rain. This is the closest the dark and dirty city ever got to the plains of his home. Both felt the caress of the falling water. He did miss Greenbeak, however, and couldn't really understand why those at the University wouldn't let him visit without his companion. Didn't they know a plant-eater when they saw one? Oh well, he thought to himself, the sooner I get back to the stable the sooner I can be reunited with him, and head back to my people. Of course, he still didn't know for sure if his pleas had been truly listend to.

    His quiet thoughts were interrupted by shouts and hurried motions from several people around him. He watched the action unfold and finally noticed the attention of the others seemed to be focused on a figure slumped to the ground ahead. Jaren moved forward to investigate, wondering if his healing skills could be of use.


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    Storm had been wondering how people actually managed to live in these towers of stone and with all of these people around. "Didn't they miss the smell of the forest, or the sounds of nature?" he thought, and was immediately drawn back to his time spent beneath the leaves and boughs of his forest-home. When Raysuldra looks over to him and asks Storm if he saw something, he'll curse himself for not keeping up his guard. "Grrrr.... I didn't see nothing, but I can't see nothing through this rain" Storm growls. He'll draw his bow and nock an arrow, while flanking Raysuldra and attempt to see what is going on.

    OOC Storm'll take note of the others in the area and immediately assume they're hostiles, especially those readying combat actions, drawing weapons, etc. He won't fire upon anyone, but he won't turn his back on them either.
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    Alex decides that in his current mood, if a fight is in the offing, he doesn't want to miss it. He's not sure what's going on exactly, but he figures he can probably find an opportunity to take out his frustrations on someone.

    "Right then.", he says, and pulls his chain from within his enormous cloak, striding unhurriedly towards the center of whatever's going on, coiling the chain around his burly arm and fist as he goes. His tall shape seems to glide forward with a sense of inevitability, his size giving the impression of massive inertia, like an oncoming boulder, a quality that has served him well in the past.

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    "Provost!" Watcher bellows as he lumbers forward, his adamantine body making him just a few seconds too slow. Seeing other forms moving toward them in the rain, some carrying weapons, Watcher draws his greataxe and takes up a protective position over the fallen form of his employer, holding his axe in a battle-ready pose. He keeps his attention on the area of the railing the unknown female had vaulted over - he didn't intend to be surprised should she come back over to finish the job.

    At Raysuldra's shouted question, he responds, "There has been an attack on my employer. Do not come any closer!" He warns everyone on the bridge.
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    Jaren slows down as the warforged raises its axe. He raises his halfling arms in a non-threatening manner. I have some minor healing skills. Are you sure you wouldn't like me to look at him for you? I might be able to help.

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