Amethyst RPG Cover Art Posted (even more images)
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    Amethyst RPG Cover Art Posted (even more images)

    Here are some images of the front and back cover of the game coming out next week

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    Is that... is that an elf with two katanae?


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    Well I like the art and love the premise, whats the MSRP?

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    Let me shill for them and say Amethyst is a very well done Setting. I've got the pdfs of the old draft version of the setting before they became serious about publishing and it's good stuff.

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    Wow...I am humbled, Mr. ShallBurn. Thanks for the kind words.

    For Treenborn:
    As for a MSRP, I unfortunately still can't say. We are literally receiving artwork daily and will be pushing right to the deadline before going online. Positive educated guesses place the print version around $39 and the PDF at around $20.

    And to you, hong, you obviously haven't seen these images:

    We've been posting original artwork from the game on our site as well as elsewhere on this forum. I wish I could take credit but we have some astounding artists on tap.

    Six days to go...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavenShallBurn
    I've got the pdfs of the old draft version of the setting before they became serious about publishing and it's good stuff.
    Likewise. I'll be quite curious to see how this turns out.

    Looking promising, I'd say.

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    I'm definitely going to have to check this game out. Is it supposed to be a stand alone game that uses d20 or is a setting or what?

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    I second HeavenShallBurn's comment, and must say this cover really looks appealing.

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    The art is gorgeous, but I think the title gets a bit lost; the dark color and marbling make it fade into the cover art too much.

    Looking at the PDF preview on your site, I'd also suggest using a serif font for the body text and decreasing the initial paragraph indent. I'd also maybe give the text more of a buffer between it and the ornate margins.

    Or even ditch the ornate margins.

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    To 'answer' one of the questions in one of the pictures, without electricity there would be a significant number of deaths in the Developed World as modern houses assume central heating, which, of course, requires electricity. No electricity = no central heating = dead people. I hope they got that right.

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