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    Keep on the Shadowfell (OOC)

    Now that 4 e is out, would anyone be interested in a bit of a playtest using KotS? My group is split over 4e and Id like to kick the tires,so to speak, of the new game. So I lose my lurker status (all the 3e vs 4e debate made me want to stay on the sidelines )

    I'd like 5 players who havent if possible read the adventure. I want heroes, dark is ok but no evil please. Core races and classes please. Id also like roleplayers. The adventure has its share of combat, and I really want to try out the system,but let's not leave Rping out please.

    I'm going to leave the world background deliberately vague. The "points of light" settings seems to have some common themes which we'll follow, I'll let the players help flesh out things, through background and game actions, if our games flourishes into something of a campaign. So hopefully, the players will help set the canon of our world.

    I'm an old grognard, so Id like everyone to roll their scores at Invisible castle.We'll use invisible castle for our in game rolls, so just make an account there for our game. Pick a text color, whip up a background; well I'm sure most of you know what to do.

    As I say I'm an old player-I got my start with the old Keep on the Borderlands/Basic box set in the early 80's. My favorite early teen possession was the Githyanki cover Fiend Folio. Im married have two children and a job that keeps me from face to face games more than I want.

    If you are interested, post an idea or character. Thanks!
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