KK1: Grotto of the Kuo-toa (Gh & Dar -> rest of PCs)
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    KK1: Grotto of the Kuo-toa (Gh & Dar -> rest of PCs)

    You've made a deal with a devil, in this case the rogue aboleth Z'nasrha, to try to stop an even greater evil. The kuo-toa mystic, Blel-Plibbit, a mad-prophet apparently foretold by ancient prophesy, stands on the brink of calling forth an elder evil. For reasons of their own the aboleth are assisting the kuo-toa and allowing Blel-Plibbit access to the hidden shrine of Yog.
    Z'nashra, in exchange for a favor (the memory of which you'd like to scour from your mind forever), has provided you with access to the teleport portal the aboleth use to access the hidden shrine.

    At the fateful time you meet his agent, a hideously deformed half-orc and apparent member of a cult dedicated to the aboleth, at a remote tower. The aboleth was very specific about the timing, assuring you that it was necessary to arrive at the proper time.

    Per your agreement the cultist has brought a special scroll that will allow you to teleport into the tower. In addition to the payment it requires, (which was teleported away and inspected by the Aboleth in its far off lair) you've brought with you the Thumb of Ao, an artifact that the creature has assured you will be essential to your quest.

    The Ark of Ao
    The Ark of Ao is a box that contains the awesome power of the thumb. Exactly who or what Ao was isn't known. It supposedly dates back to prehistory, and it has been asserted that it is connected in some way to the Cerulean Sign.

    The Ark is big and heavy, filling one square. It requires four normal people to carry. It's made entirely of stone quarried from the deepest earth. Aside from being almost indestructible; and containing the thumb without harm, it has no other useful properties.
    Four people can lift and carry the ark usually. Two people can man handle it around but their speed drops by 4 (or 2 if their strengths are both over 20).
    If you're moving the ark you need to all move on the same initiatives.

    The Thumb has several unusual properties.
    • No one can ever remember what it looks like. Writings about the thumb tend to degrade or disappear. People who've tried to study it in depth likewise develop severe memory problems and/or debilitating insanities.
    • It suppresses all arcane and divine magic within a substantial range.
      ---If the ark is simply unlatched all arcane and divine magic (anything with the arcane and divine source) is suppressed within 20 squares under the thumb's stabilizing influence.
      ---If the arc is opened a) the opener is instantly slain (or else becomes a god in a far off dimension -- divinations are vague) b) all divine/arcane powers/items etc within a half mile is suppressed c) everything within an undetermined area begins to disintegrate.
      ---The hypothetical act of removing the thumb from the ark has never been properly tested. There have been suggestions that the thumb suppresses memories of catastrophes that it's removal from the ark has triggered. The most prominent advocate of this theory apparently recently sliced his own head open and ate his brain with a spoon.
    • The ark also has adverse effects on extra planar creatures when activated.

    It's mind completely dominated by the aboleth the half-orc speaks in a hideous burbling voice My pod-sibling, N'haraz, has wielded the Eye of the Great One and overseen the Shrine of Yog for thousands of your years. It is a position of high honor with my people, and N'haraz jealously guards it's prerogative.

    The shrine itself was... not... built by the blessed ones. It is more than hospitable to surface dwellers. And it is remote from the aboleth community; it would take reinforcements at least thirty minutes to travel there by normal methods.

    The Eye of the Great One is an orb; it is set within a shaft, and forms a staff. The Eye is tuned to the shrine and the shrine, to it. Reality is... soft... around the shrine, with experience there are few things the possessor of the staff can not accomplish. And N'haraz has had the staff for a very long time.

    The eye itself is indestructible, but even N'haraz can not call upon it's power if it is not in the proper setting. If you can shatter the staff magical access to the shrine, teleportation and the like, will be completely cut off.

    The staff is the key. Without my aid you would not even be able to enter the shrine, and even then once N'haraz becomes aware of you and your intent you will never be able to escape so long as it controls the staff.

    If you can not destroy the staff quickly... N'haraz is not the most inventive creature, but it can call upon allies and with time it will be able to turn the shrine else against you.

    The staff is the key. Destroy it and... you may succeed or even... survive.

    The half-orc takes a long pause, gently rubbing a massive cyst around its left eye.

    If you have destroyed the staff, the shrine's geography should destabilize. The... softness ... combined with the natural pull of the shrine should begin to pull the shrine partially out of reality. There will be unusual aural and visual effects, dimensional distortions. These may be troublesome for you, but will almost certainly be equally confusing for the mentally deficient kuo-toa and their mad leader.

    You have brought the Thumb of Ao?
    The orc looks down at the box and makes an unpleasant purring sound.Excellent. Yes. The central shrine contains a lambent area. Moving the Thumb of Ao into position and ... relaxing... the wards on it's vessel should cut off the shrine from the other dimensions including Blel-Plibbit's so-called-connection to the Elder Ones. At least so long as the Ark remains in the correct alignment.

    Kuo-toa apparently believe that they must avoid this room in order to "remain pure" prior to their ceremony. You should be able to perform this with little difficulty.

    The half-orc pauses to allow that to sink in.

    Blel-Plibbit and his followers believe he is the blessed one. It is an article of faith that he will be able to call forth the Elder Evil at the... proper time ...even without the support of the aboleth and or the connection provided the shrine.

    Perhaps he is mistaken, but I do not think you can take the chance, hmm?
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    Lukalos gathers everyone around while they wait and takes 10 minutes to focus his arcane abilities in order to grant all of his companions the ability to breath water. check result (1d20+19)=20
    Yikes, get those 1s out of the way now. That should still give us water breathing for 4 hours.

    Initiative (1d20+7)=18 Oops, add 8 for a 26. I didn't realize level bonus applies to init..

    Mini Stat-Block

    Hit Points:87 Bloodied: 43
    Healing Surge: 21 Surges per day: 7
    Initiative: +7
    Speed: 6
    Perception: 21 Insight: 26
    Action Points: 1

    AC 29 Fortitude 23 Reflex 28 Will 24

    Encounter: Infernal Wrath
    Battle Edge
    Spectral Ram
    Forceful Retort

    Daily: Fireball
    Lightning Serpent
    Prismatic Beams
    Dispel Magic
    Arcane Rejuvenation
    Greater Invisibility

    Equipment Powers:
    Frost effect (dagger)
    Orb of drastic resolutions
    Resist 10 (Cloak)
    Resist 5 weapon (Belt)
    Water walk (Boots)

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    Block Evilhalfling

    Arrrr matey's lets stow the the cargo in the middle. I will take the stern.

    Gerold's initiative: (danger sense) 1d20+11=25, 1d20+11=13

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    "Thank you Lukalos that'll help if we fall in the drink" Jack says as he pulls out his bastard sword and inspects the blade. Apparently satisfied with the results, the cleric resheathes the blade and takes up a position at the rear of the ark.

    "I will watch our back against any cowardly sneaks" Jack announces as he takes his position


    Initiative Rolls (roll twice take best due to Foresight class ability):
    Initiative (1d20+5=6, 1d20+5=20)

    EDIT: Please add 8 to the rolls forgot to add my level bonus. Therefore INIT is 28
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    Gharesh takes a deep sigh and readies himself. He exhales slowly, and looks at each of the others in turn. "We're all ready then?"

    initiative (1d20 9=18)

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    "Hey, tallfellow, I was born ready! Just carry the box and let us sneakers scout around and maybe kill something" the evil grinning halfling says, readying his burning and frozen scimitar.

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    "So the plan is to kick some watery butts and then open this?" Darrak says, lazily pointing at the Ark with his warhammer. "Sounds easy enough."
    As everyone gets ready to teleport, he clangs the hammer against his shield.

    Initiative (1d20+11=12)
    Perception +11

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    Lasra Initiative: 31 (Divine Oracle take the best of 2)

    Passive Perception: 33. Passive Insight: 31.

    Lasra smirks, "Nasty case of sibling rivalry. I think some of you might need a bit of help dealing with watery parts of the shrine."

    "No, don't open it.," she sighs.

    (Since timing is important, do we enough of a window to drop our rituals now? Or could we have cast them ahead of time? I want to put Water Walk on Lasra at least, and hopefully on a few other characters who don't have Wavestriders.)

    The elf cleric moves over to the left side of the ark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victim
    (Since timing is important, do we enough of a window to drop our rituals now? Or could we have cast them ahead of time? I want to put Water Walk on Lasra at least, and hopefully on a few other characters who don't have Wavestriders.)
    Casting of Rituals
    The teleport ritual takes five minutes (it's from a scroll). Waterbreathing takes ten so I assume Lukalos started the water breathing about 6 minutes before hand; so he finishes with a minute to spare (need to get ready before teleport finishes).

    Other people can do the same.
    If you want one character to cast more than one ritual then need to start earlier (and have time run on certain rituals).

    Or you can wait until you get into the shrine.

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