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    Cyrial steps back and tries to make sense of the chaotic fray happening all around him. Noticing Mordras' wound, he whispers a quick prayer to Sehanine. A soft, silvery light washes over Mordras, refreshing and re-energizing him.

    I'm using Healing Word on Mordras as a standard action. I believe they are currently close enough for this to work--Mordras used Fey Step to move to R15--but if not, I will take a move action to get within range of Mordras (they need to be within five squares of one another).

    Mordras gets to spend a healing surge, and gains an extra 1d6+2 hit points on top of that (I'll let Zweischneid roll for that).

    I have had trouble accessing the site over the last few days, but it seems to be working okay right now. There's a thread about it over in the Meta forums--essentially, it seems no one knows exactly what's going on. I'll keep checking and trying to post as often as I can.

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    "Ever is thy presence a joy, Cyrial"
    Mordras exclaims with obvious relief as vitality again surges through his slender frame.


    spending a healing surge of 6 + Healing surge bonus thanks to Cyrial's healing (1d6+2=8) for a total of 14 (only 11 needed to be fully healed)
    shortstat Mordras
    Hit points : 26 of 26; Bloodied at 13; Surges used: 1
    AC   :   14 (16 vs. Opportunity Attacks)
    Fort :   12 
    Ref  :   16 
    Will :   13 (18 vs. Charm effects)
    Dazing Strike, Fey Step

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