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    Dair looks somewhat mollified by Periwinkle's attentions subsides into inaudible grumbling. Behind the good Sister's back he glowers at Snoofles.

    "Should think so." Thank goodness they were not expecting him to use his own potions, Dair had never gotten the hang of drinking things with high monetary values - it would have been a tough choice.

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    OOC: 15 charges on the wand remaining.

    The dog calms down some and cautiously explores around the others as they prepare to set off. It sniffs around Dair and quickly raises it's leg to spray a small puddle near the halfling's feet before scampering off to Periwinkle again.

    The group continues to follow the tunnel for another hour or two until they reach a place where it splits into two paths. One tunnel turns to the right while the other continues on straight. Just inside the tunnel which continues straight, you notice that something has been carved into the stone of the wall. It says 'HAVEN' with an arrow beside it pointing further into that tunnel. The wall around this carving has been defaced quite thoroughly, with splashes of color, other destructive carvings, and smears of substances you don't want to guess at.

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    Dair wonders how he would look in dog skin, and watches Snoofles attempting to ascertain if there is enough for a whole outfit or just a cloak.

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    Peladus reads the sign, wrinkling his nose in disgust at the "additions" to it. He then addresses the others.

    "Do we want to explore this 'haven'? Verminar didn't mention anything remotely helpful in terms of what we might find on this side of the portal. Did he say anything to you?"

    "By the way, have we given any thought to what a liability Snoofles may be to us if we need to be quiet when enemies are near? And how do you suppose he came to be here, anyway?"

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    "I agree, I don't think we can keep 'snoofles' with us as we adventure. I think it may be difficult to separate ourselves from him -- or her -- without tethering him. I'm loath to do that, though, since he'd be vulnerable to passing orcs and unable to provide for himself; we may be in here for some time."

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    "I could make him quiet." Offers Dair.

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    "But... we can't just leave him behind! We can't!" exclaims Periwinkle, eyes shining with the threat of imminent tears. "He's so little and lovable and he'll behave and be quiet, won't you Mister Snoofle-woofles?," she hugs the dog tightly to her. The dog lets out a plaintive howl, which might be a reflection of her sadness, or maybe she's just squeezing it too tightly. "Oh, please be quiet? If you can't be quiet they won't let me keep you, don't you see?" The dog lets out a piercing whine that echoes off the tunnel walls and sets teeth on edge.

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    "Just take him back through the portal. We can lob the loot through to." Dair suggests, his Snoofles skin coat will have to wait until Periwinkle is elsewhere.
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    "I had thought that too. Unfortunately, I didn't have the sense to ask the question until now - and we're two hours away from the portal. Do we really want to go all the way back there?"

    Reaching out to tousle the dog's ears he adds, "Now, just what were you doing in that cavern anyway, young fellow? It seems a strange place for an ordinary pooch to be."

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