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    Dair merely glowers, and mutters darkly,

    "Rhymes with duck go."
    Back after a long absence, and feeling rather sheepish.


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    Xir waits for the old man to answer, not adding his own council.
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    The old man steeples his fingers in front of him as he speaks to the party. "In the matter of getting out, well, as you can see that is doubly so an issue for myself currently. Concerning the portals themselves though, I believe that the magic which powers them has been damaged or degraded over time. With my knowledge of the portals gained from studying the one in my basement though, I do believe that I could repair the system or at least part of it to make at least one of the gates function in both directions again. Which is where the staff which I requested comes in. The crystal atop it should act as a power source to help energize the system further."

    "As for castrating, I'm afraid the monster population may give you some opportunity there. And extra pay could well be arranged if... I mean when... we make our safe return to my house."

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    "Any suggestions then old man? I could try 'n steal this crown to control the undead, or we can try to bust you out. Or you can tell us how to fix the portal."

    Dair's eyes sparkle with enthusiasm as he mentions stealing the crown, as the halfling envisions himself with a horde of skeletal lackeys.
    Back after a long absence, and feeling rather sheepish.

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    Kona'i glowers at Dair at the mention of stealing the crown. "I don't think getting ourselves imprisoned as well will help the situation. Besides, how is control over the undead going to help us reverse a portal?"
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    "Monsters in the way, idiot guards in the way. Apply undead, problems solved." Snorts Dair, "Unless you think we'll waltz out of here with the Wizard."
    Back after a long absence, and feeling rather sheepish.

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    "Well of course we can walk out of here with Mister Darque," Periwinkle asserts confidently. "Even that gloomy old captain will have to see that he's got to let us try. And if he doesn't, we'll just have to sneak out in a Daring Escape." The capital letters are clearly audible in her voice.
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    Peladus listens and observes, raising an eyebrow occasionally but for the most part just waiting. Eventually (when the ringing tones of Periwinkle's capitals have died away) he asks Darque, "If we can't get you out of here at first, do you think you can teach me to make the necessary repairs to the portal? I know a little about the Planes."

    "Oh, and the captain mentioned that you planned to escape through the portal the monsters control. What's to stop them coming through after us? And how long would the modifications hold, anyway?"


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    "Ah, taking the crown itself would not let you control all the undead my dear boy. It only ensures control over any which you create via the crystal embedded in the ground. And doing that draws from your life force to make the undead. So most are only able to make one before needing to rest for the day and regain their strength. If you tried to construct an army, you would be a lifeless husk before you got to half a dozen skeletons." Allahastor tells Dair in warning.

    Turning to Peladus, Darque responds, "As for teaching another how to repair the portal, I'm not sure I could funnel the decades of research I've acquired into another without decades to do so. As for my 'plan' to exit through the monsters portal, that was cold logic I'm afraid. If I'm able to 'fix' the portal at all, then what is to stop anyone else from following me through as you said. So, do I wish to open a gateway from a monster infested area containing an undead making artifact into the basement of my house and the city which would be unprepared for such an invasion? Or do I make the snake swallow its tail and open the portal back to where the monsters have seemingly come from in some unknown land or plane?"

    Suddenly, there is a commotion outside the cell as shouting is heard coming from the center of the village. From around a nearby building, Snoofles comes running at full gallop. And he's carrying a crown of bone in his mouth! Soldiers are chasing hot on his heels, but he weaves and changes directions so quick that they are left stumbling in his wake. You see the Captain running after the others and hefting a spear above his shoulder while shouting "Get out of the way! Give me a clear shot!" The few soldiers chasing the dog veer off at his warning and he lets fly with the spear just as Snoofles nears the gate. The spear flies true, but at the last moment, the dog leaps towards the last soldier between him and the gate. In mid leap, the dogs form shimmers and elongates until it is a full grown man clothed in dark robes that slams into the soldier instead of a small dog. Knocking the soldier over, the man springs again through the doorway and out of sight as the spear embeds itself in the ground beside the fallen soldier. For a moment, the only sound or movement is from the quivering of the spear in the ground. Then the place explodes in shouts again as the Captain yells for a party of soldiers to assemble and give chase after the man and the crown.

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    Dair snarls and shoots Periwinkle an extremely nasty look, "He'll be no trouble," the Halfling sneers as he pulls out his thieves tools and sets to work on the lock, keeping a careful eye on the guard ready to slip them away should he turn. Should the guard turn Dair will duck out of sight move and sleight of hand his thieves tools again.

    Back after a long absence, and feeling rather sheepish.

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