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    Cautiously the party makes its way through the narrow, twisting canyon toward its destination. From time to time there is sound of movement around them, but investigation reveals that it is simply curious giant rock geckos. They seem to believe that you are a bit too big to be an easy dinner.

    Within ten minutes you round a corner and find that the canyon opens up into a large cul-de-sac and the end of which stand the ruins of Castle Mistamere.

    The walls of the castle are jagged and full of small holes where stone blocks have tumbled to the earth, now scattered around the ruins. A gateway in the center of the front wall stands empty, and the massive outer doors lie rotting nearby on the ground, although an inner gateway still stands. This gateway seems to be the easiest entrance through the wall, although a gaping hole off to the left of the gate could provide another. Peeking over the outer wall in places are the ruins of the castle itself, backed against the sheer cliff of the mountain beyond.

    The party is currently about 140' from the front gates.


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    "More scouting? Or shall we do a frontal attack? I could bash in the gateway with my hammer." Zakok says, looking at Garvin and Snapper.

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    Aye, Thieren says. We could beat quite a rhythm on that gate. What say ye? Shall we let them know we're here?

    Subtle he's not.

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    Jerrayl groans, no respect for stealth.

    "Why don't I go and take a sneaky peek at the big hole, we might as well surprise Bargle if we can."

    The rogue moves up hiding and moving silently to the best of his abilities and periodically stopping to carefully scrutinize the walls, etc.
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    Garvin shakes his head at Zakok and Thieren slightly.

    "Bargle's escaped justice before. No need to let him know we're coming until your hammer sets to knocking on his skull. The man is a cowardly wretch, he's sure to have some escape route. Surprise is our friend here, let Snapper do his job."

    He waits patiently with the others while Jerrayl scouts out the hole in the wall.
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    Lanandro, Varisian sorcerer

    "As much as I understand the need for surprise and stealth, my heart burns with the desire of avenging our fallen companion and getting information out of that traitorous Bargle. We must focus this desire into a swift, surprising and precise strike. I guess there's no harm in secretly scouting out the location for now but, once the alarm is sounded, we must be quick. Otherwise the scum might fly away again." says Lanandro. "Just don't get spotted, Snapper." He adds with a wink.

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    Jerrayl moves up toward the large hole in the western edge of the curtain wall. He uses the available terrain to hide his approach as best he can, although he does not see anyone at the moment. As he gets closer he begins to see a definite path leading to the main gate of the bailey, marked by the passage of many feet and what looks to be a wheeled vehicle of some kind. It is hard to tell any precise details, as the path follows the most direct route to the castle, and Jerrayl is intentionally sticking more to the edges.

    When he is around ninety feet from the wall and fifty feet from his companions, his keen ears pick up a high-pitched conversation punctuated by occasional barking coming from somewhere inside of the wall. There seem to be at least two speakers. He can't tell what they are saying or what language they are speaking as he is too far away.

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    Steeling himself the thief will try to get closer still if he thinks he can do so without being seen. If he can find a point at which he is visible to his companions and not the keep he will mime talking and then hold up two fingers.
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    Stashing himself behind a large tree which blocks him from view of the keep, Jerrayl motions to the others (OOC: See post above; Jerrayl makes Stealth check.)

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    Garvin frowns as he watches Jerrayl's gesticulations.

    "He's found something. There goes most of our hopes of getting much closer before meeting anyone. Still, if there's only two, we may be able to eliminate them without too much noise or fuss. I think the gate is out though. Not telling what it would take to get through. Shall we join Snapper?"
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