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    Airwalkrr's Shackled City OOC (D&D 3.5)

    I'd like to see if there is interest in running through the Shackled City Adventure Path (D&D 3.5) as a PBP. There is a lot of dungeon crawl and it is a very tough campaign so I don't know how well the format would work, but there is also a lot of high quality roleplaying potential that I think would benefit from the format.

    Character Creation
    This is a difficult campaign. The rewards are great, but getting to them will be tough. This campaign is designed to challenge six player characters, so I will be shooting for six players and two alternates, ready to jump in at a moment's notice.

    Ability Scores: You have two options, rolling and point buy. If you choose to roll ability scores, inform me ahead of time which name you will roll under and use invisiblecastle.com. Roll three sets of ability scores using the standard method (4d6, drop lowest) and choose the set you wish for your character. If you choose point buy, you may spend 28 points to purchase ability scores.

    Class Choices: Although any class should be able to shine at one point or another, some classes have more difficulty than others in this campaign. I will provide specific advice after you select your class, but bear in mind there will be a lot of urban and dungeon adventuring, and not very much wilderness adventuring.
    Multiclass Characters: If you wish to play a multiclass character, you must begin as a multiclass character at 1st-level and use the rules for apprentice-level characters from the 3.0 DMG. It will also affect your starting age. In my campaigns, training for a new class takes more time than will be allowed in this campaign so you will be limited to no more than two classes. Bear that in mind if you plan to multiclass.

    Local Heroes: The Shackled City Adventure Path works best if the PCs are locals to Cauldron or the surrounding region (see attached map). As an incentive to being a local, I will allow you to roll a random trait if you come from Cauldron or one of the nearby communities (Kingfisher Hollow, Hollowsky, or Redgorge).

    Other Sources: I am generally fine with the classes from other official D&D sources. Feats, spells, and prestige classes require special permission however. Spells will typically require research while feats and prestige classes will require special training.

    Equipment: As this is a difficult campaign, you may begin with maximum starting gold for your character class to purchase equipment.

    Campaign Setting: The setting is Greyhawk. Follow the Player's Handbook for deities if necessary (except note St. Cuthbert is Lawful Good, not Lawful Neutral). Other acceptable sources for deities and domains are the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer and Complete Divine (Greyhawk gods only). Special knowledge of the setting is neither required nor necessarily beneficial.

    Other Incentives: For those who provide particularly intriguing character backgrounds, I may grant you one bonus random minor magical item.
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